Covert Persuasion Techniques for Building Self Confidence

Covert persuasion techniques for building self confidence have been around a very long time. Would you like to be one of those people that can get what they want simply because they are confident? The more you are able to successfully persuade others to do what you wish the more confidence you will have. Take a look at this covert persuasion article by Michael Lee from Persuasion-sales and you will better understand the way to use covert persuasion techniques for building self-confidence. 

Covert Persuasion Techniques

"Persuasion techniques and confidence go hand in hand. If your confidence is low, you won’t be able to persuade people. To boost your self-esteem, ask yourself, “What compliment did I receive from people before, that made me more confident?”

"Seek within yourself your strong qualities, and develop them. What good things do people say about you? Model someone who has successfully persuaded you in the past, and improve on their strategy."

"Go down to memory lane and remember the times you have successfully persuaded, convinced, influenced or motivated someone. Here are some things to consider:"

1) "What did you do to convince your crush to be your girlfriend (or boyfriend)?

2) What did you do to persuade your boss to agree to your request?

3) What did you do to motivate someone to perform better?

4) How did you negotiate with your parents to get a larger allowance?"

"You may not be aware of it, but there are countless times that you have successfully persuaded people. You may just not be aware that you’re using persuasion techniques in those cases."

"Write down those instances and think of how you may apply them in your current situation or future use. Find ways in which you can apply persuasion in your everyday life. Here are 4 ways to become a highly confident persuader::

Persuasion Technique # 1: Be unwavering and resolute in your purpose.

"You’ve got to stand by your objective and never let other people forcefully persuade you into agreeing with them. However, this doesn’t mean you remain stiff and inflexible if new data or proof has been presented.

Even if you still don’t like their idea, at least appear to consider their opinion in your decision. This shows respect and humility. Say something like, “You got a good point there. I’ll certainly take that into consideration.”

Persuasion Technique # 2: You also have to be passionate with your words and body language.

When you show enthusiasm, people are more likely to be influenced because you make it seem like you’re so sure about your idea..."

Persuasion Technique # 3: Never be discouraged.

"Prepare your message well and stay focused on your target. When you’re requesting something and they stay silent, don’t just go away unsatisfied. When they want you to do something and they stay quiet after you’ve told them you can’t do it, make a stand! Stick by your decision."

"Explain to them the valid reasons why you want or don’t want to do something. If they stayed silent to make you feel uncomfortable, don’t just agree with what they want. Keep your cool. Talk to them again and tell them that your decision is final."

"If they frown, fold their arms, take a deep breath, or shake their heads, apply the same procedure. Be confident while communicating and stay unaffected by their distracting moves or actions."

"What if they told you that they remembered the discussion to be different? Isn’t it frustrating to have agreed on something and they suddenly said that they heard it in a different perspective?"

"You can kindly ask them to prove it. You can ask when, how, or where it was said. If they cannot maintain constancy of data and accuracy in their statements, then you’ve got a winning case."

Covert Persuasion Is More Than Words

The fourth technique suggested in the article reminded me of an athlete who has to project confidence even when no one is looking because body language says so much about a person. So things like which seat you end up in during an important meeting or your first handshake with someone can be a form of covert persuasion techniques for building confidence and will leave lasting impressions.

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    Covert Hypnosis Becomes a Tool For Successful Women

    Covert Hypnosis Is Powerful

    Covert hypnosis becomes a tool for successful women in the right hands like the author of a new book called Persuasion, Arlene Dickinson wants women to know that they are in control of their lives and they can also be more in control of the people around them. The first part of the interview with Arlene appearing in the Huff Post (covert hypnosis/persuasion) out of Canada explores how and why Arlene became an entrepreneur and then she goes on to discuss how the art of persuasion has helped her in her life to get what she wants and needs. Arlene is an example of how covert hypnosis becomes a tool for successful women

    "By the time Arlene Dickinson was 30, she was divorced with four kids, had no savings and a high school diploma. Today, she's one of the country's most influential entrepreneurial leaders. Here's how the Dragons' Den co-star and CEO of Venture Communications used the art of persuasion to achieve success (and how you can, too)."

    How has persuasion helped you?

    "It's helped me significantly. You can't do anything on your own. At the end of the day, you do need support and need somebody to take a leap of fate with you. Sometimes, because you have a vision, it doesn't mean you're going to get anything done. For me, persuasion has helped me to get people to follow my vision, to believe in me and my efforts. It's been a critical part of my life."

    What tips do you have for women who want to get ahead in business?

    "To try to not play the feminist role. I always say I'm not a woman in business, but I'm a person in business who happens to be a woman. Emotion is not a dirty word. Instead of making excuses or trying to quell the emotional capacity we have, we should be embracing it and utilizing it in a positive manner and not making excuses for who we are."

    "Everybody shows emotion in some way and the truth of the matter is nobody will ever do anything for you in business unless they're emotionally connected to you -- and women do that better than anyone."

    What is your advice for the younger generation of women interested in business?

    "They have to be confident and be able to illustrate why they deserve a place at the boardroom table. Women fought that fight 50 years ago to get into the workforce and for equality -- now we need to show up and bring value to the boardroom table.

    I think young women in particular need to realize their career will likely take a different path than men's will, they have to embrace that too. They might have kids, they might get married or move cities; those are things most women deal with and not men."

    Covert Hypnosis To Even The Playing Field

    The business world is the place women need every advantage they can get. Even with the changes in recent decades for women in business there is still a basic inequality that remains a problem women need to overcome. Covert hypnosis becomes a powerful tool to for successful women to use at meetings and gatherings when you need to make a lasting impression or convey extreme confidence in your proposal or presentation.

    Learn more about how to covert hypnosis can benefit you. Add your comments or questions below

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      Conversational Hypnosis Tips To Take You to The Next Level

      Today I want to share with you some conversational hypnosis tips to take you to the next level of expertise. These five special tips really get to the core of conversational hypnosis and I found them on a site called keys to the (conversational hypnosis).  Nathan Thomas writes that each of these tips has the potential to increase your effectiveness as a hypnotist and can automatically make you more persuasive than you can imagine. Combine these conversational hypnosis tips to take you to the next level with your own personal knowledge of communication and you will be very successful.

      Conversational Hypnosis Tips!

      "Think about the situations in which you already naturally apply these secrets, and imagine all the other places in which you could make the most of them to be more persuasive, and more hypnotic.

      Pay attention – because these are really good (if I may say so myself…)"

      Make It Easy to Connect With.

      "Practical ideas that people can visualize or imagine are 1000 times more powerful than abstract concepts. Relate your suggestions to things that people can easily relate to. Join them in their world, and allow their mind to join the dots, and connect powerfully and emotionally to what you describe.

      Think of what kind of life the person you are communicating with lives, and come up with comfortable and frequent ideas that they can easily place within their own experience. We’ll discuss an example on the next tip:"

      Make It Powerful

      "Depending on what it is you are trying to accomplish, you may benefit more from either everyday images and ideas that people can easily relate too, or powerful and unusual images and reference experiences which stand out and command attention.

      For example, if you are using standard hypnosis to help someone relax, an everyday example would be “it’s like you’re just about to fall asleep, and you’re feeling peaceful.”That can be very effective, because people can easily connect to it.

      A more outstanding (so to speak) example would be to paint a vivid story of, say, someone arriving on a pacific island, settling into a hammock with a cocktail, and watching the tropical sun set over the beach. This may be harder to relate to, but being more unusual, can be a lot more compelling."

      Go There First!

      "This one I cannot emphasize enough! In fact, not doing this is probably the single biggest reason why some people communicate ineffectively, and the hypnosis they try does not work.

      Your emotional state effects nearly all levels of your communication, from your body language to your tonality and even your choice of words. This has an extremely powerful impact on the effects of what you say, and how other people interpret it.

      If you want someone to feel relaxed, feel relaxed yourself! Simple, yet crucial."

      Pause, Observe, Adapt.

      "All people are different, and all people respond to different things. Whether you are trying out an instant induction, a hypnotic language pattern or simply a persuasive story, keep an eye out for signs and responses. If it doesn’t seem to be working – excellent! You’ve just gained valuable information, so don’t panic, just switch tact! With enough persistence, provided you remain congruent and confident, you’ll find a suitable approach for nearly everyone."

      Have a Powerful, Positive Intention

      "This one should go without saying, but I’m going to say it anyone. Whether you are doing overt hypnosis or simply interacting in an everyday situation, your intention should be primarily focused on the well being of the person you are communicating with."

      "This will not only alter your body language, but it will help you to relax, and maintain a healthy perspective. Plus, ethical use of these techniques is a huge plus, not just for whoever you are working with, but also for yourself, and the hypnosis / NLP / influence world generally."

      Conversational Hypnosis and Intention

      I'd like to say a few words about intention and conversational hypnosis. Positive intention is really important when you are using these techniques, if you decide to cross an ethical, moral line you may initially get what you want but you are damaging your own integrity. If you are suspected of using these conversational hypnosis methods for anything other than positive purposes you will never be trusted again. That is not the way to use these conversational hypnosis tips to take you to the next level. 

      Let us know what you think of this article on conversational hypnosis and don't forget to share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter

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        Covert Hypnosis and Anchoring

        Covert Hypnosis Is Simple

        I liked this video because the technique is simple to learn and you can start using it right away. Covert hypnosis uses anchoring to achieve results in your personal and business life. Learn the technique and start getting what you want.

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          Conversational Hypnosis Is Not a Secret and President Obama Knows It

          conversational hypnosis

          Conversational Hypnosis is not a secret and President Obama knows it. While I don't want to get into any political issues as the author of this article did on the the SixthStreetGallery (conversational hypnosis), I too believe that President Obama and many others are using some conversational hypnosis or NLP to get their message anchored into the minds of the people. Is he a bad guy for using conversational hypnosis and other hypnotic techniques? Time will tell. He's working hard to be a great politician and he is able to lead the masses with his public speaking abilities and conversational hypnosis skills, that's part of his job. Conversational hypnosis is no longer a secret and Obama knows it and is using it right under your nose.

          Conversational Hypnosis, Undetectable?

          "It truly is nearly undetectable for the untrained ear and has been used widely within therapy to help people eliminate challenging behaviors and self damaging emotional disorders. Conversational hypnosis has, in recent times, become easily available to the general public because of available access to courses on-line. As with any other proficiency, the appearance of widespread public use, and the emergence of a worldwide online network, has witnessed conversational hypnosis improve and become much more established. These days it is the most powerful method for persuasion ever seen."

          "Barack Obama is obviously very familiar with these processes and regularly employs them as part of his addresses."

          "As an example he frequently utilizes very systematic ‘pacing and leading’ within his speeches. Firstly Barack Obama is really good at using his body gestures to mirror the climate of the crowd. where the crowd can be enthusiastic and motivated, his expressions and choice of words is exciting and untamed. In the event the crowd happens to be sombre and introspective, he can be a lot more subdued and contained."

          "This way he swiftly secures a rapport with his audience who sense that he empathizes and shares his concerns with them. After this fundamental subconscious link is made he’ll then begin to guide the crowd by using body language and cadence. It’s really a timeless conversational hypnosis technique."

          "In truth, once you have even a rudimentary understanding of conversational hypnosis, his usage of mass hypnosis strategies is often very clear. He uses such strategies as intense imagery and patterns relying on isomorphic metaphors which usually express one supposed meaning as a result of talking about something seemingly unrelated. This is often meticulously delivered to make certain that he captures the concentration and conscious focus of his target audience. This method of captivation leads to the reduced psychological defenses of the listeners."

          "Barack Obama can then use embedded instructions to suggest his political concepts within the subconscious mind of the audience. As an illustration, he quite often returns to key anchoring terms for example “now is the moment…”. Obama will then deliver a command statements such as “ must act ” that he links to the preceding ‘undeniable’ statement thus giving his subjective statement greater validity. He also uses verbal tone, pitch, facial expression together with gesture in clearly hypnotic loops in order to improve his allure to his target audience."

          Watch Out For Others Using Conversational Hypnosis On You!

          One thing we must all remember is that if you understand the conversational hypnosis techniques you can "catch" anyone who is also using them on you. We have a responsibility to understand the conversational hypnosis and other techniques politicians use to motivate and gain power.

          "The Birthers suggest that Obama is employing some sort of deceptive mind control. There is nothing hidden regarding what he is doing. Any individual having the least interest may easily learn the identical approaches. There is absolutely no hidden-secret in any way."

          I don't believe in dragging people down, I find most people are sensible enough to understand that we do not all think alike. I also believe that if you give people a chance they will eventually drag themselves down. Do you think conversational hypnosis is no longer a secret and Obama knows it?

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