Mind Control Hypnosis – “The Inception Method” Implanting Thoughts In The Minds of Others

Mind Control Hypnosis?  I know this one is going to be really controversial.

I don't care. Because its really cool.

I watched the movie "Inception" the other day and I was shocked.

They almost got it 100% Right.

Seriously. Watch it multiple times.

Now obviously space and intellectual common sense will not let me divulge every bit of what I know about exactly how to implant thoughts in the minds of others using covert and conversational hypnosis techniques.But I will give you something to play with.

Covert Hypnosis Techniques

When we talk about covert hypnosis and conversational hypnosis the sexiest hypnosis techniques that almost always come up are

A - Embedded Commands

B. Thought Binds

C. Negations

D. Quotes patterns

While the techniques themselves are great, and they do work, most people do not use them effectively and they fail to apply any real strategy when using them.They are also the ones most people know and are actively screening for. but if you are going to use them(and you should) the following article series will completely transform your game.

Which brings us to the "Inception" Method  of Covert Hypnotic Influence.as I like to call it. Inception is a simple and easy way to implant thoughts into the minds of your subjects. Now at the risk of spoiling the movie for you I do have to tell you a bit about it and then show you how it relates to directly implanting thoughts into the minds of others.



Inception is based around the concept of a group of hi-tech specialists in "Dream invasion and Extraction" In other words they break into a persons dreams, create a whole new world that the dreamer believes is his and then they quickly find where he or she stores their deepest and darkest secrets, break into that particular mental construct within the dream and extract the information.

Now to be honest that in and of itself is pretty cool but then it gets better.

Our intrepid cast of dream invaders are contracted (I won't tell you why)" to break into someones dream and instead of "extracting" information, they are tasked to actually "implant" a thought within the mind of the target. I won't spoil the movie for you by telling you how it ends or any of the really good stuff. but...

Like I said they came really close to the actual technique


The first mistake people make when trying to implant thoughts in the minds of others is they make the thoughts they seek to implant way too complex.

Remember your mind has levels of perception, processing, projection and experience. the thoughts we consciously are aware of are actually the most superficial level and are the end result of a whole series of pre-conscious and unconscious processes that arise out of the deepest structure of our mind.

This why embedded commands sometimes work and sometimes not. When using an embedded command the purpose is to implant a suggestion using your tonality or some other way to mark off the commands you are seeking to implant.

For optimum results you must keep the commands simple, usually under 5 words works best. They must include a verb in other words you actually have to tell your subject to do something.

Now I have noticed a sub category of the embedded command that I like to call the embedded perception and this would be akin to complex equivalent type of statement but delivered with a commanding tonality the same way you would a command. (if you don't know what a complex equivalence is see my STEALTH Hypnosis Course When it becomes available.

Hypnosis example:

As you continue reading this article you'll quickly discover "its very good" to read it multiple times until you really get the concept.

Now obviously I am really calling attention to the embedded commands and that's okay because they are all processed before you become conscious of them anyway. If I were speaking out loud, your unconscious mind would pick up the drop in my tonality on everything that is underlined. But what I want you to notice is how short the embedded commands are and that in that one sentence alone I use 3 embedded commands.

In writing this might look a little odd, and if you understand embedded commands (like if you have ever studied nlp or hypnosis) this would jump out at you as a blatant attempt to install something. which in turns sends up warning flags that someone is trying to "implant" a thought in your mind which of course automatically leads to unconscious resistance.

That is why when using embedded commands in writing you need to understand the visual impact of what you are writing as well as the outcome you are trying to achieve.

In speaking however, this is a perfectly acceptable way to deliver embedded commands. Now I want you to pay attention to some other things here. and that goes directly to the strategic use of embeddeds in your mind control hypnosis process.

  • Use short action oriented commands - no more than 3 to 5 words.
  • Always use multiple commands
  • Use a cause and effect structure to your commands; If We Extract Just the commands from this sentence we get

"continue reading this article ----> read it multiple times -> get the concept

Notice how there is a flow to the commands, simple direct and to the point. simplicity is power when working with embedds.

The more creative you try to get the more diluted your effects  tend to become. This where Ericksonian trained and NLP trained people screw themselves up alot. They try to get way to too subtle and  too vague to the point where their suggestions have no discernable flow to them and thus the unconscious mind doesn't get the pattern to the commands that create cause and effect within the targets unconscious mind. (you must create cause and effect)

 Embedded Perceptions-

Now I want you to focus on the the one phrase I outlined in red. Notice that this embedded phrase does not have a verb in it.

In fact its pretty much structured like a statement of fact. This is what I call an "embedded perception" even though I deliver this in the structure of a statement I use the tonality of a command just like I would to deliver an embedded directive. What this does is that it inserts the suggestion of how I want the subject to perceive the topic in question as well as how I want them to perceive the commands I want them to follow.

In the movie "Inception" the characters discuss how in order to implant a thought you must first break it down into its components and become progressively more simple and primal. you also have to generate perceptions within the mind of the subject that reinforce and orient the creation of unconscious assumptions necessary to support the implanted thought.

When we give embedded perceptions we start influence "the meaning" our subject connects to a specific event, topic or experience. This is more of a background effect but is immensly powerful because it influences perception and when we can influence perceptions its only a matter of time before the thoughts we are seeking to implant begin to naturally arise within the mind of the subject..

We will pick this up in our next post.

Post Your Comments and Questions Here.

Trance the World and Take Names.

David Van Arrick


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    You know its very interesting...

    Every now and then I check in at whats been most searched for here at coverthypnosis.com and sometimes I am actually pretty surprised by what you my intrepid and oh so intelligent seekers of hypnotic lore are actually looking for such as hypnotic copywriting

    Please forgive me in advance as this post may be a bit long, but well deserved for the topic of copywriting.

    Time will tell. I could write book after book, (and some people have) on the art and science of using covert hypnosis in writing and copywriting. The simple truth is there are many schools of thought regarding how to hypnotize in writing or copywriting.

    One of the methods you can use in copywriting is I what I call presuppositional conversational hypnosis.

    Contrast this with "metaphorical conversational hypnosis or even the more common "Direct Response" Form of Conversational hypnosis.

    Although none of these categories are mutually exclusive, For the ease of reference I have placed them in distinct categories.

    Now conversational hypnosis whether it is in writing or spoken is still conversation because in either case you are still talking to someone. Regardless of which school of hypnotic writing you are using they all have the same focus even if the techniques involved differ.

    They all seek to get your attention, bypass or re-orient your critical factor (analyzing mind) engage your emotions and make think the way the hypnotic writer wants you to think.

    The approach you take when hypnotizing someone in writing or copywriting is largely based on the outcome you have in mind and what format is most conducive to the environment your are going to be operating in.

    Some forms of conversational hypnosis are much much harder to make work effectively due to environemental or cultural factors. 

    For example...

    metaphorical conversational hypnosis is rarely effective in a fast paced, time sensitive environment such as an interview with a busy executive. To use metaphorical hypnosis you have to use very short and rather direct stories to convey your message. Try using long, descriptive often vague hypnotic stories as they teach you in the traditional Ericksonian schools and you'll quickly be shown the door.

    Another Example,

    if your audience is a more "heart-centered" spiritual group, think new age, holistic, and or metaphysical and you use a direct response features and benefits
    presentation you will likely not get a very good response. Because your message, how ever well targeted it may be, is too jarring, to blunt and too abrupt for many of the mind sets in that crowd. Does that mean the DR method wont work. Absolutely not, it just means your ability to convert might be signficantly lower because people tune out your message or judge the message by the medium in which it is delivered.

    You have to know your audience and that means taking the time to ask the right questions and get inside your subjects head.

    In my course KILLER INFLUENCE: Secrets of Covert Hypnotic Influence I Talk Extensively about the "I3" or Delta Model as it is coming to be known.

    I 3 Stands for

    Identity + Intelligence + Influence

    In this particular context we are talking about the Second "I" in the formula - INTELLIGENCE. And in this context of intelligence we are in fact talking about the need to gain as much useful information about our target subjects as possible. The more you know about your subject the easier you can push their hypnotic buttons.

    Its really that simple. This is also (next to the first I -Identity) that most people simply overlook in their rush to hurl in the hypnotic kitchen sink.

    I am starting to digress a little but so lets move to another fundamental problem that shoots most would be hypnotists in the foot.


    Not Setting an Outcome.

    To Put It Bluntly...

    What exactly do you want them to do?

    Now, how many degrees of separation that exist between the state they are in and the action you want them to take will determine the overall strategies, tactics and techniques that you employ.

    Please notice that there is actually a heirarchy to this process of copywriting and conversational hypnosis.

    Many times when you are hypnotizing in writing or copywriting you can just start running off at the keyboard and hope to get your point across, bypass their critical factor and have them salivating like a hungry dog looking at her dinner bowl.

    Sorry guys it just doesn't work that way. You need more finesse. and that is where most would be conversational hypnotists fail.

    • A - Failure to Decide The Outcome
    • B - Failure to Ask the right questions.
    • C - Being far to blatant
    • D - Unrealistic Expectations
    • E - Impatience. - rushing the process or thinking its not working because you it appears to be taking longer than expected.

    So here is the deal.

    I've listed 5 or so potential sticking points that can stop you from effectively using conversational and covert hypnosis techniques in writing and copywriting.

    Which one would you like me to answer first.?

    post your comments here and let me know I promise I will give you some absolutely vital information that will completely amplify your conversational hypnosis and hypnotic copywriting skills.


    Talk to you soon.

    Until next time, trance the world and take names.

    David X.

    Ps if you are really ready to learn the hard core secrets of covert and conversational hypnosis I recomend you get yourself signed up for my FREE Killer Influence Secrets of Covert Hypnosis Newsletter. Its really free and I give really good information that you can start using right away to hypnotize anyone you want without them knowing it and make them obey your will.



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      • Second - Without an understanding and awareness of whats being done to you, you can't create a successful counter measure to it.
      • Third - if you do not know a technique you certainly won't have the power to use it either.

      so the first goal of every good covert hypnosis student, whether you are interested in projecting influence or merely resisting persuasion and hypnotic attempts to control you is to systematically increase your awareness of hypnosis techniques both covert and otherwise. Its vitally important for your health and safety for obvious reasons.

      Get Covert Hypnosis Tips Fast

      One of the fastest,easiest and most powerful ways to get your hands on the most cutting edge tools, tactics, techniques and strategies for how to hypnotize anyone without them knowing is to simply join our FREE "Killer Influence Secrets of Covert Hypnosis" Newsletter.

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       Your Friend and Loyal Hypnosis Mentor



      PS: In future blog post we will be talking more about what I loving call "the defense against the dark arts" In the world of covert hypnosis there are good jedi and bad jedi. Its time to learn how to be prepared for when you have to deal with them. In the Meantime Sign up for our newsletter and get your free covert hypnosis audio as my gift to you. ( I got lots more planned for the future.!)

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        The techniques discussed in the video are real methods used by cult leaders and "rogue' agencies to "reform" the thoughts and ideologies of unknowing citizens, also known as mind control.

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        Theory of thought reform For more details on this topic, see Thought Reform (book). Lifton investigated the thought-reform procedures used against American POWs returning from the Korean War while involved in their psychiatric evaluation.

        [2] Lifton's 1961 book Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of "Brainwashing" in China was a study of coercive techniques that he labelled thought reform or "brainwashing", though he preferred the former term.

        Others have labelled it also as "mind control".

        Lifton describes in detail eight methods which he says are used to change people's minds without their agreement:


        * Milieu Control – The control of information and communication.

        * Mystical Manipulation – The manipulation of experiences that appear spontaneous but in fact were planned and orchestrated.

        * Demand for Purity – The world is viewed as black and white and the members are constantly exhorted to conform to the ideology
                                                  of   the group and strive for perfection.

        * Confession – Sins, as defined by the group, are to be confessed either to a personal monitor or publicly to the group.

        * Sacred Science – The group's doctrine or ideology is considered to be the ultimate Truth, beyond all questioning or dispute.

        * Loading the Language – The group interprets or uses words and phrases in new ways so that often the outside world does not

        * Doctrine over person – The member's personal experiences are subordinated to the sacred science and any contrary experiences
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          Well this "Super Hypnosis Secret" is the single biggest reason why most people fail at using these skills on the street and in real life.

          You see the level of influence we wield in hypnotic contexts is directly related to our own internal psycho-emotional state.

          In other words "our ability to control our own state" is the single biggest reason why almost everyone fails to get the result they want with covert, conversational and even overt hypnotic technique.


          Consider that a technical term.

          You see a lot of people talk about rapport this and rapport that, and yes, I do agree that rapport is important, in fact there is only two particular Attributes that can trump the power of rapport and when used in conjunction with are literally UNSTOPPABLE in hypnotizing people without their knowledge into willingly doing what you want.

          We will talk about those in another post, by the way if you haven't done so already you should probably get subscribed to my free covert hypnosis newsletter. Just fill in your name and email at the bottom of this post or in the box to your right and click the "send me my free covert hypnosis audio now" button. Do that now and come on back to the article

          So what is the single biggest mistake people make when doing covert hypnosis.

          They get too serious.

          Thats right

          Too MUCH Attachment to what they are doing.

          You see when you are too serious, when you are too invested in what you are trying to get someone to do, you actually shut off your ability to exert hypnotic influence. You lose access to your own internal resources. and to put it bluntly...

          YOU CHOKE!

          Not only that if you are in a state of hyper arousal and you are trying to get rapport with your target what ever you feel, they feel. So in many cases the very rapport you are trying to create causes them to feel uneasy towards you because you feel uneasy.

          The best way to overcome this issue is to rigorously drill your emotional states every day so you can go into and out of any emotional state you want to ( we have a whole slew of specialized drills in our CPI Conversational Hypnosis Bootcamp That does this like nothing else can)

          But in the interim remember this...

          If you come to the task of exerting hypnotic influence with a playful mindset you get a significantly higher level of influence and compliance from your subjects. Its ironic but its true, the less you care and the less attached you are to the outcome of your influence the more likely you are to actually get what you want.

          You also need to understand how to lead your subject from one emotional state to another and chain the states that naturally lead them to make the decisions you want them to make and take the actions you want them to take.

          Thats about it for now.

          Trance the World and Take Names.

          Your Loyal Friend and Covert Hypnosis Coach.

          David X.


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