Hypnosis and Suicide are Linked in Florida Principal Case

Hypnosis and suicide are linked in Florida Principal case although felony charges have been avoided. Here is a case in Florida that shows a perfect example of why hypnosis should be used very carefully.



The charges against Mr. Kenney are; unlawful practice of hypnosis. More serious charges could be filed if he has been involved in treatment of some kind with hypnosis.

However, even with the lesser charges, it does seem a little odd that two students he used hypnosis on have committed suicide and I am concerned about that. The Boston Globe reported on this breaking news (hypnosis/suicide).

Hypnosis and Suicide?

NORTH PORT, Florida—A Florida high school principal accused of using of hypnosis on students entered a written plea of not guilty to two misdemeanor charges on Thursday.

George Kenney, 52, was charged earlier this week with two counts of unlawful practice of hypnosis.






Officials say George Kenney hypnotized two North Port High students before the two, independently of one another, committed suicide last year. Officials say Kenney had been warned by his boss to stop using such one-on-one hypnosis with students.






But Kenney's attorney, Mark Zimmerman, said that the principal's supervisor only expressed concern and never gave him a written directive to stop the hypnosis. Kenney, who currently is on administrative duty not at the school, plans to retire from the school district at the end of the school year, Zimmerman said.






Kenney is not guilty because the law requires proof that the hypnosis was for therapeutic purposes and that wasn't the reason for the hypnosis, Zimmerman said.






"The purpose always was to either boost athletic performance or academic performance," Zimmerman said. "My interpretation of therapeutic is that implies a form of treatment. He wasn't treating anybody."






Prosecutors decided not to file felony charges of unlicensed practice of health care. The misdemeanor charges of unlicensed practice of hypnosis carry a maximum of up to a year in jail.

Hypnosis Should Be Used Carefully

It is true that hypnosis can be used for improving concentration and boosting performance in class or in sports. However, I feel it isn't right to use any kind of hypnosis on a student unless the parents sign a waiver of some kind. It just doesn't make sense to me and I hope to be able to find out how hypnosis and suicide are linked in Florida Principal case. 


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    How has persuasion helped you?

    "It's helped me significantly. You can't do anything on your own. At the end of the day, you do need support and need somebody to take a leap of fate with you. Sometimes, because you have a vision, it doesn't mean you're going to get anything done. For me, persuasion has helped me to get people to follow my vision, to believe in me and my efforts. It's been a critical part of my life."

    What tips do you have for women who want to get ahead in business?

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    "Everybody shows emotion in some way and the truth of the matter is nobody will ever do anything for you in business unless they're emotionally connected to you -- and women do that better than anyone."

    What is your advice for the younger generation of women interested in business?

    "They have to be confident and be able to illustrate why they deserve a place at the boardroom table. Women fought that fight 50 years ago to get into the workforce and for equality -- now we need to show up and bring value to the boardroom table.

    I think young women in particular need to realize their career will likely take a different path than men's will, they have to embrace that too. They might have kids, they might get married or move cities; those are things most women deal with and not men."

    Covert Hypnosis To Even The Playing Field

    The business world is the place women need every advantage they can get. Even with the changes in recent decades for women in business there is still a basic inequality that remains a problem women need to overcome. Covert hypnosis becomes a powerful tool to for successful women to use at meetings and gatherings when you need to make a lasting impression or convey extreme confidence in your proposal or presentation.

    Learn more about how to covert hypnosis can benefit you. Add your comments or questions below

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      Conversational Hypnosis Tips!

      "Think about the situations in which you already naturally apply these secrets, and imagine all the other places in which you could make the most of them to be more persuasive, and more hypnotic.

      Pay attention – because these are really good (if I may say so myself…)"

      Make It Easy to Connect With.

      "Practical ideas that people can visualize or imagine are 1000 times more powerful than abstract concepts. Relate your suggestions to things that people can easily relate to. Join them in their world, and allow their mind to join the dots, and connect powerfully and emotionally to what you describe.

      Think of what kind of life the person you are communicating with lives, and come up with comfortable and frequent ideas that they can easily place within their own experience. We’ll discuss an example on the next tip:"

      Make It Powerful

      "Depending on what it is you are trying to accomplish, you may benefit more from either everyday images and ideas that people can easily relate too, or powerful and unusual images and reference experiences which stand out and command attention.

      For example, if you are using standard hypnosis to help someone relax, an everyday example would be “it’s like you’re just about to fall asleep, and you’re feeling peaceful.”That can be very effective, because people can easily connect to it.

      A more outstanding (so to speak) example would be to paint a vivid story of, say, someone arriving on a pacific island, settling into a hammock with a cocktail, and watching the tropical sun set over the beach. This may be harder to relate to, but being more unusual, can be a lot more compelling."

      Go There First!

      "This one I cannot emphasize enough! In fact, not doing this is probably the single biggest reason why some people communicate ineffectively, and the hypnosis they try does not work.

      Your emotional state effects nearly all levels of your communication, from your body language to your tonality and even your choice of words. This has an extremely powerful impact on the effects of what you say, and how other people interpret it.

      If you want someone to feel relaxed, feel relaxed yourself! Simple, yet crucial."

      Pause, Observe, Adapt.

      "All people are different, and all people respond to different things. Whether you are trying out an instant induction, a hypnotic language pattern or simply a persuasive story, keep an eye out for signs and responses. If it doesn’t seem to be working – excellent! You’ve just gained valuable information, so don’t panic, just switch tact! With enough persistence, provided you remain congruent and confident, you’ll find a suitable approach for nearly everyone."

      Have a Powerful, Positive Intention

      "This one should go without saying, but I’m going to say it anyone. Whether you are doing overt hypnosis or simply interacting in an everyday situation, your intention should be primarily focused on the well being of the person you are communicating with."

      "This will not only alter your body language, but it will help you to relax, and maintain a healthy perspective. Plus, ethical use of these techniques is a huge plus, not just for whoever you are working with, but also for yourself, and the hypnosis / NLP / influence world generally."

      Conversational Hypnosis and Intention

      I'd like to say a few words about intention and conversational hypnosis. Positive intention is really important when you are using these techniques, if you decide to cross an ethical, moral line you may initially get what you want but you are damaging your own integrity. If you are suspected of using these conversational hypnosis methods for anything other than positive purposes you will never be trusted again. That is not the way to use these conversational hypnosis tips to take you to the next level. 

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        Covert Hypnosis

        "Covert Hypnosis also known as conversational hypnosis is the process in which one gains control over the others mind without their knowledge just by making conversations by the listener’s subconscious mind. The ultimate aim here is to change the opinion of the person in question by manipulating their thoughts and making them do things your way."

        "In this process the hypnotizer changes the thought pattern of the people, their behavior, emotions and perception of life on a subconscious level. Unlike with conventional hypnotherapy sessions covert hypnosis does not involve closing of the eyes or any kind of moving pendulum or strange hand gestures."



        Suggestive Commands

        "The commands or suggestions given by the person hypnotizing to the person being hypnotized are more of a metaphor and presented in an indirect fashion, although in certain cases they are also given directly. Stories are one of the tools of covert hypnosis which can be effectively used to convey your actual message across and help remember it with much more probability."

        "The initial step in covert hypnosis though is to build a rapport with the listener. It is easy to do it with friends and family but also not that difficult to do it with strangers. All you have to do is use some compliment on them or laugh at their jokes to build a comfort level with your unknown listener. It is not necessary that you go too deep into building a connection with your listener."

        Building Rapport

        "The next step after building a rapport with the person to be hypnotized you have to try and switch off the listener’s critical mind. It is nothing but diverting the listener’s mind from its normal thinking state to an imaginary thinking state. You can always start by using some scenarios and asking them questions like “What if…” or “Imagine this…” This immediately shuts off their critical mind and lets their imagination dominate their thought process."

        "After successfully taking the listener off his/her critical mindset you may now make your irresistible commands and describe the things you want him/her to do. The effectiveness of this method depends on a lot of things that you put in to it. It depends on the way you transform their mind from critical thinking to imagination and the kind of statements you make to convince them well enough to perform the task you give them."

        Covert Hypnosis Is Easy

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          Is This Conversational Hypnosis?

          "Seduction can be defined in one of three ways. Seduction can be used to lead someone astray from their principles, much like Darth Vader attempted to do to young Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. I'm not too big on revealing secrets on how to win converts to the dark side...."

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          "No, the seduction I refer to in The Art of Hypnotic Seduction is the inducement and enticement to win over someone to your side...or to your point of view. But what about the "hypnotic" part?"

          "Hypnosis can be defined as a "narrowing focus of attention" or "resonating with the anti-suggestive barrier of the mind." In the first case, a narrowing focus of attention, I think of walking through the airport today and seeing Carmen (Electra) on the cover of Stuff magazine."

          "I walked into Simply Books to find the August issue of Cosmo (they interviewed me for this months issue) but my mind totally spaced the world out as my mind was captured by Carmen on the cover of Stuff. (Carmen stars on a TV show called Living Large...something I've never seen or heard of but I will check it out...) I was literally hypnotized by the cover of Stuff magazine. Who was on Time? Newsweek? Good Housekeeping? Sports Illustrated? Business Week? Yahoo? Money? ...I have no clue."

          "No one who walked into Simply Books did. It was just you and Carmen right there at the check out counter. I walked over to Carmen and picked her up. There was a little "tag" above her shoulder on the right side of the magazine that said, "Unfold for More". So, I did, opening the magazine to see a Carmen with even fewer square inches of garment on than the cover boasted. In the upper right hand corner it said, "Stop staring and buy the magazine." 

          "It was absolutely brilliant. I almost took it to the checkout counter when I remembered that I subscribed and I thought it would be nice to have it in the mailbox today. That's the hypnotic power of magazine cover...not a real, living, breathing...person... That's hypnosis."

          "Hypnosis is all about narrowing another person or group of people's attention to where what you are saying is the only thing they are paying attention to and then when you give the suggestion to "stop staring and buy the magazine," they do so."

          Breaking Through the Barrier

          "Hypnosis is also about resonating with the antisuggestive barrier of the mind. Each person has a metaphorical "mechanism in the mind" that "protects" the mind from all that might be bad for them. My antisuggestive barrier instantly filters out telemarketers, stock brokers, television preachers, anyone who knocks on my front door, and hundreds of other stimuli."

          "In other words, there is a "wall" in my mind that is very tall...a "BS detector" that goes off like a fog horn when I see, feel or hear anything that my BS detector has coded as EVIL. (The BS detector of course is often wrong...it's just a detector like the ones at the airport. It's a warning device that there MIGHT be something wrong here...but certainly not always."

          "If you can make it past my BS detector without setting it off, you will have my full attention and it will not likely be diverted anywhere else.) That's hypnosis, too. When the BS detector says, "I like this guy," I might just filter out the rest of the world and you will have my complete and undivided attention."

          Conversational Hypnosis Breaks Through Mental Barriers!

          There is no doubt that conversational hypnosis works by breaking through mental barriers. We all use our brain to automatically filter out what we don't care about or are not interested in. When conversational hypnosis is used correctly it bypasses that filter and gets the person to focus on whatever you want them to.

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