Learn How to Recognize Great Leadership

Leadership...  Where Do We Learn How to recognize great leadership in this crazy upside down world? That is a question we all need to answer nearly everyday in business and in life. We have to learn how to show great leadership and how to recognize great leadership qualities in others. Great leaders are needed all the time, here are some tips found on Changing Minds (Leadership) for how to show better leadership and how to select the best leaders for your team.

 Learn how to recognize great leadership

What is the difference between management and leadership? It is a question that has been asked more than once and also answered in different ways. The biggest difference between management and leadership is the way they motivate the people who work or follow them, and this sets the tone for most other aspects of what they do.

Many people, by the way, are both. They have management jobs, but they realize that you cannot buy hearts, especially to follow them down a difficult path, and so they must have leadership too.

Managers have subordinates

By definition, managers have subordinates - unless their title is honorary and given as a mark of seniority, in which case the title is a misnomer and their power over others is other than formal authority.

Authoritarian, transactional style

Managers have a position of authority vested in them by the company, and their subordinates work for them and largely do as they are told. Management style is transactional, in that the manager tells the subordinate what to do, and the subordinate does this not because they are a blind robot, but because they have been promised a reward (at minimum their salary) for doing so.

Work focus

Managers are paid to get things done (they are subordinates too), often within tight constraints of time and money. They thus naturally pass on this work focus to their subordinates.

Seek comfort

An interesting research finding about managers is that they tend to come from stable home backgrounds and led relatively normal and comfortable lives. This leads them to be relatively risk-averse and they will seek to avoid conflict where possible. In terms of people, they generally like to run a 'happy ship'.

Leaders have followers

Leaders do not have subordinates - at least not when they are leading. Many organizational leaders do have subordinates, but only because they are also managers. But when they want to lead, they have to give up formal authoritarian control, because to lead is to have followers, and following is always a voluntary activity.  People who show great leadership know this fact well.

Charismatic, transformational style

Telling people what to do does not inspire them to follow you. You have to appeal to them, showing how following them will lead to their hearts' desire. They must want to follow you enough to stop what they are doing and perhaps walk into danger and situations that they would not normally consider risking.

Leaders with a stronger charisma find it easier to attract people to their cause. As a part of their persuasion they typically promise transformationalbenefits, such that their followers will not just receive extrinsic rewards but will somehow become better people.

People focus

Although many leaders have a charismatic style to some extent, this does not require a loud personality. They are always good with people, and quietstyles that give credit to others (and takes blame on themselves) are very effective at creating the loyalty that great leaders engender.

Although leaders are good with people, this does not mean they are friendly with them. In order to keep the mystique of leadership, they often retain a degree of separation and aloofness.

This does not mean that leaders do not pay attention to tasks - in fact they are often very achievement-focused. What they do realize, however, is the importance of enthusing others to work towards their vision.

Seek risk

In the same study that showed managers as risk-averse, leaders appeared as risk-seeking, although they are not blind thrill-seekers. When pursuing their vision, they consider it natural to encounter problems and hurdles that must be overcome along the way. They are thus comfortable with risk and will see routes that others avoid as potential opportunities for advantage and will happily break rules in order to get things done.

A surprising number of these leaders had some form of handicap in their lives which they had to overcome. Some had traumatic childhoods, some had problems such as dyslexia, others were shorter than average. This perhaps taught them the independence of mind that is needed to go out on a limb and not worry about what others are thinking about you.

Learning To Recognize Leadership Is Important

I think it is very important to learn how to recognize great leadership in all aspects of life. To gain an understanding of teamwork and how to motivate others. Those qualities intermingled with business and personal growth will enhance every project and achievement. Persuasion will play a big role in your leadership success, no matter what your approach is.

Who do you admire for their leadership?


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    Persuasion in business?  Many people are interested in the role of covert persuasion in business. They want to know how to maximize their persuasion techniques and become more successful. The article we have for you today appeared in the Huffington Post and features the  strong, successful and determined, Arlene Dickinson.

    The Role of Covert Persuasion in Business

    By the time Arlene Dickinson was 30, she was divorced with four kids, had no savings and a high school diploma. Today, she's one of the country's most influential entrepreneurial leaders. Here's how the Dragons' Den co-star and CEO of Venture Communications used the art of persuasion to achieve success (and how you can, too).

    How has persuasion helped you?

    It's helped me significantly. You can't do anything on your own. At the end of the day, you do need support and need somebody to take a leap of fate with you. Sometimes, because you have a vision, it doesn't mean you're going to get anything done. For me, persuasion has helped me to get people to follow my vision, to believe in me and my efforts. It's been a critical part of my life.

    What tips do you have for women who want to get ahead in business?

    To try to not play the feminist role. I always say I'm not a woman in business, but I'm a person in business who happens to be a woman. Emotion is not a dirty word. Instead of making excuses or trying to quell the emotional capacity we have, we should be embracing it and utilizing it in a positive manner and not making excuses for who we are.

    Everybody shows emotion in some way and the truth of the matter is nobody will ever do anything for you in business unless they're emotionally connected to you -- and women do that better than anyone.

    What is your advice for the younger generation of women interested in business?

    They have to be confident and be able to illustrate why they deserve a place at the boardroom table. Women fought that fight 50 years ago to get into the workforce and for equality -- now we need to show up and bring value to the boardroom table.

    I think young women in particular need to realize their career will likely take a different path than men's will, they have to embrace that too. They might have kids, they might get married or move cities; those are things most women deal with and not men.

    Persuasion Resource

    Ms. Dickinson understands the role of persuasion in business and reveals her techniques for success in her book "Persuasion-A New Approach to Changing Minds"

    Read More About Persuasion...

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      Effective Marketing Using Simple Consistent Language

      Marketing Effectively

      The best way to to increase sales is to focus on effective marketing using simple consistent language on all communications. To help you and your employees learn more about this important technique we have a marketing article by Robert Deigh that appeared on Changing Minds. 


       Whether you have four or 40,000 employees, your team should be "on message." If your Web site says one thing about your organization, marketing materials say another and the sales team yet another, prospective customers will be confused. Confused prospects don't buy. Uniform and consistent messages are powerful. They give your team an indispensible guide with language to create effective proposals, marketing and PR materials, presentations, Web site text, and other public communication. Your message document need not be complex -- 2-3 pages is standard. It should include four parts:


      1. The ID graph: This is a single paragraph that describes your organization. It should answer the question "What Can You Do For Me?" It is often used at the bottom of press releases under "About XYZCo."
      2. The Elevator Speech: Keep it to two floors. You should state specifically how you can help your elevator-mate's organization succeed (that's what they really want to know when they ask "So what do you do?)
      3. Must Say Messages: The five or six most important messages everyone in your organization should know by heart and use in ALL communication. When you do a pitch meeting, for example, you should weave them into your presentation. And, the only reason to do a media interview is to get your messages out to your audiences via the reporter.
      4. Main Messages: These comprise a couple of pages of detail about your organization/services/products/issue that everyone on your team can cut and paste into proposals, presentations, brochures, articles, letters, Op-Eds, factsheets, marketing and sales materials.

      Robert Deigh is principal of RDC Communication/PR and the author of "How Come No One Knows About Us?" (WBusiness Books, available May 2008), the PR guide for organizations large and small that want to win big visibility. Deigh helps organizations increase their visibility and build their brands by creating strong and positive relationships with the press and other audiences.

      An Example of Effective Marketing

      I think a great example of this marketing technique is an auto dealership that sells a certain make of cars. The most effective marketing using simple consistent language from the first thing the consumer sees and hears about the cars and the dealership until they drive off the lot is what will sell the most cars. It also empowers sales people with the marketing and other tools they need to persuade the client to buy from them.  

      Effective marketing is simple and consistent.

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        Learning Hypnosis Online- Hypnotize Anyone Fast, Without Them Knowing It

        Hypnosis is easy!

        Learning Hypnosis Online is Easy If You Go About It in the Right Way. Of course there is a lot of snake oil out there,  and You do have to be careful. its always best if you can grab some samples and examples of the program you are considering investing in.

        Most Learn Hypnosis Online Gurus Are actually real gurus anyway. There are a small subset. A precious handful of GOOD Sources For Information On How to hypnotize Someone.

        Hypnosis Recommendations

        If you want to learn hypnosis online, it pays to do your research first.

        Personally I like: * besides the materials I put out.

        Kenrick Cleveland - Who In My Opinion is THE Number One Guy In the Field of Conversational Persuasion and Influence.

        For Great Information On The Latest Discoveries in Psychology, Body Language, Persuasion and Influence I like Kevin Hogan Is the Top source.

        Now Both are great resources but for different reasons.

        Kevin Hogan Writes Great Articles, Provides Amazing Documentation In The Research and Providing the source materials from which his articles are derived. but in terms of Applied Real World Technique That Just Blows People Away And Is Easy To Understand and Apply.

        Kenrick Cleveland is The SHIT! And I mean that in only the most glowing positive terms.

        Hypnosis You Can Start On Right Away

        For Hypnosis Beginners Who Really Want To Get Up And Running Fast With Simple Easy To Learn And Use, Methods that you can apply right away, Nothing Compares with David Van Arrick's STEALTH Hypnosis: Instant Conversational Crash Course.

        It's Inexpensive. Highly targeted. and well designed to get you up and hypnotizing people even the same day.

        It has as full spectrum of training on conversational hypnosis language patterns, Instant and Rapid Inductions, How To Hypnotically Approach and Attract Women, and Even a video course on how to find and remove limiting Beliefs and program yourself for super self confidence. Plus there are lots of downloadable transcripts audios and other bonus Materials David Van Arrick Gives you to help round Out your Experience of Learning Hypnosis Online.

        Some Amazing Facts About Secretly Hypnotizing Someone Without their knowledge...
        And why you shouldn't even think about learning how to hypnotize someone without their knowledge until you get STEALTH HYPNOSIS!

        1. Hypnotic States Are A Proven Scientific and Medical Phenomenon

        2. Human Beings Are Always In Some Level Of Trance Already.

        3. Hypnotizing Someone In Normal Conversation is EASY If You
        Have The Right Training and Know What To Do.

        If you can spare a few minutes of your time...

        I'll show you how to quickly and easily start generating attraction, authority and compliance in any human being and making them believe and do what you say...At Will.

        ...even if you've never had good luck generating attraction, authority and compliance in any human being and making them believe and do what you say before.
        Because that's how long it will take to make you a skilled hypnotist.

        And when you read it, you'll be BLOWN AWAY with how easy it is to create attraction, authority and compliance in any human being, making them believe and do what you say.

        Here's just some of what you'll discover...

        • The 7 hypnotic language patterns that turn anything you say into an  irresistibly compelling hypnotic induction.
        •  How to covertly direct a persons attention to any idea, topic, location or process you want... at will.
        • How to speak in the language of belief so that everything you  say makes perfect sense and causes  people to believe and act  upon what you say as if its 100% real and true..
        • Induce trance in as Little As Three words

        These breakthrough secrets are guaranteed to help you create Instant attraction, authority and compliance in any human being and making them believe and do what you say...
        and they don't take long to learn.

        I know that's a bold promise and it might sound a little "over the top" ...but it's true, and I can back up every word.

        Here Are Three Good Reasons To Believe Me When I Tell You That You Will hypnotize someone without their knowledge.

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        The bottom line is this:
        My hypnosis and other secrets are 100% guaranteed to work for you...just like they've worked for thousands of other hypnotists before you.

        If you've ever tried to secretly influence and persuade others to do what you want, without getting caught or doing something  unethical and had no luck, ...this system will work for you.

        If you've paid out so much money for other hypnosis courses that promise everything but that just don't work, ...this is for you.

        If you're thinking about learning how to hypnotize someone without their knowledge and you want to start out on the right foot,...this is for you.

        In my STEALTH Conversational Hypnosis Crash Course I will teach you time-tested and perfected methods for hypnotizing anyone without their knowledge.

        These methods are simple step-by-step techniques you will follow anytime you want to create attraction, authority and compliance in any human being and make them believe and do what you say.

        And it's totally backed up with this 100% guarantee:
        You Will Be Completely Satisfied With STEALTH HYPNOSIS Or Else I'll Give You 100% Of Your Money Back And Still Let You Keep This Entire System For FREE!

        You heard me correctly.

        These amazing secrets really work.  And I stand behind it 100%. If you aren't absolutely thrilled with STEALTH HYPNOSIS for any reason (or no reason at all) just let me know and I'll give you a full refund with no questions asked.

        But the STEALTH HYPNOSIS and the bonuses are still yours to keep free forever.

        There are no questions asked, no "wiggle clauses" and no funny business.

        Either you love it or you get a refund and keep it free.

        (Wouldn't it be great if everything came with this kind of Guarantee?)

        So, go here

        http://www.stealth-hypnosis.com and get your copy of STEALTH HYPNOSIS right now.

        You have absolutely no risk...and everything to gain!



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          Persuasion Bandwagon or Bandwagon Persuasion?

          Whenever it is necessary to get a crowd or group of people to join together for one purpose you may choose to use propaganda and "the bandwagon method of persuasion."   This is not a new concept of course, the phrase bandwagon has been around a long time for a reason, it refers to a situation where others join or act  in unison with a group for a specific purpose. This method of persuasion is described in this short article found on Changing Minds(Persuasion Bandwagon).

          Persuasion, Everybody's doing it...

          Make it appear that many people have joined the cause already, and that they are having lots of fun or getting significant advantage.

          Show that those who join early will get the better prizes, such as positions of authority or other advantages.

          Link your topic of persuasion to morality and values, showing that those who join sooner are more moral and pretty much better people all around.

          Make a loud noise. Use bright colors. Play a fanfare. Become impossible to miss. Be in-your-face until they join up.

          Bandwagon Persuasion is all around  us.

          A political party holds a rally with much flag-waving and razz-a-ma-tazz.

          A new religious group ensures all of its members attend services and become active participants in recruiting new members.


          The Bandwagon persuasion method uses social evidence to legitimize itself and become attractive. The idea behind the persuasion plays heavily on the need for belonging, making the group a desirable place to be. This type of persuasion may also use the scarcity principle, showing that it is better to join sooner or later.

          The term 'bandwagon' came from the Temperance movement, where an open wagon would literally have a band on it and drive around town picking up drunks who would symbolically 'get on the wagon' of alcohol-free (and religious) living.

          I think advertising uses this persuasion method very well. Just look at Apple. How many people really need all the beeps and whistles on the iPhone? Yet, consumers line up for hours just to say that they have it already,that they got it the opening day. I am mystified by this but it works everytime. Apple convinces people that they will sell out immediately and that the product will be impossible to find so that if they want to have the gadget of the moment they have to be there the first day. Clearly, propaganda and the "bandwagon method" of persuasion work like a charm. Genius.


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