How to Learn Self Hypnosis

Learn Self Hypnosis?

Getting to learn self hypnosis is something that can be very productive and whether you want to find weight loss hypnosis or any other type, there are a few things that you are going to have to learn about. First and foremost though, you should know that you never have to be worried about getting to learn self hypnosis because as long as you are doing it properly, you have nothing to worry about.

How to Learn Self Hypnosis

So if you want to learn self hypnosis, the first step is going to be for you to get all the supplies that you are going to need. This includes a relaxing self hypnosis CD, as well as candles or other things that you know are going to help you to relax. Everyone is different and so you know that you are going to have to find the different things that are going to be best for you here.

The same would apply if you were starting to perform hypnosis on other people, as you would then want to make sure that you were choosing items that are going to help you to learn self hypnosis and which are going to allow the people you are hypnotizing to feel comfortable and get relaxed.

So now if you want to know how to learn self hypnosis, you are going to want to close your eyes and start counting backwards. As you are doing this, you want to focus on your breathing and make sure that your heart rate is slowing. A lot of people get too excited and anxious when they go through with something like self hypnosis because they are nervous about it.

Getting to learn self hypnosis is really one of the best things that you can do and you want to make sure that you are doing it right. The Internet is going to be a great resource to you here if this is something that you want to learn more about, but if you really want to have the best results out of all of this, you can take a class.

Learn Self Hypnosis Properly

If you take a class you are going to be working with a professional one on one who is going to make sure that you are learning all the moves of hypnosis properly and ensure that you are going to be doing everything safely and properly so that you are not going to get frustrated.

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    Let Me Introduce Propaganda to Covert Hypnosis

    Covert hypnosis being introduced to propaganda? 

    Ooops, I think they are very familiar with each other already. In fact propaganda takes covert hypnosis to a much wider audience. On Changing (covert hypnosis/propaganda) the discussion shows that the qualities that make propaganda so powerful, also make covert hypnosis just as powerful. Let me introduce propaganda to covert hypnosis and show you what is possible.

    covert hypnosis
    Newspapers and magazines are loaded with propaganda and advertising is another form of covert hypnosis.


    Propaganda is an evocative word that brings to mind images of dictatorships and wartime misinformation. Although not as widespread as conspiracy theorists might have us believe, it is still in use daily in virtually every country."


    The ideological goal

    "The basic defining goal of propaganda is that it seeks to control what people believe - that is, the ideas they consider to be unquestionably true. Hence propaganda is about ideology, which may be political, religious, philosophical. In some senses, all ideologies use propaganda when they promote their ideas as being the only real truth and denigrate other belief systems as bad, evil or just plain wrong."

    The hidden quality

    "Another defining quality of perfect propaganda is that it is hidden, such that the recipients perceive it and communications about it as a simple truth. The subject matter just becomes what is normal and the communicator of the message is not perceived as trying to persuade or manipulate."

    In brief, then, propaganda is covert hypnosis/persuasion of large groups of people.

    "At the other end of the realization scale, if people perceive themselves as victims of manipulative machinations, then they will feel betrayed and hence rebel against the manipulator. This rebellion may be open or, if the manipulator has other power (such as military), then it may become subverted and covert."

    Basic conditions

    "For propaganda to happen, there must be a person or persons in positions of power where they have significant control over mass-communication media. This can include presidents, governments and media moguls. At a smaller scale, it also includes company bosses, head teachers and parents."

    "The person in control must have a need either that a significant group of people believe something to be true or perceive something in some way."

    Many people fear the use of propaganda because they know the power it has to change the course of events. When propaganda is used for negative purposes it can lead to devastating consequences. However if a group of people can be convinced that something is beneficial and positive results occur then let me introduce propaganda to covert hypnosis and start motivating people and changing the future.

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      Persuasion is Like a Game of Follow the Leader

      Persuasion is like a game of follow the leader, Drew Stevens PhD writes in the Changing (persuasion).  Does he really mean it is as simple as that? All you need to do is take a good look around you and you will notice that anywhere or anything people are flocking to, has become a leader in it's niche. Persuasion is like a game of follow the leader and the one with the most followers...wins!

      Persuasion is like a game of follow the leader

      "When you were a kid did you ever play follow the leader? Do you ever wonder why there are things that attract us to certain people? Buyers today become attracted with those that are not only contrary but offer value, substance, something the community can benefit from."

      "Think of this. When there is a new diet doesn’t most individuals tend to flock towards it? When there is a new television show, why is it that many need to view it? The reason there is some benefit statement, something of value that attracts us."

      "For those entrepreneurs and practice professionals, gosh even selling professionals believe it or not – similar systems apply. Therefore it is important to build systems and support tools that allow you to create a universe that develops visibility and creates community."

      "Why because when you create, share and dispense valuable content you become the thought leader in your universe. This makes you invincible and gets others attracted. When this occurs you create a community that flocks to you while telling others of your value. Don’t believe?"

      "Great examples include the incredible community of Facebook that does not advertise, the incredible activity of Apple retail stores – the busiest store in any US retail shopping mall and yes-even celebrities. Joe Paterno’s termination created a storm of activists. This is the incredible value of creating community, they surround you, they talk about you, and they protect you."

      So what are key methods for establishing visibility and community?

      1. Provide presentations to local community groups and present content congruent with your marketing message.
      2. Create a “meme” a marketing message that does not stereotype you but offers information based on your value. Email me and I will provide you a quick template to create a valuable meme.
      3. Get involved in local volunteer community programs so that your neighbors know you.
      4. Write tip sheets and articles in regional periodicals or those national periodicals for associations were you are a member or seek membership.
      5. Create alliances with others that allow you to build off of the others active network.
      6. Use a series of self-promotional integrated marketing messages that create shameless promotion on your services and value.
      7. Use the 4 to 1 referral system and achieve multiple referrals from every one person you meet.

      "Just like the games when you were a child of follow the leader you must become the leader. You must build the connections, so that people follow you, believe in you and cannot move without you. When your community becomes your marketing department, you have a world you own and cannot achieve without your value."

      The Most Persuasion

      Persuasion is like a game of follow the leader and the strongest leader will usually have the most followers and followers means attention, traffic, opportunity, strength power and most importantly in this case; money.

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        Self Hypnosis CD: Where to Buy

        Self hypnosis CD s of quality are hard to come by.  If you are interested in getting to learn self hypnosis, then one of the most important supplies you are going to need to purchase is a self hypnosis CD. With a self hypnosis CD you are going to get soothing relaxing music which is very important when you are trying to relax to be hypnotized.

        The brain is instinctively soothed when you are listening to music and so finding a self hypnosis CD is going to be very important. Now you are just going to have to figure out where you can go to get a self hypnosis CD, and these are a few places that you can check out where you are going to be able to find a good selection of these CDs.

        HypnoShop Self hypnosis CD

        (link for self hypnosis cd from HypnoShop)

        If you want to spend as much money as possible, then this is a great place to get started, because then you are going to get a selection of these CDs which you are not even going to have to pay for, because you can download them and then get them on your computer and then if you like you can burn them onto CDs and use for your hypnosis sessions.

        They offer over two hundred different self hypnosis CDs that you can check out and which you are sure to be interested in. With all these different titles to choose from you know that you are going to be able to get what you need and get going with your hypnosis.

        Better Living With Hypnosis (Self Hypnosis CD)

        Another company that you can check out if you want to get a self hypnosis CD selection is Better Living With Hypnosis. Whether you want to use hypnosis to lose weight, quit smoking, or deal with any other bad habit that you may have, you are going to have the most success when you use one of their CDs because they are soothing and relaxing.

        Besides getting the right music for your hypnosis, there are also other things that you are going to want to make sure to do. Whether you are hypnotizing yourself or anyone else here, focusing on your breathing is going to be crucial here. You want to start breathing slower and counting in your head and once you have gotten yourself into a hypnotized state you are going to be able to start saying your affirmations to yourself.

        These affirmations are what are going to teach your brain to think a different way, and therefore deal with your habit or other problem.  If you're just getting started with hypnosis, then a self hypnosis CD is a good place to start.

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          Language of Persuasion and Covert Hypnosis

          Persuasion has a distinct language of its own.  There is a distinct language of persuasion and covert hypnosis that an individual must master in order to become really comfortable with any hypnosis technique. Today's article found on (persuasion) on how to close more clients using persuasion, discusses mirroring and other anchoring techniques that speak the language of persuasion and covert hypnosis with every single word.


          Persuasion in the Real World

          "In his book, Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion, Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D. discusses many factors that affect how persuasive you can be with others. Cialdini was also one of the authors of Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive, co-authored by Noah J Goldstein and Steve J. Martin."

          "Lawyers can use these persuasive techniques to help them increase the percentage of inquiries or initial consultations that turn into paid client engagements."

          "People like people who are like themselves; they hire people that they know, like and trust. In your initial consultation, you need to build up the like and trust factors in order to increase the chances that the potential client will want to work with you by the end of the consultation."

          "In an earlier post, Who Are You Marketing To, I talked about clients being a reflection of you:"

          "People do business with people they know, like and trust. Clients are attracted to people who, at least in some ways, resemble them. In order to trust someone, you must feel comfortable that the person you’re working with shares some of your values and goals. Identifying your individual values and what you stand for can help clarify the kinds of clients that you will work best with."

          "In other words, you can identify the kinds of clients you want to work with by understanding more about yourself. In the same way, expressing an understanding of who your clients or potential clients are and what their concerns are can help persuade clients to retain you. The authors of Yes! suggest that mirroring behavior plays upon the natural inclination to like those who are similar to you; reflecting the client’s words and body language can help you seal the deal."

          "I’ve talked about “speaking your clients’ language” before (most recently in the context of networking); instead of using legal jargon or words only lawyers use, use the words your clients use. Legalese and jargon create more distance between you and your audience."

          "If your goal is to demonstrate your expertise and show potential clients and referral sources that you understand their problems and can help them, you want them to feel like they know you and that you understand them and their problems."

          "Mirroring verbal language makes clients feel understood. It increases their positive feelings toward you and makes them more likely to decide to retain you to represent them. Matching the rate and volume at which you speak to your client and mirroring their body language can further reinforce those feelings of closeness and comfort, foster rapport and can also aid in your persuasiveness."

          "Don’t make sudden or drastic changes, but be cognizant of how the potential client speaks and their body language. Be careful not to mimic or copy the other person exactly or your efforts can backfire."

          "Mirroring may not work in situations where a client is anxious or overly excited – in that case, mirroring by repeating the client’s concerns back to them, making sure that they know they have been heard and understood, but consciously not mirroring their anxiety level or rate of speech may be more persuasive."

          "In those instances, you may be more persuasive by being more calm and reassuring, and you may even be able to get them to mirror you. When the potential client begins to mirror you, you’ll know you are well on your way to being in synch and signing a new client."

          Practice Persuasion All The Time

          There are so many ways to practice the art of mirroring and the more you practice of course, the sooner you will master it. Mirror with your family and friends. Try it out on people at work or when you go out. Practice it even for few seconds with a waitress or barber. You can practice the language of persuasion and covert hypnosis almost anywhere.


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