Hypnotic Attraction Power: How To Make Sure Hypnosis Will Work

4 Pillars of Unstoppable Hypnotic Influence: Pillar #2 Attractivity



A lot of people think that, that, if they don't make a good first impression that they're dead in the water.

It's not true. K?

There's a far more powerful principle You Can Apply to Increase Your Own Level of Attractiveness. It's just more long term.

That principle is called the familiarity principle

In other words, the more times somebody sees you, even if it's for a few minutes every day or a minute in passing, the more attractive you become.

So, the people who are rated a five on the first meeting, after about a month of seeing them once or twice a week, they're going to go up to a six or seven.

You become familiar and that breeds a level of comfort, attractiveness that becomes very, very useful.

You know, there's a reason why when people joke about how sometimes a child doesn't look like her father.

They say the milkman must've been over or the mailman came over. Why? Who do they see everyday?

The milkman. The maid. The postman.

The boy next door. The girl next door.

The gardner. The pool person. Why? They see them everyday or every other....On a consistent basis over time.

The level of  attractivity goes up.


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    The video featured above is a powerful example of the power words have to create the frame, or in many case to modify the frame or meaning around a particular event or situation. This video is dramatization of a principle thats been around for a long time but one we can learn from very deeply.

    Think always about the feelings that will most naturally lead people to automatically choose to do what you want and more often than not you don't have to work very hard to make them do something. In the world of human minds, feelings win more often than logic, reason or rationalization.

    Awsome Video.

    Think about that when using the steatlh language patterns and you are on your way to an unstoppable life.

    Trance the World and Take Names.

    Your Loyal Friend and Hypnosis Mentor

    David Van Arrick

    aka "The Master"

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      Check out this free video, its a bit cheesy but the science is in fact very solid and very real. and after that be sure to check out The Top Secret STEALTH HYPNOSIS Program at the link below the video.

      Talk To You Soon.

      David V.

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        The Single Biggest Mistake Hypnotists Make When Trying To Hypnotize Someone

        As I sit here listening to yet another interview on how to do marketing and business on the internet. The interviewer said something that really struck a cord. A Cord so powerful that I actually had to pause the video and write to you about it.

        Now I am sure you are already wondering what that "mysterious cord" must be and what they heck should you care anyway.

        Well this "Super Hypnosis Secret" is the single biggest reason why most people fail at using these skills on the street and in real life.

        You see the level of influence we wield in hypnotic contexts is directly related to our own internal psycho-emotional state.

        In other words "our ability to control our own state" is the single biggest reason why almost everyone fails to get the result they want with covert, conversational and even overt hypnotic technique.


        Consider that a technical term.

        You see a lot of people talk about rapport this and rapport that, and yes, I do agree that rapport is important, in fact there is only two particular Attributes that can trump the power of rapport and when used in conjunction with are literally UNSTOPPABLE in hypnotizing people without their knowledge into willingly doing what you want.

        We will talk about those in another post, by the way if you haven't done so already you should probably get subscribed to my free covert hypnosis newsletter. Just fill in your name and email at the bottom of this post or in the box to your right and click the "send me my free covert hypnosis audio now" button. Do that now and come on back to the article

        So what is the single biggest mistake people make when doing covert hypnosis.

        They get too serious.

        Thats right

        Too MUCH Attachment to what they are doing.

        You see when you are too serious, when you are too invested in what you are trying to get someone to do, you actually shut off your ability to exert hypnotic influence. You lose access to your own internal resources. and to put it bluntly...

        YOU CHOKE!

        Not only that if you are in a state of hyper arousal and you are trying to get rapport with your target what ever you feel, they feel. So in many cases the very rapport you are trying to create causes them to feel uneasy towards you because you feel uneasy.

        The best way to overcome this issue is to rigorously drill your emotional states every day so you can go into and out of any emotional state you want to ( we have a whole slew of specialized drills in our CPI Conversational Hypnosis Bootcamp That does this like nothing else can)

        But in the interim remember this...

        If you come to the task of exerting hypnotic influence with a playful mindset you get a significantly higher level of influence and compliance from your subjects. Its ironic but its true, the less you care and the less attached you are to the outcome of your influence the more likely you are to actually get what you want.

        You also need to understand how to lead your subject from one emotional state to another and chain the states that naturally lead them to make the decisions you want them to make and take the actions you want them to take.

        Thats about it for now.

        Trance the World and Take Names.

        Your Loyal Friend and Covert Hypnosis Coach.

        David X.


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          hypnosis is a naturally occurring state...

          for the most part hypnotic trances are just random phenomenon that every human
          experiences multiple times daily.

          For the most part these states of mind come and go without our notice
          and at random and by default.

          But there are certain agencies that understand exactly how to use these
          natural hypnosis states to manipulate peoples minds. Making them believe things they
          wouldn't normally believe.

          Buy things they wouldn't normally by and of course not think about things they
          should pay attention to.

          Can you guess who these evil denizens of the black hypnosis underworld might

          no its not the CIA, or the MAFIA, or some Columbian drug cartel.

          Its the Media.. advertising, government and a few chosen masters of the hidden
          and secret art... expertly use these hidden black hypnosis NLP mind control
          skills to make you do what they want and think its all your own idea.  This is the hypnosis

          you can barely even recognize because their hypnosis is all around you.

          They achieve this effect through a mechanism known as "CFB" or Critical Factor ByPass".

          Most advertising is "designed" to automatically bypass your thinking mind and install what the
          companies want you to think right into your unconscious mind.

          Even the news is designed to trick you into believing that the reporters are completely
          truthful and unbiased... The media knows exactly what they are doing when it comes

          to CFB and hypnosis.

          Now a days you get as much "biased opinion" with your news as you do what appear to
          be facts and data.

          Its all rigged.

          and the only true way to defend and protect yourself against their hypnosis is to understand and
          be aware of what is being done to you and how.

          Forewarned is forearmed


          David X.


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