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    Killer Influence Update Warning This May Insult You

    Killer Influence Update…Warning, This May Insult You


    This is your ole hypno-buddy,friend and mind control mentor, David X.

    Checking in with you with regularly scheduled killer
    influence Update.

    I recently had a really great question about my CPI: Conversational
    Persuasion and Influence Course.

    It goes Something like this:

    Hi David, Can you clear some confusion I have? 

    You say there are 6 DVDs, but then you talk about a bootcamp
     influence weekend that brought the house down with 40 people.

    How can this influence training only be 6 hours long when it was held as
    a bootcamp for 3 days? 



    The CPI Course is edited down to 6 one hour dvds because we had to
    edit out all of the time we spent drilling and gaining real world
    skills with the techniques.

    You see its important to remember that everything I do and teach is
    all geared toward the purpose of developing real world skills, in
    real time.

    Now don’t get me wrong. I am all for books and video tapes and
    all kinds of homestudy courses.

    But to think that any of these tools can replace real world
    training with real world feedback is just insane.

    The field is your greatest teacher The field is your friend.

    I have been to lots of seminars where all the instructor did for
    3 solid days was lecture, hand you bunches and bunches of notes and
    then tell you to buy his home study course in the back of the room
    without ever critiquing anything you actually did in the training.

    Thats nuts.

    I’m a teacher and a trainer and I am extremely proud of the students
    I produce.
    Because they can walk the walk as well as they talk the talk.
    The best way to learn conversational hypnosis is to form practice

    groups and use the course materials in the CPI program as your
    foundation curriculum.
    Why CPI?

    Warning (biased plug for my course coming up)
    Because CPI is by far the easiest, most effective and ethical way to
    actually do covert conversational hypnosis in the real world,
    without sounding weird, confusing or creepy.

    Or worse yet.. feeling like you are doing something sneaky or evil.
    It forms the foundation of my entire killer Influence system.
    In fact you can’t do killer influence without it.
    IT’s that critical.
    Look, I know there are a ton of guys out there each selling their

    own take on how to do covert hypnosis.

    Thats cool, and I’m sure you are familiar with them, heck, you might
    even own some of them.
    But lets be straight, how much of that material can you apply?

    by davidx on November 26, 2008 in CPI Conversational Persuasion and Influence , Derren Brown, How To Hypnotize, Hypnotic Language, Hypnotic Language Patterns and How To Hypnotize Using C , body language, calibration skills, communication skills, covert hypnosis manual, covert hypnosis manual operatory , covert persuasion, darren brown, derren brown seance, derren brown secrets, derren brown tricks, eye contact, free covert hypnosis , hypnosis techniques, hypnosis video, hypnotism, hypnotism techniques, influence training, learn how to hypnotize, nonverbal communication

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      How To Hypnotize

      How To Hypnotize

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        How To Hypnotize Women

        hypnotize women

        Hypnotize Women, How Do You Do It?

        Hypnotize women.

        Imagine it for a moment.

        Say those words a couple of times inside your mind, 'Hypnotize women'.

        I challenge you not to get even a little bit excited when you think about it. How to Hypnotize women is by far one of most saught after yet often denied reasons many of us study hypnosis.

        Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately) most guys run straight into a brick wall of silence and lack of information when it comes to how to hypnotize women… at least outside of therapeutic context.

        Most guys do NOT want to learn how to do hypnotize women in a therapeutic manner…uh uh.

        What they are looking for is a way to hypnotize women to do stuff. i.e.

        • find you  irresistibly  attractive
        • become sexually aroused.
        • go out with them… the list goes on.
        • Sometimes that list goes a little too “darkside” for my tastes.

        But regardless of whether your desire to hypnotize women is strictly Jedi, or you have a little bit of Darth Floating around the simple truth is that being able to hypnotize women is amazingly easy if you go about it in the right way.

        Fortunately, (Or maybe unfortunately) 
        most guys have no clue how to hypnotize women


        And the simple truth is…

        To Hypnotize Women Is Easier Than Hypnotizing Men…

        Well at least for the purposes of this article series they are.

        I say that because the primary way most men go about hypnotizing women is through conversation, i.e. linguistic hypnosis.

        And the good news is that as far as language goes…

        Women are neurologically hardwired to process language more fully and strongly than the average man. That means Language (especially good solid hypnotic language) effects them more quickly, deeply and powerfully.

        In my free ecourse, that you can get by filling out the little box to your right and clicking submit. I spill the beans on some of the most powerful conversational hypnotic language patterns you can use on women and I even teach you how to start using them right away to get women hanging on your every word.doing what you want and finding you amazingly compelling and attractive.

        Sounds like a tall order? I thought so too until I really learned this stuff. Its actually alot easier than most gurus make it sound.

        Get started Right Now by just filling in your name and email address in the box and click submit to get your free subscription to our Covert Hypnosis Newsletters. There is no charge for the subscription and we even throw in a free covert hypnosis audio ($97.00 Value) as a FREE Gift and I guarantee you will find some amazing secrets that you can learn easily and start using right away.hypnosis Brian David Phillips Conversational Hypnosis Conversion Copywriter Covert Hypnosis covert hypnosis. david x. killer influence David X Hypnosis. CPI Emotional State erotic hypnosis Fun Holler How To Hypnotize Hypnosis hypnosis lessons hypnosis orgasm hypno summit Hypnotic Influence Hypnotic Language Hypnotist Inner Game Language Patterns Listener Marketer Meetup Meetup Group mind control Mind Control Hypnosis Nlp online hypnosis orgasm hypnosis People Personal Life Persuasion Persuasion Power Phrases Seduction

        Sentences Slots speed hypnosis STEALTH Hypnosis street hypnosis Teaching Position walk about trance Wrong Time

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          The start of 2010 for many of us provides us with a refreshing “new start” into the next phase of our continued growth and evolution.
          As you probably know we will be kicking off the new year for NLP power with a rousing and powerful workshop on the hard core nuts and bolts elements of conversational hypnosis and hypnotic language patterns. We will also be working on very specific inductions and trance integration exercises for really wiring these methods and skills into you very quickly.

          The other aspect of this upcoming meeting is really “UP YOUR INNER GAME” Now,

          INNER GAME can have different meanings for different people. But the most commonly accepted definition is “Having a Powerful, Confident and Practically Unstoppable Mindset That Automatically Allows

          You To Function At Your Absolute Possible Best In A Given Situation Or Circumstance.”

          Now regardless of whether you are into NLP in order to have more power, control and choice for “Social” reasons, “Proffessional” reasons, or any other pursuit that is deeply meaningful to you… WE ALL WANT MORE INNER GAME. Inner game allows us to make the most of our tools,

          techniques and skill sets.
          In fact powerful inner game often succeeds where everything else fails.
          So, here is what I am thinking. From now on with every meetup we have regardless of the actual

          topic to be practiced we will always include some form of exercise technique or drill designed to
          really up your inner game in your desired field of application.
          Now keep in mind that NLPPower is an “Ethics Free” community.
          Now what does that mean exactly?

          these techniques may be.


          ) What it does means is that we do not pass judgment, restrict or criticize what your motivation for learning and using No it doesn’t mean we don’ have ethics (…well… okay maybe a little



          You are free to be who you are and learn and use these skills to make your life exactly what you want it to be by your standards and your definitions.

          After all Isn’t That What Empowerment is All About.

          In the end we are all on our own personal journeys of self empowerment together.

          So let me know, in explicit detail what aspects of your own personal journey you would like help with. What skill sets, applications and techniques do you most want to get really good at, to learn and ultimately use to make your life everything you have been dreaming it could be.

          How Quickly Can You Let Me Know?

          I am putting together the calendar for the upcoming meetings.

          This is David From NLPPOWER. I just wanted to take a few moments to from the Post New Years day revelry and be sure to say thank you all for being part of this amazing group of highly skilled and talented individuals who are eager and excited to continue your own personal journey of self empowerment through the studies and applications of NLP, hypnosis and related disciplines.

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