Can You Reverse Depression with Hypnosis?


Can you reverse depression with hypnosis? Here is Phoenix Marshalls story of how he got his life back after years of deep depression. Millions of people suffer with depression and doctors normally prescribe medication to control it. While some patients see the desired results many do not. The reality is that anti-depressant medications have mixed results and many side effects. The good thing about hypnosis is that it doesn't require a prescription. 

Can You Reverse Depression with Hypnosis?

A good friend of mine (you know who you are) has suggested to me that I share the story of my life as it happened over the course of 2009. Originally they thought I should write a book, however I am not a professional writer…which I’m sure will show in this account. Instead I decided to write my story in a brief, easy to follow format, that people can enjoy for free and hopefully learn a thing or two. This Is My Story...

In May of 2009 my mom was diagnosed with grade four type breast cancer. I won’t pretend to be a doctor but basically this is the most aggressive form of cancer there is. The prognosis wasn’t good. 

After a long illness Mom loses her battle with cancer. Phoenix is devestated and loses all his will to survive. Depression settled in to stay, which eventually caused his wife to leave him. Then finally one day , a breakthrough...

A Flash of Inspiration

If I thought I was alone before, now I well and truly was. The days and weeks became a blur as time passed me by. There was more than one occasion where I seriously considered suicide. It was actually while I was in this frame of mind that I found something that helped me. It was at, of all places, Youtube. I was looking for something, anything that might take my mind of my state of like when I found a video which contained a relaxation hypnotherapy session.

It wasn’t much of a video really. Just a still image with audio. But what did I have to lose? I’d already lost everything I’d cared about, half of which was completely my own fault. So I closed my eyes…and something magical began to happen. For the first time in a long time I actually began to feel relaxed. The numb pain that permeated my entire being faded. In under ten minutes I felt…better. I was by no means “back to normal” but I recognised this could at least be the first step. 

The next day I awoke with a focus. I now had a tool that I could use to overcome my depression and get my life back on track. What I didn’t have however was much money. I simply couldn’t afford to hire a hypnotherapist at the rates they charge. Again an internet search seemed to provide the answer. There are a number of websites which offer professional hypnosis sessions on MP3s or CDs at much more affordable price. 

It took a few tries to figure out which hypnosis videos worked best but eventually Phoenix started to feel better and repair his life. 

To read the rest of more about how you can reverse depression with hypnosis  and the life of Phoenix Marshall click here.


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    Hypnosis and Suicide are Linked in Florida Principal Case

    Hypnosis and suicide are linked in Florida Principal case although felony charges have been avoided. Here is a case in Florida that shows a perfect example of why hypnosis should be used very carefully.



    The charges against Mr. Kenney are; unlawful practice of hypnosis. More serious charges could be filed if he has been involved in treatment of some kind with hypnosis.

    However, even with the lesser charges, it does seem a little odd that two students he used hypnosis on have committed suicide and I am concerned about that. The Boston Globe reported on this breaking news (hypnosis/suicide).

    Hypnosis and Suicide?

    NORTH PORT, Florida—A Florida high school principal accused of using of hypnosis on students entered a written plea of not guilty to two misdemeanor charges on Thursday.

    George Kenney, 52, was charged earlier this week with two counts of unlawful practice of hypnosis.






    Officials say George Kenney hypnotized two North Port High students before the two, independently of one another, committed suicide last year. Officials say Kenney had been warned by his boss to stop using such one-on-one hypnosis with students.






    But Kenney's attorney, Mark Zimmerman, said that the principal's supervisor only expressed concern and never gave him a written directive to stop the hypnosis. Kenney, who currently is on administrative duty not at the school, plans to retire from the school district at the end of the school year, Zimmerman said.






    Kenney is not guilty because the law requires proof that the hypnosis was for therapeutic purposes and that wasn't the reason for the hypnosis, Zimmerman said.






    "The purpose always was to either boost athletic performance or academic performance," Zimmerman said. "My interpretation of therapeutic is that implies a form of treatment. He wasn't treating anybody."






    Prosecutors decided not to file felony charges of unlicensed practice of health care. The misdemeanor charges of unlicensed practice of hypnosis carry a maximum of up to a year in jail.

    Hypnosis Should Be Used Carefully

    It is true that hypnosis can be used for improving concentration and boosting performance in class or in sports. However, I feel it isn't right to use any kind of hypnosis on a student unless the parents sign a waiver of some kind. It just doesn't make sense to me and I hope to be able to find out how hypnosis and suicide are linked in Florida Principal case. 


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