We just added a brand new bonus video to the stealth conversational hypnosis crash course. Instant And Rapid Inductions Made Easy Be sure to check it out. The entire course is Brilliant and can have you easily naturally and instantaneously hypnotizing people just by talking to them.

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Trance The World and Take Names.

Your Loyal Friend and Hypnosis Coach

David V.

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    Hypnotic Attraction Secrets – Group Infiltration Rapport Technique


    VIBING vs Rapport - Group Infiltration Techniques Hypnotic Attraction Secrets - Remote Influence and Group Vibing and Infiltration Technique. This is a field report from one of my students who attended our Hypnotic Attraction Secrets - approach attract and acquire Workshop. The technique is universal in allowing you to move from being an outsider to part of the group and ultimately co leading or even having the leader default to you.

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      Hypnotic Attraction Secrets – The Ugly Truth About Attraction

      Just posted a cool little snippet from my Hypnotic Attraction Secrets Program. Where I am revealing the 'ugly" Truth about attraction. There are four areas that one has to master in order to literally have Unstoppable Hypnotic Influence. I am talking the kind of influence where pretty much everyone does what you want.

      Master These Four Areas Which I Lovingly Call The Four Pillars of Unstoppable Hypnotic Power and The world is your oyster. Attractivity i.e. the art and science of generating and managing attraction. is Pillar Number.

      Keep in mind mastering the four pillars also gives you insight into "how" people will choose to obey your influence. Its a pretty cool new approach. and it works out in the field like gangbusters, from treatment room, to boardroom to bedroom.

      enjoy the video, its short but it might give you some food for thought.

      Trance the world and take names.
      David V.

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        MIND CONTROL: The Achilles Heel of Your Mind


        This one is scary. But really true.

        Below is an email I got from internet marketing guru and master of psychological persuasion Daniel Levis. I happen to own the course he is referencing and I have to tell you he is spot on with his points. The course of course he is referring to is the Forbidden Keys to Persuasion by Blair Warren, who ( in my opinion, should be illegal for him to print stuff because what he writes I so damn powerful its scary.)

        Anyway here is a repost of Daniels email to me.

        “Some cult leaders and con men can get
        people to do just about anything ...

        ... while most people can't even get
        their teenage children to take out the
        trash or load up the dishwasher.

        What do the bad guys know that you don't?
        It's not what you're thinking ...

        Click Here To Learn More


        People have been searching for the keys
        to the human mind since the beginning
        of time.

        And since the birth of psychology, many
        have laid claim to having found them.

        Freud believed that the need for sex
        and aggression underpin all human behavior...

        Carl Jung believed that the will to live
        is our greatest motivator...

        Alfred Adler -- through his study of the
        impact of birth order on personality --
        theorized that we are primarily motivated
        by a need for power and superiority
        over our rivals...

        Victor Frankl believed our greatest need
        is to have a sense of meaning in our lives ...

        William James was convinced that human
        motivation is multi-faceted and isolated
        a whole laundry list of human needs that
        he believed drive human behavior ...

        Abraham Maslow created even more complexity
        with the idea of a hierarchy of human needs ...

        And this is just a short list of the
        many experimental theorists from the realm
        of psychology who have laid claim to
        having discovered the keys to the human

        The one thing they all agreed on is that
        we are need driven.

        And while all of their ideas have their
        place in the world of psychology,
        when it comes to the realm of persuasion,
        a much simpler model will suffice.

        A model that has but one need ...

        A need that everyone experiences but
        few know how to exploit.

        --> Click Here To Learn More

        The following quote from media mogul Roger Ailes
        alludes to this need:

        "Let's face it, there are three things the
        media are interested in: Mistakes, pictures,
        and attacks.

        It's my orchestra pit theory...

        If you have two guys up on a stage, and
        one says, 'I have the solution to peace in
        the Middle East', and the other guy falls
        into the orchestra pit, who do you think
        is going to end up on the evening news?"

        Now, when you consider it's the media's job
        to cater to what interests us, you can see
        that this quote is less about "media" than it
        is about human nature.

        We can all laugh at the absurdity of Ailes'
        quote. But a good laugh is all most people
        will get out of it.

        Indeed, there is something else hidden behind
        the humor.

        Something that when exploited has a power
        beyond belief.

        Marshall Applewhite, David Koresh and Jim
        Jones used it to capture the minds of their
        followers and lead them to their deaths.

        Hitler used it to mesmerize a nation and
        nearly destroy our way of life and the world
        as we know it.

        And all around us, political and race based
        organizations are using it to whip their
        people into hate-filled frenzies.

        What do these evil doers and all master
        manipulators know that you don't?

        And more importantly, how can you use their
        secret ethically to grow sales... to cement
        lucrative joint venture partnerships... to
        inspire employees... and dramatically
        enhance your business?

        The astounding answer awaits you:

        To Learn More About This Subject Click Here Now

        Until next time, Good Selling!


        PS. David, if all this talk of cult
        leaders, con men, and megalomaniacs has you
        resisting your natural urge to discover
        the secret... then it's crucial you drop
        everything right now and click on this link:

        Click Here Now.

        I first picked up Blair Warrens course Forbidden Keys To Persuasion About a year
        and a half ago. I have found that the principles he teaches to be very powerful and
        of course once you grasp the principles they become very easy to apply.

        We often get so bound up in the “Techniques” of hypnosis, persuasion and mind control
        that we often neglect to simply focus on mastering and internalizing the principles.

        Techniques are great but if you want true power in this work. Focus on mastering the Principles that govern human behavior, Gain insight into the nature of human beings themselves and your subjects will, by and large, tell you everything you need to know in order to influence them to do what you want.

        Hope you enjoy the repost.

        Trance the world and take names.

        David Van Arrick

        PS: if you would like to learn more about Daniel Levis You can find his sight here

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          Hypnotizing Someone For Fun? What A Concept!

          Hypnosis Is Fun?

          Lets face it.

          Talking about covert and conversational hypnosis, mind control and brain washing, black hypnosis, blah blah blah can get really tedious. and downright serious.


          Too serious in my not too humble and somewhat expert opinion. In fact when I am teaching my one on one coaching students in my Killer Influence MasterMind Program, or leading my mentees through my CPI Conversational Persuasion and Influence Course the one thing I keep coming back to, the one thing that really allows you to enjoy the most power and effectiveness in the discipline is this…

          Have fun! Hypnotizing people is fun, being playful gives you power and access to resources you could never touch while trying to be oh so serious.

          In That Spirit, I hope you enjoy the featured article here simply titled…

          How To Use Hypnosis With Someone For Fun

          If you know how to hypnotize someone, you can have a bit of hypnosis fun with your friends. When used for recreational purposes, hypnosis is safe. This, however, should not be mistaken for hypnotherapy which is a professional process designed to assist people deal with personal trauma, addictive behavior, or other disorders.

          Hypnotizing people is a lot easier than you probably think. It may surprise you to know that you actually get into a hypnotic state a few times every day. Whenever you are absorbed in a book, or daydreaming, or watching a movie intensely, your brain is basically in a state of hypnosis. The reason is that your subconscious is working more than your conscious.

          Read the entire hypnosis article here…

          Hypnosis, Have Fun

          The simple truth is if you aren’t having fun with what you are doing you are simply not going to be good at it. To get good at hypnosis you really have to enjoy it.

          Go out and hypnotize people into feeling really good today, and enjoy it!

          Trance the world and take names.

          Your Loyal Friend and Hypnosis Mentor.

          David Van Arrick

          aka “The Master”

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