Covert Hypnosis Techniques for Weight Loss

Covert Hypnosis Techniques for Weight Loss. Rarely do you ever find those two phrases in the same place at the same time. But I do get many questions about whether you can actually use covert hypnosis for weight loss.

Do Such Covert Hypnosis Techniques actually exist? And if so... Where can one learn them?

Well the truth is that for most people (including the average classically trained hypnotist) Covert Hypnosis Techniques for Weight Loss Do Not Exist.


Because most people don't know enough about hypnosis to understand the difference between a hypnosis technique and an "Hypnotic Operator" You see in order to do covert hypnosis you must understand hypnotic operators.

If you do understand hypnotic operators then covert hypnosis techniques for weight loss abound.

We cover those pretty explicitly and comprehensively in my course " Killer Influence Secrets of Covert Hypnosis Home Study course and if you like I will give you a link to where you can research covert hypnosis some more.

But for now.

Lets Talk About Covert Hypnosis, Hypnotic Operators, Weight Loss and You.

We Will Keep The Technical Stuff Short and Simple.

A Hypnosis or Covert Hypnosis Technique, whether it be for weight loss, stopping smoking, covert persuasion, attraction or anything else is a method or set of procedures that USES one or more hypnotic operators to achieve its effect.

Pretty simple right?

A "Hypnotic Operator" On The Other Hand is ANY phenomenon that has the power to bypass, or reorient the critical factor of the conscious mind and set up a state of "acceptable selective thinking," now remember, a state of acceptable selective thinking means that it creates a direction or state in a person that "predisposes them" to think or act in a certain way.

A Trance, (which is what all hypnotic methods are aimed at creating) is an ongoing state of absorption and narrowing of focus along the continuum of that "acceptable selective" thinking state we created.

So... In a very neat succinct little package you've learned the difference between a covert hypnosis/hypnosis technique, a hypnotic operator, the definition of covert hypnosis/hypnosis, and the definition of trance.

That of course begs the question most people would be asking right about now.

So What?

How is that going to help me lose 20 pounds before my sister's wedding so I can make that snobby B$%* Jealous with Envy!?!

Glad you asked.

Well first things first.

Overt Hypnosis Techniques Will Target Things Like... What's That?

What is an Overt Hypnosis Technique?  How does it differ from Covert Hypnosis Techniques?

Okay Good Question.

Contrary to covert hypnosis, an overt hypnosis technique is any technique that YOU Are Aware of and have consented to have used with you. Overt hypnosis techniques for weight loss usually target one or several areas.

  • Behaviors
  • Lifestyles
  • Defense Mechanisms
  • Secondary Gain Issues

Behaviors and Lifestyles Are Simply a Complex Way Of Saying "Habits." Generally speaking if you are less than 20 lbs overweight your problem is usually just bad eating habits and lifestyle issues. i.e. lack of exercise, improper nutrition, selecting for the wrong foods. etc. All of which are easily correctable when the proper hypnosis techniques are applied to a compliant and willing client.

In our programs we have a number of very powerful and direct hypnosis techniques that target this level of behavior. Providing the client is willing to accept and act upon the suggestions of the hypnotist Results Can Come Very Quickly and with Very Little Effort On The Part of the Client.

This method of weight loss is very pleasant and relaxing for the client while still yielding tremendous results.

Using covert hypnosis, clients no longer feel like they HAVE To do Something. They simply enjoy the process of indulging and taking pleasure in all the right ways that lead to quick, easy natural weight loss.


Defense Mechanisms:

The most important thing to remember about excess fat or body weight is that its NEVER really the problem. Extreme overweight (greater than 20 pounds is NOT usually about just bad habits or unhealthy lifestyle) The behavior is there for a far more "serious' and beneficial reason. Yes, I did say beneficial reason.  Those already trained in covert hypnosis are already aware of these things and we'll get more into that in a bit.

But for now.

Ironically most Obese people when confronted with this simple truth fall into one of two camps.

They either wholeheartedly deny it, or are very quick to agree. We send the deniers home. They aren't ready to change yet. Sound harsh? Not in the long term, we are actually doing them a favor.

The unwillingness of a hypnotist to turn away a client who, categorically through the process of examination and interview, is unwilling to accept and act upon the recommendations and interpretations of the "professional" they are paying to help them solve their problem is the single biggest reason why many classically trained hypnotists fail. Clients waste their money, the hypnotist wastes his time and nobody goes home happy.  This is not unique to convert hypnosis or overt hypnosis trained hypnotist, it is entirely up to them.

In our approach to hypnosis or covert hypnosis  we don't accept clients who are unwilling to follow our suggestions and assesments. But I digress...

Hypnosis techniques targeting defense mechanisms can be either overt or covert, usually a combination of covert hypnosis and overt hypnosis. In either case the techniques will target one of several areas. The area of pain for which the behavior is being generated. Or creating a an appropriate state of acceptance and compliance in the mind of the subject. both are necessary for the intervention to work.

An example of obesity or excessive body weight is often seen in women suffering from extreme overweight. The true core of the problem or "the initial sensitizing event" to use the hypnotic term for it. Is often unwanted sexual attention. Now there are many degrees of unwanted sexual attention, ranging from being sexually harassed, teased, or otherwise embarrased or threatened at an early age all the way up to molestation, sexual abuse, rape and more. I won't go into the sordid details the internal thought process that leads to overwieght being generated is simply this -

The unconscious mind realizes that being attractive leads to unpleasant and uncomfortable situations and so it looks for ways to keep those situations from ever happening again. It decides that the fastest and most effective way to stop that accident from ever happening again is to simply "become less attractive" the fastest way to become less attractive (especially in western cultures) is to pack on the pounds.

Of course there is a double bladed sword to this behavior, in that un-satisfied sexual urges and other primal drives will tend to be compensated for by over-eating as well. (Dr. A.T.W. Simeons "Pounds and Inches Manuscript) Therefore sexual frustration also leads to overeating behaviors.

This type of wait loss can be a gordian not to unravel but fortunately the well trained hypnotist has a large body of techniques for quickly getting to the root of the problem and addressing it.

Secondary Gain issues are actually Side benefits of having or being overweight that the subject might no longer have if the weight were to actually go away. For example, An athelete, say a football player who wants to lose weight in order to play better may unconsciously sabotage their weight loss because even though they would be healthier and faster on the field, the loss of body weight migh also make them weaker and many athletes fear losing strength.

Another secondary gain issue that comes up alot is security. People eat to feel secure when they are scared or nervous, eating reminds them of a time when they felt safe. Keep in mind these are just general examples and by no means all of the many forms of defense mechanisms and secondary gain issues that can cause weight gain or sabotage weight loss.

They are simply factors that the properly applied overt and covert hypnosis techniques can quickly and effectively address.

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