How to Handle Skeptic Hypnosis Clients

Igor Ledochowski is a highly trained and respected hypnotherapist who discusses in this video, how to handle skeptic hypnosis clients. It isn't about convincing the skeptic that you CAN hypnotize them, that doesn't really work. 

How To Handle Skeptic Hypnosis Clients

How do you handle skeptic hypnosis clients without begging them to have an open mind?

Benefits of Using Hypnosis During Fertility Treatments

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Couples who are experiencing high levels of anxiety due to involvement in fertility treatments may want to explore the benefits of hypnosis for coping and reducing stress. I've found a short article on Psychology Today that brings some insight on the subject that I think some people may find helpful. 

Benefits of Using Hypnosis During Fertility Treatments

Below are a dozen reasons for you to investigate this approach:

1. Hypnosis at the time of embryo transfer yielded pregnancy rates that were double those of the controls. (Eliahu Levitas, et al., “Impact of Hypnosis during Embryo Transfer on the Outcome of In Vitro Fertilization—Embryo Transfer: A Case-control Study,” Fertility & Sterility, 85 – 5 (2006): 1404 – 1408.





2. Hypnosis can be an ultimate mind/body awareness activity and can reaffirm your femininity.

3. Hypnosis or self-hypnosis allows you to feel back in control because of your active participation.

4. Post-hypnotic suggestions can enhance receptivity.

5. Hypnosis can take you under the turbulence to an “infertility-free zone.”

6. Hypnosis can support medical treatment, holistic care and even natural conception.

7. Hypnosis is relaxing.

8. Hypnosis can calm fears.

9. Hypnosis can heal heart ache.

10. Hypnosis can become a safe haven which is renewing and revitalizing.

11. Hypnosis can help you remember who you really are.

12. A hypnotic trance can convert stumbling blocks into building blocks for navigating the emotional rubble created during the journey.

To see the full article click here...

All of the above reasons for trying hypnosis during fertility treatments also apply to many other kinds of stressful situations. To learn more see our home page on Covert Hypnosis




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    Hypnotherapists Are Health Care Professionals

    Hypnotherapists are health care professionals, trained to treat patients who want to modify behavior and improve their lives. Hypnosis is often combined with some other kind of therapy to bring about a change in the way a person thinks and behaves. I recently found this article on Hypnosis Motivation Institute that I think explains quite clearly what a hypnotherapist does. 

    Hypnotherapiststs Are Health Care Professionals

    What is a Hypnotherapist? This is a common question from individuals encountering the profession for the first time. While the media has increasingly presented the virtues of hypnosis for a wide variety of applications, rarely do they make the distinction between a Hypnotherapist and other health care professionals.

    Many people assume that a Hypnotherapist must be a Psychologist or Medical Doctor. Hypnotherapist however, is a profession in and of itself whose scope and preparation is quite different from these other professions.

    Only the Medical Doctor is recognized by the State to diagnose and treat medical disorders. Medical disorders can be defined as any symptom with a possible medical etiology; such as headaches, backaches, blurred vision, etc.

    The Psychologist is the professional trained to diagnose and treat emotional and mental disorders, If medical disorders are the domain of the Medical Doctor and emotional and mental disorders the scope of the psychologist, what then is the domain of the Hypnotherapist?

    The answer is technically called vocational and avocational self improvement. In simple language, these are things that do not qualify as a medical disorder or an emotional and mental disorder. In the scope of the health services, these are the little things. But it is the little things that the majority of Americans are struggling with.

    In this country, two thirds of the adult population are overweight, one third smoke cigarettes and 70 percent suffer from some form of insomnia. It is probably even safe to say that 95 percent of the people you know would like to improve in some area or another. Sports performance, confidence, motivation and more are all the specialty of the Hypnotherapist.

    Unlike Psychologists and Medical Doctors, the Hypnotherapist is the only professional specifically trained to work in these areas. In fact, the HMI graduate has more hours, length and depth of training in hypnotherapy than any other health care professional.

    Hypnotherapists have come together across the country to work as a cohesive political group. To strengthen our political power we have affiliated with the American Federation of Laborers' (AFL/CIO) Office and the Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU).

    This partnership has started the process of Hypnotherapists working hand in hand with the political machine of the AFL/CIO, OPEIU to pass a Hypnotherapist Registration Act in each and every state.

    Federal Dictionary of Occupational Titles

    As defined in The Dictionary of Occupational Titles. Published by the United States Department of Labor. Authored by Dr. John Kappas 1977.

    079.157.010 | Hypnotherapist

    Hypnotherapist induces hypnotic state in client to increase motivation or alter behavior pattern through hypnosis. Consults with client to determine the nature of problem. Prepares client to enter hypnotic states by explaining how hypnosis works and what client will experience. Test subjects to determine degrees of physical and emotional suggestibility. Induces hypnotic techniques of hypnosis based on interpretation of test results and an analysis of clients problem. May train client in self-hypnosis conditioning.

    Certification Awarded by

    The Hypnotherapists Union Local 472 AFL-CIO-CLC OPEIU

    Hypnotherapists are health care professionals, and as such you will want to check the credentials and references for any hypnotherapist that you are considering. Just as you ought to check your regular physician and other health care professionals that you trust to give you advice and treatments. 

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      Celebrities are exploring hypnosis for addictions of all kinds. Smoking is only one behavior that can be modified with hypnosis

      What did Matt Damon Say About Hypnosis and the effect it has had in his life? Matt got hypnotherapy treatment for his cigarrette addiction and had great success with it. Many other celebrities are tapping into this powerful technique. 

      What Did Matt Damon Say About Hypnosis?

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        Treating Depression with Hypnotherapy

        Doctors are successfully treating depression with hypnotherapy. Studies show doctors are successfully treating depression with hypnotherapy. If you or a loved one suffer with chronic depression you understand how deeply it affects not only your life but everyone around you. Medications are helpful but not always completely efffective and there are often negative side effects with many of those pharmaceuticals. Hypnosis doesn't require any kind of medication and you can control how much or how little it is used. You have complete control over what you choose to happen. Having control is a very important aspect of recovery for every patient when treating depression with hypnotherapy.

        Treating Depression with Hypnotherapy

        Hypnosis has been shown by many studies to be helpful in relieving many of the symptoms of depression. The major symptoms of depression include:

        • Loss of pleasure from and interest in activities which used to provide pleasure and interest
        • Poor appetite and other eating disorders
        • Persistent tiredness
        • Low estimate of self-worth
        • Poor concentration
        • Feelings of hopelessness
        • Thoughts of suicide
        • Insomnia

        Many of these symptom areas have been successfully treated individually with hypnosis for depression. If you are experiencing symptoms of depression you should consult with a psychology professional, especially if you are having thoughts of suicide. You may also want to try hypnosis for depression symptoms as an adjunct treatment for your condition.

        Hypnosis for Depression

        Depression is considered to have a number of contributing factors or causes. These factors are typically classified as biological, psychological and social. Again, hypnotherapy is ideally suited to work with psychological and social problems in your life.

        In spite of many popular medications for depression, like Abilify, Prozac, Zoloft, Lubox and others, depression still affects around 6.4% of the United States population in any single year. Approximately 17% of Americans will experience depression during their lifetimes. The age group experiencing the highest rates of depression are young people between the ages of 18 and 29.

        See more of this article found on Hypnosis for Change. You really don't have to continue to face your depression alone, you can treat depression with hypnotherapy and become a more positve person who can function even when under pressure.

        Click to read more on hypnosis techniques


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