Covert Hypnosis Using Descriptive Imagery

Covert hypnosis using descriptive imagery is one way to accomplish getting an individual into a trace. Vote4hope. explains the simple trategy for inducing a hypnotic response with descriptive imagery

"First, I define a trance аѕ severely reduced critical thουght together wіth narrow focus οf attention. I feel thіѕ definition very useful whеn considering covert hypnosis. Thеrе аrе various tools tο gеt a person inside a trance аnd here I’ll point out аn extremely powerful technique I lіkе tο call vivid imagery.

"A simple strategy tο explaining wουld individually bе thіѕ:

"Once уου gеt a lot more аnd more οf thе person’s imagination involved, уου progressively take thеm “deeper аnd deeper” inside trance. Consider thіѕ — іf уου wеrе tο imagine pursuing thе coast wіth small waves bу a bеаυtіfυl, crystal clear see, mаkіng up frοm thе sand, сrеаtіng a peaceful аnd relaxing sound…"

"Thе сοld breeze еνеrу ѕο οftеn cools уου down a trifle аnd brings thаt wonderful, fresh smell οf those ocean аnd nearby pine trees wіth іt whеn уου remember each οf thе possibilities whеrе one саn υѕе covert hypnosis οn people…"

"Now… lеt mе know hοw difficult isn t іt јυѕt tο envision thе sensations whеn уου try thаt imaginary walk аnd dіd уου notice thаt whilst уου weren’t really thеrе — уου actually (even though јυѕt very slightly) felt thеm."

"Wе саn easily plant such images within ουr listener’s οr reader’s mind bу utilizing something thаt’s called “descriptive language”. Thе thουght ѕhουld bе tο describe thе problems wе need a person tο experience іn detail, using emotional (“rіght brain”) words similar tο “gοοd looking” compared tο “attractive” аѕ уου progress. Hаνе уου recognize thе dіffеrеnсе between thе two?"

Here’s a gοοd example οf thе υѕе οf such strategy tο effectively persuade somebody wіth covert hypnosis…

"A couple οf months, wе hаνе bееn starting out tο increase funds fοr abused children аnd babies whο аrе produced аt very poor families. Thіѕ season I’m thе president οf аnу charity club here іn Ljubljana аnd I’ve set ѕοmе pretty ambitious goals fοr those, οf whісh ѕοmе wеrе already realized аnd ѕοmе wіll hopefully bе realized soon."

"Thе thουght fοr ουr fundraising wаѕ tο hold a charity lottery during one οf a typical more prestigious balls. Fοr thаt wе hаd tο somehow gеt аѕ many donated gifts аѕ possible, ѕο wе called many businesses tο discover іf thеу′d contribute a product οr service thаt wе′d bе capable οf give аѕ prices around thе lottery."

"One οf ουr members paid visiting a elaborate restaurant tο gеt a free dinner fοr a couple possibly clone οf υѕе аѕ a present. Hе mаdе a scheduled visit іn thе owner οf уουr restaurant аnd met wіth hіm over coffee. Thе conversation didn’t gο tοο well firstly along wіth thе owner, аftеr being presented thе concept, wasn’t very thinking аbουt giving free meals. Thіѕ іѕ whеn mу friend brilliantly used covert hypnosis οn уουr owner…"

"Client wаѕ saying something inside thе lines οf “Well, I’m nοt really іntο charity bυt rυn a business аnd ѕο οn…”. (HINT: In case уουr person doesn’t instantly brush уου οff whісh includes a swift “Nο!”, many times thеу′re secretly asking уου tο persuade thеm! Thаt’s whеn іt’s usually a smart mονе tο persist аnd never ѕtοр trying)…"

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Covert Hypnosis Can Be Used Anywhere!

The uses for covert hypnosis are restricted only by the imagination. How you decide to use this powerful tool otherwise known as covert hypnosis will depend on your life, the people and places that life takes you to and your hopes and dreams for the future. Covert hypnosis using descriptive imagery can help you get the cooperation of those around you for a more positive outcome.

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    The lowdown on Self-Hypnosis

    Self-hypnosis is one of the techniques being used right now anywhere from fighting off addictions as well as in improving concentration and learning, and it is one form of hypnosis that allows the person to take on the responsibility for the procedure. This, for some, is vastly preferable as some sectors are still not comfortable placing a person under the control of another. With self-hypnosis, the control is entirely in the individual's hands.

    One of the most common problems that self-hypnosis is used for is for self-improvement. People who want to improve their social skills or manage their anger better can utilize self-hypnosis to unlearn or relearn what they need to. There are also some in the medical fields that use this procedure in order to lessen the impact of pain and physical symptoms. Self-hypnosis after all can fool the brain and make it believe that there is no more pain.

    Does Self-Hypnosis work?

    Critics of the procedure have however argued that the change in behavior and in overall wellbeing is not true and is only temporary. It is only there as long as self-hypnosis is effective but the change is only artificial and the root of the problem is only masked and not removed.

    Still fans of this procedure have attested to its effectiveness especially in getting rid of bad habits and freeing themselves from chronic body pain. Besides, as they would argue, these people have learned these bad habits and that self-hypnosis will only make unlearning it easier and faster. Still, if you feel that you are comfortable with a professional controlling you, it is recommended that you have a professional perform the hypnosis instead of doing it yourself. Besides having full control over the procedure, they will also be more in the know regarding it.

    To get started with self-hypnosis, you will of course need a professional hypnotist to guide you. These people will be the ones to help you with the instructions and the procedure. The whole procedure is different for every person. Some people will find it easier to manage while others can completely lose into it. After all, they will basically depend on the subconscious and will need to have the strength of mind to deal with it.

    What's Better Than Self-Hypnosis?

    Self-hypnosis may not however be as effective as being done by a professional but the peace of mind and independence that you get from knowing that you are in control can mean a lot to some people. This knowledge of having the power to change yourself sometimes make up for the limitations that self-hypnosis brings to the table. The progress for instance with self-hypnosis may not be as fast with one professionally done. But as most patients have already implied, slow but sure is better than making a major change through the hands of an incompetent hypnotist.

    There is no need to worry about safety. Just because you are doing it does not mean that it is any less safe. There is no truth to the claims that self-hypnosis can open the mind for the devil to enter or that people can get crazy because of it. A person under self-hypnotic state will have the same safeguards as with ordinary life. Actually, there is not much difference. The difference lies in the segment of the person's personality that he or she wishes to change.

    All in all self-hypnosis is an effective tool in curbing bad habits and lessening pain but the jury is still out on whether it can go mainstream.

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      Self hypnosis, exactly what does the term suggest? It is actually the process in which you practice hypnosis upon your own self for the achievement of goals that will lead you to the betterment of yourself. Self hypnosis is a very controversial topic since opinion about it varies from man to man. As an art rapidly changing into science, it has opened up huge possibilities of self betterment of individuals. You only require patience and practice on a regular basis to put it to your use. Even though responses to the therapy vary it is emerging as a fast developing science that will and has helped many to overcome various shortcomings in their personality, living habits and various other such fields.

      Self Hypnosis for Self Improvement

      Losing of bad habits, improving one's memory, gluttony etc are only a few that can be overcome by this therapy. It is essentially a self-empowerment policy which is not some instant fix theory. It is the user's motivation which will help him overcome the various obstacles in the path of his achieving what he wants to. It helps infuse positive energy in one's life and bringing of happiness as a result.

      Self Hypnosis is Powerful

      Why is self hypnosis such a powerful and effective method? The answer lies in the acting of the sub-conscious. Self hypnosis evades the conscious and directly targets the sub-conscious which then enables you to destroy any negative feelings and install positive energy that will help you in achieving new heights in life. Incorporation of self hypnosis in your life will lead you to the achievement of your goals much faster than you could have even imagined.

      Learning hypnotherapy is easy. You can get professional help as well as you can learn self hypnosis yourself. The easiest way is to get a hypnotherapist, someone who will teach you how to make the therapy effective. But if you find that u cannot accommodate their consolations then no need to worry. You can always do it yourself. There are loads of books, DVD's and CD's available for you to learn from. Attending seminars on the same will help you learn self hypnosis practically. But you have to constantly keep taking action for the therapy to act effectively. That's it! Stop pining right now and get to work.

      Research shows that only a mere 10% of our subconscious and mind power has been put up to efficient use till date. Usage at this rate has led to such big changes possible, no one knows the limit, we do not know how or what can be achieved if the full 100% can be put to use. No one knows what tremendous things can be achieved, so are you ready to make the impossible possible?  Imagine what the mind can achieved after training and practicing self hypnosis.

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        Why NLP is Wrong? (Very Controversial)

        NLP is one of the things you hear me talk about a lot when we do Masterminds and even in the meet-ups we do here in San Diego.

        People think we're constantly bagging on NLP and I'm not.

        I think NLP is fabulous.

        It's brilliant….

        NLP… It's just wrong.

        And it's not wrong in that the techniques don't work.

        It's wrong in the sense that the vast majority of people who learn it can't use it.

        Does anybody have any experience in trying to use an NLP style technique out in the real world that didn't work?

        Or it all of a sudden...Or it worked really well in the seminar room  and was kind of cumbersome using it out in the real world?


        One of the things that I have done a tremendous amount of work in is “How do I make this stuff (NLP,Covert Hypnosis and Conversational Hypnosis) work for me?” and “Who are the people that are actually out there doing it and making the stuff work?”

        One of the things that happened; and you have to understand that this goes all the way back to how NLP was actually created), NLP was created from models, right?

        Models of Who? Milton Erickson, Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls and each of them had their own style. Right?

        Their own system.

        Make sense?

        Now, those models actually encompassed the  techniques they used right along with the beliefs that they needed in order them work.

        How many times does NLP teach you the beliefs you need to make this stuff work?

        Do they ever teach you the beliefs you need to make this stuff work?

        How much?

        How many times does NLP teach you the things you need to make this stuff work?

        Do they ever teach you the beliefs you need to make this stuff work?

        People Will Say, Well NLP has Presuppositions… right?

        Presuppositions are a the concepts in which NLP is based. Right? they are assumptions NLP makes about the way the mind actually works.

        But What about the beliefs, the mindset, the frame to go out, and actually have the cajones to use it, first of all.

        And the understanding of how to create the frame the makes people want do what your telling them to do.

        Anybody here to use ever use an NLP technique without creating a frame around it or anybody here know what a meta-frame is?

        For those of you who are watching this at home, or are new to nlp,  a meta-frame is the overall meaning of the interaction.

        We going to talk a lot about frames throughout this weekend. But, beliefs aside,

        [In Your NLP Training] how much work did they give you... What states did they teach you to go into in order to deliver your NLP techniques?

        Mark. Did they teach you any?

        Mark: No.

        I doubt that it's relevant, but in my case (unclear) use it in the foundation. I find that perfect frame to make it work

        Absolutely. Absolutely, because within that frame it works. K. Your passion is hypnosis and hypnotherapy and I'm cool with that.

        But, how many people are frustrated because they go to an NLP class to learn how to do sales with NLP and they learn therapy?

        Never happened? How many people go to an NLP class to how to be more socially successful and all they got was therapy?

        By and large, the frame that NLP comes from is for what?


        That’s right, Therapy. who are, who are the people they [Bandler and Grinder] modeled?

        They modeled therapists.

        So, while NLP is extremely brilliant in that aspect, there are some things we need to kind of shift.

        Some beliefs that we need to address in order to be able to use it in other context.

        We need to learn how to work within other frames of reference.

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          Persuasion is more effective when you use the "unexpected message" and back it up with strong arguments. Why? People will listen and pay more attention to your message if you had and unexpected element to it. The problem is if you don't deliver something worthwhile the persuasion is lost. Swaycraft Persuasion Techniques discusses the surprise element for effective persuasion.

          Persuasion Research

          "In consumer research at least, experts can be more persuasive when they express uncertainty. Uncertainty works here because it is unexpected: we expect experts to be certain about their position because of their specialized knowledge and training."

          "Many authors suggest unexpectedness as one of the persuasion cornerstones. For example, Heath brothers make unexpectedness second element in their SUCCESs formula. (SUCCESs stands for Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, Emotional, Story – see their bestselling Made to Stick)."

          "Overall, this is solid advice. But it can also backfire."

          "Research indeed shows that in general unexpectedness boosts persuasion. The reason: unexpected message surprises your audience; they pay more attention; the more attention they pay the more likely it is that the message will sway them."

          "In essence, people are more likely to meditate on your message if it surprises them.

          "But here is a critical requirement: your message must be supported by strong arguments. If not, your message will be ineffective or will even backfire because your audience will be more likely to spot any flaws."


          • Richard E. Petty, John T. Cacioppo, Rachel Goldman, “Personal Involvement as a Determinant of Argument-Based Persuasion,” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 41, 847-55 (1981).
          • Richard E. Petty and John T. Cacioppo, Communication and Persuasion: Central and Peripheral Routes to Persuasion (1986)

          Unexpected Persuasion

          I know this works with children, I used to watch my kids' pre-school teacher do this all the time. She was always prepared with a silly song or an unexpected detail, and it held the interest of most of the kids while she taught what she needed to. It's works in advertising and relationships and business, persuasion is more effective when you use the unexpected message. 
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