CPI: Secrets Unstoppable Hypnotic Power #4 – Acquiescence

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    Flirting Hypnosis

    Most People Don't Realize That Flirting is actually a very hypnotic phenomenon. In Fact Flirting is one of the most powerful compound Hypnotic Operators a person can use. Why? Because it encompasses elements that completely bypass the critical factor on multiple levels simultaneously.


    Check out this free video, its a bit cheesy but the science is in fact very solid and very real. and after that be sure to check out The Top Secret STEALTH HYPNOSIS Program at the link below the video.

    Talk To You Soon.

    David V.

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      Are You Boring… Find Out!

      Lets be honest. We 've all been on the end of boring conversations that for some mysterious reason we couldn't seem to get ourselves out of. However, knowing when YOU are boring someone is often something we never even consider. Check out this cool video as a way to begin to develop the kind of situational awareness that allows you to make the right changes to what you do when trying to hypnotically communicate with someone.


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