Black Hypnosis: The Dark Side of NLP& Hypnosis

Hypnosis/NLP and the Dark Side...

hypnosis is a naturally occurring state...

for the most part hypnotic trances are just random phenomenon that every human
experiences multiple times daily.

For the most part these states of mind come and go without our notice
and at random and by default.

But there are certain agencies that understand exactly how to use these
natural hypnosis states to manipulate peoples minds. Making them believe things they
wouldn't normally believe.

Buy things they wouldn't normally by and of course not think about things they
should pay attention to.

Can you guess who these evil denizens of the black hypnosis underworld might

no its not the CIA, or the MAFIA, or some Columbian drug cartel.

Its the Media.. advertising, government and a few chosen masters of the hidden
and secret art... expertly use these hidden black hypnosis NLP mind control
skills to make you do what they want and think its all your own idea.  This is the hypnosis

you can barely even recognize because their hypnosis is all around you.

They achieve this effect through a mechanism known as "CFB" or Critical Factor ByPass".

Most advertising is "designed" to automatically bypass your thinking mind and install what the
companies want you to think right into your unconscious mind.

Even the news is designed to trick you into believing that the reporters are completely
truthful and unbiased... The media knows exactly what they are doing when it comes

to CFB and hypnosis.

Now a days you get as much "biased opinion" with your news as you do what appear to
be facts and data.

Its all rigged.

and the only true way to defend and protect yourself against their hypnosis is to understand and
be aware of what is being done to you and how.

Forewarned is forearmed


David X.

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