Covert Hypnosis vs Conversational Hypnosis What the Masters Really Know

Covert Hypnosis and Conversational Hypnosis Are Not The Same.

True Covert Hypnosis is almost never detectable.  I recently took part in a very cool discussion on the many and varied aspects of covert hypnosis vs conversational hypnosis and what are some of the distinctions that an aspiring master of hypnosis must know in order to really become skilled in the art of hypnotic persuasion and influence.

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Below you'll see my answer to a very cool question regarding activating the reptilian brain for pre-programmed behaviors. I also discuss the levels and mind sets of entry level conversational hypnotists, advance understanding of conversational hypnosis technique and of course the contrast between covert hypnosis and conversational hypnosis as it is taught in STEALTH and of Course Killer Influence.


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" Hi Jason,

We work a lot with the reptilian brain in our Killer Influence Live Training. We just finished it back in March. Glad to hear you are enjoying STEALTH. Lots of good stuff in that one too. Focus on the Language Patterns segment first and then start thinking about how to use them to vividly describe things that would activate the reptile brain.

The key is to get the lizards attention while at the same time minimizing analytical behavior. anything that goes right to the primal drives of an individual will instantly cause their perceptual filters to begin shifting without them knowing it.

I realize this might be a little deep for a discussion forum but the key to working with much of the covert hypnosis stuff is that you have use it in exactly the opposite way than many people are used to doing.

This goes back to the mirror neuron/proprioceptive connections.

  • Most people try to tweak their language in order to produce a behavior in someone (the hardest way to do things)
  • More informed conversational hypnotists will attempt to use their language to activate a certain state with their language.
  • More advanced Covert Hypnotists will start by generating a state, transferring it to the other person(s) and then using language to cement in direction and/or the desired response.

    Usually if the state or series of states is triggered properly the languaging becomes unnecessary because the state triggers the behaviors automatically.

Our school of covert hypnosis uses a lot of state control and management work through mirror neurons and physiology first because it activates what Paul Ekman has dubbed "The emotional refractory period"

Its a neurological shift of a persons perceptual filters that automatically causes them to only pay attention to the elements of an interaction that "reproduces" or "reinforces" the current emotional state of the subject.

In other words, the subject will "pre-conciously sort for the details in what you say or in the environment that keep them in the state they are in.

When you affect someone through their proprioception and mirror neurons the majority of shifting happens pre-consciously.

Once again a pretty long dissertation but I hope you find it useful.

Keep the questions Coming.


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