Master Persuasion with Hypnotic Writing

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Persuasive writing is more than just an english class on steroids. If you can master persuasion with hypnoitic writing you will have a powerful tool that serves you well for a long, long time. "An ace in the hole" as the saying goes. Take a close look at the following example of hypnotic writing and you'll quickly see how covertly it's used. 

Master Persausion with Hypnotic Writing

Headline is what will make or break your article. It's the first thing that people read and upon it they decide whether to read on or not. It should be riveting. It's a very good thing if it contains a benefit that this article will bring to your readers. The headline should scream out to your audience.

For example, the headline I used for this article does just that. Since I know that people reading this are interested in covert hypnosis, I used hypnosis for the basis. I used the »How To« approach as it has proven to be extremely effective. Another effective way is to start with a number, for example: “5 Steps To Writing An Irresistibly Hypnotic Article”. Odd numbers seem to work better than even numbers.

OK… I started with »How To Write A Hypnotic Article«. Then I added some »spices« to it. I added the word “Easily”, which is an extremely powerful word that plays on one of the fundamentals of human nature. And besides that, I further added the word “Irresistibly”, making it even more, well irresistible. Some authors write up to 30 headlines before they are fully satisfied. But using one of the two simple formulas here you should be able to do it fairly quickly.

Now that we have our headline, its time to go to work on the article itself. What is hypnotic writing anyway? Joe Vitale, best selling author and the father of hypnotic writing defines “hypnotic” as being anything that grabs and holds attention. This is a good definition to go by. Let’s see how to do just that…

Read the full article here on hypnotic mind training...

Practice this technique to vastly improve your written communications and really master persuasion with hypnotic writing. Let us know if you have a strong interest in more written hypnosis techniques. 

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    Priming happens all the time.  How are marketers priming you to part with your money?  In so many ways you'll never even suspect. Priming is so obvious that it seems normal but we are getting primed all the time for the experiences we have in stores, computers, mobile devices and print ads. It's a multi-billion dollar industry that leans heavily on priming consumers for reducing resistance and targeting certain products. Learn more from the articles on priming we have below. 

    How are Marketers Priming You to Part With Your Money?

    "Priming" Can Play Us Like Puppets

    Quick: When's the last time you bought flowers at a grocery store? Never? Yet when you walk through the door at most grocery chains, what's the first thing you see? Here's what's right inside the door at Whole Foods:


    ...These are grocery stores, people are there to buy food. Why would they lead off with a fringe product that 99 percent of the shoppers probably won't even look at? It has to do with the subtle science of mind control known as priming.

    Yes, it is entirely possible to manipulate people into certain behaviors without them knowing it. We're not talking about subliminal suggestion, the disproven gimmick that claimed it could make people buy products by inserting hidden messages in movies. No, the real technique is priming, and it's as sinister as a windowless white van at a playground.

    What? How?

    The idea behind the flowers is that, as we've touched on elsewhere, hitting you with a product that is highly perishable yet fresh will "prime" you into thinking of freshness, and that you will carry that "freshness" mindset with you all the way back to the discount meat case. It sounds like bullshit -- humans don't connect completely unrelated ideas like that, right? Yet it's confirmed pretty much every time they test it.

    Sometimes "priming" is as simple as finding that people will keep a room cleaner if it smells like disinfectant -- that subtle reminder is enough to make people think, "This is a clean room, I should keep it clean." But when you see how far they can take this, it gets weird.


    More info on Mind control studies...

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    Priming the Unconscious

    The idea of subliminal influence has a mixed reputation among scientists because of a history of advertising hype and apparent fraud. In 1957, an ad man named James Vicary claimed to have increased sales of Coca-Cola and popcorn at a movie theater in Fort Lee, N.J., by secretly flashing the words “Eat popcorn” and “Drink Coke” during the film, too quickly to be consciously noticed. But advertisers and regulators doubted his story from the beginning, and in a 1962 interview, Mr. Vicary acknowledged that he had trumped up the findings to gain attention for his business.

    Later studies of products promising subliminal improvement, for things like memory and self-esteem, found no effect.

    Some scientists also caution against overstating the implications of the latest research on priming unconscious goals. The new research “doesn’t prove that consciousness never does anything,” wrote Roy Baumeister, a professor of psychology at Florida State University, in an e-mail message. “It’s rather like showing you can hot-wire a car to start the ignition without keys. That’s important and potentially useful information, but it doesn’t prove that keys don’t exist or that keys are useless.”

    Yet he and most in the field now agree that the evidence for psychological hot-wiring has become overwhelming. In one 2004 experiment, psychologists led by Aaron Kay, then at Stanford University and now at the University of Waterloo, had students take part in a one-on-one investment game with another, unseen player.

    Half the students played while sitting at a large table, at the other end of which was a briefcase and a black leather portfolio. These students were far stingier with their money than the others, who played in an identical room, but with a backpack on the table instead.

    The mere presence of the briefcase, noticed but not consciously registered, generated business-related associations and expectations, the authors argue, leading the brain to run the most appropriate goal program: compete. The students had no sense of whether they had acted selfishly or generously.

    I think these priming results are very interesting  How many of you can think of many sights, smells and sounds that could be used for priming an ordinary consumer? How are marketers priming you to part with your money? What are your triggers?  How will you protect yourself from priming now that you know about it?  How many times can you recognize now from your past where priming has taken place?  If you ran into this priming again, would it still affect you the same way now?



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      The video featured above is a powerful example of the power words have to create the frame, or in many case to modify the frame or meaning around a particular event or situation. This video is dramatization of a principle thats been around for a long time but one we can learn from very deeply.

      Think always about the feelings that will most naturally lead people to automatically choose to do what you want and more often than not you don't have to work very hard to make them do something. In the world of human minds, feelings win more often than logic, reason or rationalization.

      Awsome Video.

      Think about that when using the steatlh language patterns and you are on your way to an unstoppable life.

      Trance the World and Take Names.

      Your Loyal Friend and Hypnosis Mentor

      David Van Arrick

      aka "The Master"

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