Easy Ways to Create an Instant Connection with Someone

Easy ways to create an instant connection with someone include eye contact, mirroring and listening to them. Without these three basics you will not have much success getting others to connect and agree with you. We found a bit more information on these techniques on Changing Minds, Simon Hazeldine(creating an instant connection shared his tips for master sales people who need to make instant connections.

Create an Instant Connection With Them

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Do you want to get people to say 'yes' to your presentations and proposals? Extensive psychological research demonstrates the importance of 'liking' in persuading people to say 'Yes'.

Master salespeople are adept at utilising powerful psychological strategies to make people like them. Here are three highly effective strategies you can use:

  1. Flash at people! Don't worry this is quite safe! Body language experts have noted that when people meet people who they know and like, they lift or 'flash' their eyebrows upwards for a fraction of a second when first making eye contact. As this movement occurs outside of people's conscious attention it is often referred to as 'the unconscious hello'. It sends a powerful message of liking and acceptance to the other person which they will usually reciprocate.
  2. When people like each other they unconsciously mirror each others body language. Psychologists call this "postural echoing". A very fast and very effective way to encourage people to like you is to mirror their body language. They won't notice what you are doing at a conscious level but the positive impact of mirroring occurs at a deep unconscious level.
  3. Be genuinely interested in the other person. It is human nature to be interested in what is important to us. When someone else is interested in what is important to us, we cannot help but like them! It is very rare for people to be truly listened to. When this happens people develop a deep bond with the person doing the listening. Say less and listen more, and people will like you for it.

Are You Able To Create an Instant Connection?

In many situations it is easy to do these three simple techniques to create an instant connection with someone quickly and without really saying anything specific. Your body language will say more than words every time. Give them a try the next time you need to persuade an individual or a group to follow your suggestions or buy your products.
Let us know how they work for you. Add your comments and questions below.


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    The Secret to Persuading Others to Support a Cause

    Persuading is something we do everyday, but do you do it well?  The secret to persuading others to support a cause is to make them believe they can really make a difference. The art of persuading is a technique used in all aspects of life and appealing to the passion others feel for helping others and being a part of something unique and special will bring the desired results. Lisa Earle McLeod on Changing Minds (Persuading), explains how to go about winning the hearts and minds of others to support your cause or buy your product.

    The Secret to Persuading Others to Support a Cause

    How do you get people excited and engaged? Traditional wisdom says that you have to show people what’s in it for them if you want them to join your team, support your cause, work long hours or buy your product. Traditional wisdom is wrong.

    The secret to getting people engaged isn’t about showing them why it’s good for them. It’s the exact opposite. It’s about providing people with a purpose that’s bigger than they are.

    Social science research is proving what we already know in our hearts to be true: People are willing to work harder for a cause they believe in than they are for individual rewards.

    That’s why soldiers face death rather than abandon their unit.

    It’s why parents sacrifice to send their kids to college.

    It’s why in 2001 employees at Southwest airlines, including the CEO, took pay cuts rather let anyone go. Southwest “cut pay rather than people” and kept their enthusiasm in tact. Their motto, “Not Just a Career, a Cause.” wasn’t a meaningless platitude. It was a living breathing thing beating inside the heart of every employee.

    We’ve long bought into the myth that people are only out for their own self-interest. That’s total bunk. People are desperate to be part of something that’s bigger than themselves.

    That’s why I spent $54 a pair buying my daughters and me canvass slip-on shoes from Toms. We watched the video on www.Toms.com. When I learned that for every pair purchased, Toms gives a pair of new shoes to a child in need, I couldn’t get my Amex out fast enough. I could have bought similar shoes for half that price at Wal-Mart, but I wanted to be part of the Toms “One for One™ Movement.”

    But you don’t need a video of your employees hand-placing new shoes on a little girl’s feet in Rwanda to motivate your team.

    If you want to win the hearts and minds of your customers, your colleagues, or even your family, you need to provide them with three things:

    1. People need to know what to do.
    2. They need to know how to do it.
    3. And they need to know why they’re doing it.

    What and how engage people’s minds. But it’s the why that captures their hearts.

    Here’s an example:

    One of our clients provides IT services to small businesses. That’s what they do. How they do it is via computer consulting services, products and support. But here’s the why – They’re committed to helping small businesses grow.

    “We sell IT services” is nice. But compare that to: “Small business is the backbone of America. Our job is to eliminate the IT hassles so small business owners can achieve their dreams.”

    Which one makes you want to get out of bed? The first statement is internally focused; the second statement provides a larger external purpose.

    A compelling “why” is how I survived as a working mother with a husband who traveled. When our kids were little and I was exhausted, I always reminded myself, “I’m raising the future President of the United States and her Secretary of State.” It sounds hokey, but it inspired me to do my best because I knew the world was counting on me.

    The reason people focus on their own self-interest is because we haven’t given them anything better to care about. Real leadership isn’t about appealing to self-interest. Real leadership is bringing people together around a purpose that’s bigger than they are.

    Persuading In Your Business

    When it comes to persuading within your business, try to establish the overall purpose or benefit of your service or product for  those in need then focus on the secret to persuading others to support a cause by presenting a call to action. Whether it's persuading your employees who put in 100% or customers who purchase your product or service, don't underestimate the power of giving of oneself to make someone else's life better.

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