Simple Conversational Hypnosis Techniques For Persuasion

conversational hypnosis

Try these simple conversational hypnosis techniques for persuasion to help you get others to do what you want them to. Just by talking to them and learning how to "mirror" their words and actions you can eliminate arguments and conflicts and by overriding the typical patterns that are the causes of the conflicts you will finally have peace and harmony at home and the office. The article below appears on and offers simple conversational hypnosis techniques for persuasion.


More Conversational Hypnosis and Persuasion Techniques


1. "Use a person’s name. You have undoubtedly heard salesmen use and abuse this technique. Maybe a statement like “Look Steve, you can see the benefits of this…” just turns you off. Using a person’s name IS a powerful persuasion technique, but there is more subtlety and art to persuasion than just following simple rules."


"People do love to hear their own name, but you have to be careful how you use it. First of all, use it how they want to hear it. Ask how they prefer to be addressed. A Mike may not like “Michael,” and a Joseph may be irritated by you calling him “Joe.”


"Second, use it at the right time. Unless you are great at reading people and know it is okay, don’t say “Hi Betty!” the moment she walks into your office. Wait until there is a bit of rapport, and sometimes even ask permission (“Is it okay if I call you Betty?”).


2. "Use motivating words. Say “think about,” they’ll do that. It is not a call to action. Use words like “today,” and “now,” and “do this.” Many subliminal experts will tell you that even using “by now,” repetitively, as in “By now you can see that this car is luxurious,” is subconsciously taken as “buy now.”"Remember to use THEIR words. If they use the word “efficient” often, then it’s an important word to them. Start using it: “You can see how efficient this RV is in it’s use of space.” Pay attention and pick out any words they use often. Persuasion is easier when you speak the same “language.”


3. "Be a chameleon. Change your language to more closely match theirs. Slow or accelerate your speech to match theirs. Sit in the same position that they sit in. Use the same facial expressions. Laugh when they laugh."


"This technique is called “mirroring and matching,” and, when done well, you can establish rapport quickly and easily with most people. Most people will never notice you’re doing this, but don’t be too obvious. The person will just feel like you’re like they are, that you can “relate” to them. A bond will begin to develop between you, and you can test this bond by “leading.”


"This means that once you have established the bond, you can change your body posture, to see if they unconsciously do the same. If so, they are ready to follow. You continue to mirror and match, but you also start to lead them right to the bottom line on the contract, or to whatever action you want them to take. This is one of the more powerful persuasion techniques."

Conversational Hypnosis Takes Practice

The first time you try conversational hypnosis with someone,you may feel akward and if you are not careful the other person may pick up on your mirroring or conversational mimicking which is why you should work with your family and friends first. Don't get discouraged you must keep practicing these simple conversational hypnosis techniques for persuasion in order to perfect them and move on to more advanced learning.  Becoming an expert with conversational hypnosis takes time.  The more time you spend practicing your conversational hypnosis, the easier it will become.

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    Covert hypnosis and other persuasion techniques are commonly used for sales and business purposes. Featured here and on, Author Peter Nguyen shares his Six Weapons of Influence. "Weapons of Influence?" This sounds a little intimidating so I'll stick to persuasion techniques. Persuasion techniques can include covert hypnosis which is another tool becoming more widely used. Covert hypnosis sometimes called conversational hypnosis is more involved than just getting to know your audience and how they think. Covert hypnosis and other persuasion techniques should be taught through training and education.

    covert hypnosis

    Covert Hypnosis: Weapons of Choice

    "Weapon of Influence #1 - Reciprocity" 

    "The reciprocity principle implies that when someone do something nice or give something to you, you would naturally feel obligated to return the favor. It doesn’t matter if the favor is wanted or unwanted. We just feel a sense of indebtedness toward that person. Sometimes, the returning favors can be much bigger than the received favors too!

    Additionally, you can also give away useful and educational content in the forms E-books, white papers, and videos. Giving away content is very effective for lead generation."

    Weapon of Influence #2 - Commitment and Consistency

    "This principle is based on the premise that people like to behave in a consistent manner. Once we make a decision or take a stand, we would act and respond in ways that are consistent with what we decided. Furthermore, we would strongly justify and defend our earlier decisions."

    "The idea here is to get someone to believe in something small or take a small action first. Once they are committed, they are more likely to agree to a larger task or larger idea later. Moreover, people would even try to defend their actions, even if their actions are not popular or wrong. This method’s effectiveness is amplified when the agreement is made in front of other people."

    How to apply this covert hypnosis principle in your business 

    "Most people are unlikely to buy from you upon first exposure or first meeting. Why? They don’t have enough information or data about you yet."

    "But if you can get them to commit to trying out your product or service for free (free trial or free samples), then they might eventually pay to use your products or services. Alternatively, you can convince them to start out with a cheaper plan first, and then convince them to upgrade later. The key is to get people to commit to something small or low risk first."

    Click here to read more techniques on covert hypnosis...

    If you are interested in learning more about covert hypnosis or conversational hypnosis, you'll find a lot more information and other articles on our blog. If you found this article on covert hypnosis and other persuasion techniques helpful please leave a comment or share it with a friend.  You may even want to practice your new found covert hypnosis and persuasion techniques on them!

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      Conversational Hypnosis is not a secret and President Obama knows it. While I don't want to get into any political issues as the author of this article did on the the SixthStreetGallery (conversational hypnosis), I too believe that President Obama and many others are using some conversational hypnosis or NLP to get their message anchored into the minds of the people. Is he a bad guy for using conversational hypnosis and other hypnotic techniques? Time will tell. He's working hard to be a great politician and he is able to lead the masses with his public speaking abilities and conversational hypnosis skills, that's part of his job. Conversational hypnosis is no longer a secret and Obama knows it and is using it right under your nose.

      Conversational Hypnosis, Undetectable?

      "It truly is nearly undetectable for the untrained ear and has been used widely within therapy to help people eliminate challenging behaviors and self damaging emotional disorders. Conversational hypnosis has, in recent times, become easily available to the general public because of available access to courses on-line. As with any other proficiency, the appearance of widespread public use, and the emergence of a worldwide online network, has witnessed conversational hypnosis improve and become much more established. These days it is the most powerful method for persuasion ever seen."

      "Barack Obama is obviously very familiar with these processes and regularly employs them as part of his addresses."

      "As an example he frequently utilizes very systematic ‘pacing and leading’ within his speeches. Firstly Barack Obama is really good at using his body gestures to mirror the climate of the crowd. where the crowd can be enthusiastic and motivated, his expressions and choice of words is exciting and untamed. In the event the crowd happens to be sombre and introspective, he can be a lot more subdued and contained."

      "This way he swiftly secures a rapport with his audience who sense that he empathizes and shares his concerns with them. After this fundamental subconscious link is made he’ll then begin to guide the crowd by using body language and cadence. It’s really a timeless conversational hypnosis technique."

      "In truth, once you have even a rudimentary understanding of conversational hypnosis, his usage of mass hypnosis strategies is often very clear. He uses such strategies as intense imagery and patterns relying on isomorphic metaphors which usually express one supposed meaning as a result of talking about something seemingly unrelated. This is often meticulously delivered to make certain that he captures the concentration and conscious focus of his target audience. This method of captivation leads to the reduced psychological defenses of the listeners."

      "Barack Obama can then use embedded instructions to suggest his political concepts within the subconscious mind of the audience. As an illustration, he quite often returns to key anchoring terms for example “now is the moment…”. Obama will then deliver a command statements such as “ must act ” that he links to the preceding ‘undeniable’ statement thus giving his subjective statement greater validity. He also uses verbal tone, pitch, facial expression together with gesture in clearly hypnotic loops in order to improve his allure to his target audience."

      Watch Out For Others Using Conversational Hypnosis On You!

      One thing we must all remember is that if you understand the conversational hypnosis techniques you can "catch" anyone who is also using them on you. We have a responsibility to understand the conversational hypnosis and other techniques politicians use to motivate and gain power.

      "The Birthers suggest that Obama is employing some sort of deceptive mind control. There is nothing hidden regarding what he is doing. Any individual having the least interest may easily learn the identical approaches. There is absolutely no hidden-secret in any way."

      I don't believe in dragging people down, I find most people are sensible enough to understand that we do not all think alike. I also believe that if you give people a chance they will eventually drag themselves down. Do you think conversational hypnosis is no longer a secret and Obama knows it?

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        Conversational Hypnosis: Can You Really Hypnotize Anyone Just By Speaking?

        Conversational Hypnosis: How to hypnotize anyone just by speaking. Is it really possible to hypnotize someone or any one for that matter just by speaking?

        Well the answer to that is a resounding yes.

        A better question might be. Can YOU hypnotize anyone just by speaking, let alone using conversational hypnosis?

        Can you even really tell if they are hypnotized?

        Are they hypnotized in the way you want, and need those, to be hypnotized?

        Did you even know you hypnotized that person in the first place?

        I could continue to ask a whole bunch more of very provocative and probing questions but I think you are already getting the point here.

        Are you not?

        How Can You Use Conversational Hypnosis?

        If the obvious answer to the very first question is yes. Then HOW do you actually do it. And Do YOU have the ability to do it?

        Yes. You do have the ability to do it by virtue of the fact that you are a living breathing human being with a pulse. You see I don’t subscribe to the concept of hypnosis the way most people in the community do.

        Nope, Orthodox hypnosis is for sissies, and no, that is not a reference to sissified hypnosis, that’s a different niche entirely.

        It’s more a statement of the current state of hypnotic affairs in the orthodox hypnosis community a community that relies on as one of my more controversial mentors put it…weak, sissified, and, neutered technique.

        You see the truth about humans is this…They are all asleep.

        Metaphorically speaking anyway…

        You see the natural state of the average human is simply to move through the world in a state of internally focused awareness.

        In a nutshell…

        People are more in love and involved with what is going on inside their own heads than they will ever be with what is going on outside of it.

        This gives the user of conversational hypnosis tremendous power if he can accomplish a few simple things.

        The first thing is to get them out of the trance they are in and into the trance that is most useful to achieving the behaviors you want them to engage in. Seems simple. Sometimes it is.

        Sometimes it isn’t by any large the fastest way to make covert and conversational hypnosis easy is to cultivate an understanding of the three Pillars of Covert/Conversational Hypnosis

        The ability to do conversational hypnosis has multiple components.

        Conversational Hypnosis Components:

        We call this the I-3 model in the Killer Influence,  covert conversational hypnosis system I teach.

        If you don’t have control of these three things your power as a conversational hypnotist drops dramatically.

        A.Identity – You need to know who you are, what your skill sets are, your attributes and of course you must know what the outcome is that you want to achieve, and if necessary that the sub outcomes are that naturally lead to the achievement of your overall goal.

        B.Intelligence: This is the area where people are the weakest. If you master this area you are practically unstoppable as a covert or conversational hypnotist

        a.Intelligence as we define it has nothing to do with how smart you are, or your IQ score

        b.It has everything to do with your ability to gather, calibrate and derive useful information from your subject

        C. Influence : influence as we discuss it here simply means the tools, tactics, strategies and techniques that allow you to make manage the information about the subject and environment . In other words to know what to do, when to do it and of course HOW to do covert and conversational hypnosis.

        We have several formulas for covert hypnosis and conversational hypnosis that we teach. You can use a simple

        AIDA Style format that is familiar to many marketers and copy writers.

        AIDA Stands for Attention – Interest- Desire- Action. We would add a couple extra A’s into that formula such as Amplify, And Anchor.

        Attention stage teaches you to get them out of their head and into the world. To move your subject or target from an internally aware state
        (dissociated) to an externally aware state ( associated) only when the subject is fully associated can we really do powerful conversational hypnosis.

        Getting someone from a dissociated state to an associated one is as simple as asking a basic question like Do you know what time it is? Or how is your day going?

        Very simple, changes their focus of attention from Internal to External.

        Now you can move to stage two… Interest.

        Now you have to do something that engages their interest something they want to interact with you about.

        Certain kinds of hypnotic questions are very good for this. They also allow you subtly manipulate the direction of the conversation while letting your subject do most of the talking.

        Very good for dating, attraction and seduction scenarios because the longer a person talks to you about something that they are interested in. The more hypnotically charismatic YOU become.

        This is a very common scenario when a man and a woman go out on a date. The guy spends all night answering the woman’s questions, talking about himself and by the end of the night his attraction to her has quadrupled.

        ( Unfortunately for our hapless hero. He also managed to bore the pants/dress of the young lady playing the question game)

        Here is a key principle you need to understand. There are four pillars of irresistible hypnotic influence. Master them and the world is yours. One of those pillars is known as “Authority” or more precisely The Authority principle.

        We don’t have time to go into the four pillars here. But just understand this. Being the authority makes other people who see you that way highly suggestible to you.

        Asking Questions gives you the unconscious position of authority in the other persons mind when they are answering those questions.

        Do the math amigo.

        Hypnotic Questioning is an entire method of influence and conversational hypnosis unto itself. Most people don’t even realize it exists. They are all still stuck on
        Ericksonian Confusion Patterns, Double binds and embedded commands. The best stuff never calls attention to itself.

        The very fact that you probably know what I am talking about indicates just how much attention these particular techniques get. Couple that with the fact that most people simply don’t do it very well anyway.

        The best stuff is simple. Foundational and universal. Meaning it works well everywhere.

        This article is getting long so let’s finish up the AIDA Formula Real Quick.

        We covered Attention and Interest

        Now let’s talk about Desire.

        This of course is where what you want and what your subject wants converge. People will do just about anything you want them to if you show them how it will get them something they really want. The key word of course being “Really Want”.

        In sales and marketing this could be the pain or problem they are having and want to make go away.

        When you effectively link what you want them to do with what they already want at a deep level. People will practically do anything you tell them to. If you press those buttons properly.

        The best way to achieve this is through stimulating emotional arousal in your subject. Emotions automatically bypass the critical factor of the Subconscious mind and all you change the perceptual filters toward what you want them to do.

        Humans intuitively understand this concept by always making sure someone is in a good mood before making a request for something.

        Don’t lie to me, we all did it as kids, Waited till mom or dad was in a good mood before we asked for that toy or to borrow the car.

        Moods matter. Especially from a conversational hypnosis perspective.

        We also want to amplify those emotional states and link them to us. That way we become emotionally associated to the positive actions we want them to take.

        The last letter in our covert conversational hypnosis formula is Action.

        You must tell them very clearly, or demonstrate very clearly what you want them to do next and then you have to give them the autonomy to do it.

        In our system of Easy covert conversational hypnosis, we call this “the Illusion of Control” this is where we give our subject complete freedom to choose any of the choices we’ve given them. The end result of course is…

        All roads lead to doing what we want them to do, or simply following our instructions. Either way works for us.

        Now it stands without saying that if you’re going to engage in conversational hypnosis that you always go for a win/win for both you and your subjects. That allows you to tap into the most powerful trance inducer there is.


        Well that’s it in a nutshell for the AIDA conversational hypnosis model. The best place to start learning how to apply the principles of Covert Conversational Hypnosis is my top secret STEALTH Conversational Hypnosis Crash Course.

        It’s the simplest and easiest way to hypnotize anyone to do what you want in just minutes, without them even knowing it.

        That’s it for now.

        Trance the World and Take Names.

        Your Loyal Friend and Hypnosis Coach

        David Van Arrick
        aka “The Master”


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          Conversational Hypnosis Article

          "Conversational hypnosis is considered to be the same as covert hypnosis or, less frequently, as underground hypnosis. But why does a technique, which is based upon proven therapeutic results, find itself so frequently referred to as some sort of dark art or mystical practice? The fact is that conversational hypnosis does, possibly, have an element of secrecy about it and even the potential for devious misuse."

          "....most effective when the subject is not aware of the process. Therefore, to a certain extent, it is true to say that it does present those who would like to hypnotize others for their own amusement or personal gratification the tools they need to achieve their questionable aims."

          "However, conversational hypnosis is merely a methodology, it is up to the individuals that learn the associated skills to make the moral choices about how they use it. Clearly when you consider what someone might do with the ability to make people behave in any way they chose one can immediately imagine some rather unsavoury possibilities. Initially you might conclude that covert hypnosis presents too great a risk and should be tightly controlled."

          "Indeed, as our awareness and understanding of the hypnotic process increases many feel argue that licensing should be considered. Conversational hypnotists however will also point out that many trained psychotherapists and psychologists favour conversational hypnosis for the treatment of long term problematic behaviours and that their work benefits a great many people."

          So Are There Many People Using Street Hypnosis To Get What They Want From Me?

          "Nobody likes to think that they are being taken advantage of and the thought of somebody else controlling us through hypnosis is an uncomfortable idea for most. It means that we do not have complete free will and goes to the very heart of out individuality. However street hypnosis is a reality and more and more people are learning the techniques for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons are perfectly reasonable whilst others, unfortunately, verge upon the criminal."

          "For example have you ever enthusiastically purchased a used car from a talkative salesperson, only later realizing what you bought is not at all what you wanted? Do you recall a situation where you met somebody on the street or at work, and they seemed totally in control of the conversation, with you seemingly unable to grasp any control at all? The chances are they were using some sort of street hypnosis on you."

          Practice Conversational Hypnosis Safely

          Every situation is different so when it comes to street hypnosis use common sense and caution. Remember that conversational hypnosis should be used responsibly at all times

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