Covert Hypnosis

  "The Art and Science of Human Influence"

Hypnosis is one of the most powerful, yet misunderstood disciplines the world has ever known.

In spite of the fact that hypnosis has been with us for literally thousands of years, the whole span of human history in fact;

Yet most people are terribly ignorant or have  many misconceptions about what real hypnosis is and how it works.

I am often amazed at how people react just upon hearing the word "hypnosis".

This site was created for the express purpose of educating you to the scope and power of hypnosis: The art of human influence.

Now if you found this site you must have at least a passing interest in the art and science of human influence, notice I said human influence and not hypnosis.

Why? because "hypnosis" as most people define it is really a very small "blip" on the radar of  much larger field.

Okay So By now you may be asking

What Exactly IS Hypnosis and How Does It Relate to Covert Hypnosis, Conversational Hypnosis and Human Influence. and Why Should I CARE?

Hypnosis as defined by one of my favorite old school mentors Gerry Kein defines hypnosis is as:

The bypass of the critical factor and the establishment of acceptable selective thinking

Now most people when they think of this definition STILL think of it in terms of a "Overt Hypnotic Induction" or through the use of a hypnosis script. I.e. meaning using a formal hypnosis trance induction to by-pass a persons "critical factor" and establish a state that is conducive to the goals of the hypnotist and the subject.

A very common viewpoint, but as you'll soon see a very limited one.


Because ANY phenomenon that has the ability to bypass your ability to analyze, criticize or suspend your ability to make rational logical judgements and change your psycho-emotional state ALSO falls within the scope of the definition of hypnosis above.

And That brings us to the study of COVERT HYPNOSIS

Covert Hypnosis is a much broader and in many cases a more practical study of hypnotic operators. Naturally occurring events or phenomena that have the power to bypass your critical factor or those of the subject and create within them a"state" of acceptable selective thinking" Without them knowing it.

Hypnotizing people without them knowing it is easy after you truly understand the real meaning behind the definition of hypnosis.

The study of covert hypnosis teaches you how to influence people and put them into different states of mind without them consciously being aware that you are doing it.

Its a very deep study that will give you amazing rewards only after you invest the time and energy to really learn and master it. Sadly most people who crave this form of human influence and persuasion won't actually invest the time to get good at it.

Covert hypnosis when done properly almost never draws conscious attention to itself and its effects seem to run the gamut from appearing coincidental to almost miraculous. They are neither miraculous or coincidence. The are engineered. and there are many many well funded agencies and individuals using these skills on you and you family daily to keep you mentally and emotionally off-balance and without sounding too dramatic... at their mercy.

So David Why Should I Care About "Other People Who Know Covert Hypnosis?

Because you need to know how to protect yourself from Evil and Bad Hypnosis.

Let me explain.

I sped a lot of time teaching hypnosis of  all forms to people from all walks of life. The first rule of influence I teach them whether its in a formal hypnosis class where people are coming to learn hypnosis and hypnotherapy, whether they want to be certified in hypnosis or not. The first rule must be understood.

Anything out side of your awareness is outside of your ability to control

Plain and simple, if you aren't consciously aware of something, you have zero ability to defend against it. The corollary to that is.

Just Because You Are Not Consciously Aware of Something Does NOT mean It Isn't Affecting You.

This is perhaps the most powerful yet aspect of why everyone needs some hypnosis training and why in my opinion everyone needs to learn about hypnosis and especially about covert hypnosis and conversational hypnosis techniques.

I am also a highly proficient teacher of the martial arts and energy healing. I spend a lot of time teaching people how to defend themselves from all manner of attacks. The biggest arena of misinformation and bad ideas I see in the self defense world is in the area of knife defense. Most knife self-defense techniques simply do not work against even moderately trained people with the knife.

Okay, s how does this relate to hypnosis and defending against bad hypnosis or some other form of mind control?

Very simply. The person best able to defend themselves against a knife attack, is the person who already knows how to "FIGHT" With the knife to begin with.

The parallel is obvious if you think about it.

In order to defend yourself against covert hypnosis you must first know how to USE COVERT HYPNOSIS. Anything else is simply giving you the illusion that you are safe from it. Believe me when I tell you. Most covert hypnotists WANT YOU TO KEEP BELIEVING THAT BECAUSE IT MAKES YOU EASIER TO CONTROL.

So You Might Be Asking...

Is All Covert Hypnosis EVIL?

Or course not, hypnosis of any kind overt, covert, conversational therapeutic etc etc, is really only a tool. Tools are neutral. if you are a good person you'll naturally use your covert hypnosis skills to make your life and the lives of those around you much better.

Hypnosis is power pure and simple. The power to remove fears and bad habits from your mind, Program and achieve everything you want in your life. Help others live healthier happier more fulfilling lives. Its a way to have power and influence and ultimately make a difference in the world.

Do any of these things sound desirable to you. What if you could...

  •  Become Super Attractive To The Opposite Sex and Make Them Find You Charming, Fascinating and Irresistible?
  •  Banish fear and insecurity from your life and radiate confidence, assertiveness and power (be truly alpha)?
  • Make More Money from your job, Book more clients for your business, get that raise or promotion you know you deserve?
  • Protect yourself from manipulators and easily handle difficult people. Have People Thinking Feeling and Acting The Way You Want Them To So That They Naturally Follow Your Lead?
  • Program Yourself To More Easily Create Massive Financial Abundance With More Than Enough Money To Buy The Things You Want and Then Some?
  • Cause Anyone You Meet To Like, Admire, Trust You (and Even Love You)?
  • NAIL job interviews on the spot and have them salivating to hire you. Inspire Your Employees, Children or Spouse To Do What You Want Them To Do, When You Want Them To Do it?
  •  Attract and Surround yourself with lots of new trustworthy and loyal friends?
  • Easily Put Anyone You Want  "Under Your Spell," Just By Talking To Them Even If You Have Zero Knowledge Of Hypnosis?

DISCLAIMER:  These Results May Not Be Typical For You. Please note, the above mentioned list is a summary of the many things the power of hypnosis, covert hypnosis and conversational hypnosis have done for me.

These results are merely given as examples.

Your ability to achieve these things will be in direct response to your willingness to put in the time and energy to master the skills of hypnosis. Most people are not willing to use our programs as directed and therefore do not always get the possible results we mention.

Okay David, You Made Your Point, So How Do I Learn Hypnosis The Right Way?

Over the years I've studied a lot of hypnosis methods. and I think they all have merit. What I discovered for me was a training process that quickly and easily allowed me to do any form of hypnosis I needed under pretty much any circumstances. Now I always believe one should test something for themselves before they fully invest in it. On this site I've created a small But Excellent  Hypnosis Training Library That Contains Cutting Edge Must-Know Information on Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Instant Hypnosis, Covert And Conversational Hypnosis and More.

This Free Online Hypnosis Training  Library Will Dramatically Jump start Your Success and Understanding of How To Apply Hypnosis In The Real World, Covertly, Overtly or Conversationally.

The course is 100% FREE as my gift to you, but in order to protect the information set it up so that only "members" can access the content. All you have to do to begin learning hypnosis right away is create your free account here.

Once You Do You'll Gain Instant and Immediate Access To The Online Hypnosis Training Courses and Library.

You'll also be introduced to my Complete Conversational Hypnosis System Called STEALTH and Receive A FREE Subscription To Our Covert Hypnosis Training Newsletter.

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I sincerely hope you've enjoyed reading about our unique understanding of conversational hypnosis and more.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Wishing You All The Best In Your Quest To Learn Hypnosis.

David Van Arrick

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