Beyond Motivation: Using Hypnosis For Winning and Getting What You Want


We live in a very competitive world each and every day men and women all over the globe engage in many and varied fields of endeavor.

Lets face it we all want something but sometimes for some mysterious reason in spite of that desire....

We just can't seem to make it out of the gate, or worse and more commonly...

We start a project or new venture or idea only to lose our drive the further along we get.

So of course, this being a hypnosis blog. The Next Question Naturally Is...

Can hypnosis really help us build and keep our motivation.

The answer is a resounding yes.

Using the power of hypnosis we can build maintain and continue to increase your motivation to achieve what ever you want to.

And the best part is ...

There are many many ways we can begin using hypnosis to motivate ourselves and others quickly.

When we use hypnosis for self motivation the fastest and most common way is through what famous hypnotist Dick Sutphen likes to
call a mental movie.

To use the mental movie method we first need to several important pre-conditions in your mind.

A. Relaxation

B. Concentration

C. Focus

D. Absorption.

Now the real truth is we only need two of these elements to pretty much get any change we want but for now and
especially if you are new to hypnosis.

  • The fastest way to relax the body and focus the mind is through our breathing.
  • use a steady inhalation and exhalation.
  • Inhale in through your nose, out through your mouth in a smooth continuous and comfortable cycle. There are many breathing patterns you could use. Select the one that is most comfortable for you.
  • Allow your mind to gently focus on the rhythm of your breath.
  • As you continue to breath move your awareness to your eyes and specifically your eye lids.
  • Focus your attention on the tiny muscles in your eyelids.
  • and relax the to the point where they are so relaxed that you couldn't actually open them without putting more tension back into them.
  • once you know you have them that relaxed systematically spread that relaxation from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

In my system of hypnosis we call this the fast relax and it works great for getting people into a really deep state of hypnosis very quickly.

Once you have a nice full state of relaxation going; begin to think about what you want to achieve. Begin to imagine what it is like to actually have it.

Make a mental movie where you can see yourself winning your goal over and over again. Generate as much emotional energy as you can.

Become fully absorbed in the experience.

Absorption is the key to making mental movies work powerfully.

If you are not completely engaged in the event, then your unconscious mind is not fully engaged either and therefore
the messages you are trying to send it tend to meet more resistance..

Once you have absorption the step is to simply replay the mental movie over and over again until you know deep inside
that you've got it.

There is usually a very tangible noticeable shift when you hit the right number of repetitions that locks a suggestion
in to your unconscious mind.

In NLP we call this a "Convincer Strategy" and while an NLP practitioner would go to great lengths to "elicit"
a persons convincer strategy.

its not actually necessary when using hypnosis.  All you really have to do is keep repeating the movie over an over again with
full engagement until YOU KNOW You've Got it.


The Mental movie technique is a great way to hypnotize yourself to become more motivated.

And while it can often also be used as part of a hypnotic process you can run with someone else. I find that there are actually better
and often more effective ways to motivate people using hypnosis.

Time Does Not Allow Me To Go Deeply into The Conversational Hypnosis Ways to increase motivation but I will briefly describe some of them
that we teach in both STEALTH Hypnosis, Killer Influence and Real World Hypnosis.

Conversational Hypnosis Method One - Emotional Hotbuttons

In NLP Terms We would call this criteria and values elicitation however, if you have little to no background in NLP. Those terms
may leave you at a loss.

So here is the brief understanding of Emotional Hotbuttons in a nutshell.

Everyone carries within them a personal "CheckList" of what is right and wrong for them. Each entry on the check list has two parts.

B. A check list that lets the person know when something matches or does
not match the label.

Every time the person encounters a person, event or set of circumstances that is a match  to that checklist...

We feel a strong emotional desire for it.

We, in essence, become more motivated to obtain the object or experience that matches the
check list. Because that Object or focus of desire has Intense Emotional Value To Us.

Does that make sense?

For Example,

If someone tells you they want more money and you ask them what is important about having more money.

They might say " I want more money so I can pay my bills, so I can keep a roof over my head and my childrens head and I'll know I'll never have
to worry about losing my home or having my stuff taken away.

now, without going too far into this process, we now know that the word money for this person means being able to pay bills, keeping a roof over
their head, and over their children's head,never having to worry about losing his home or having his stuff taken away.

As you can plainly see these are all "safety"or  security oriented answers.

and are "Extremely Powerful" when dealing with and motivating the person you gave them to you.

The secret here is that if you wanted to motivate this person to take action on making more money. All you would have to do is speak to them
about how doing what you want or suggest will get them more money, so they can experience each of the things they described to you.

I'm painting very broad strokes because this technique is much better learned visually and auditorally and is covered much more indepth in our bonus video.
Emotional Hotbuttons Included in our STEALTH Hypnosis: Instant Conversational Hypnosis Crash Course.

Another great technique for hypnotically motivating people to want to do things they say they don't want to do is The "Criteria Lock" Technique we teach in
Killer Influence and Renegade Hypnosis.

The criteria lock is a method for completely bypassing "Resistance" To suggestion and causing people to actually want to do things they didn't want to do previously.

It works by first finding out exactly what possible emotional reason a person may have for wanting to do something they say they don't want to do, Then using a
very specific Formula which literally takes less than a minute, is completely covert and conversational but automatically reorients their thinking and causes
them to begin wanting to take the action they previously refused to do.

Its an amazing tactic and one I love teaching people but you do need some fundamental conversational hypnosis skills such as those we teach in STEALTH
to really make it cook.

There is also another aspect of motivation that almost no one ever talks about and you might have noticed me mentioning it a few times.

Its called Resistance. In future articles I'll discuss some very specific and powerful methods for literally bypassing any and all resistance to your hypnotic
persuasion skills.

They are called Omega Strategies and once you understand them you'll never have a hard time hypnotizing anyone again.

Nobody in the hypnosis world teaches Omega Strategies and yet they can dramatically increase the motivation of anyone when used properly.

That's it for today.

Please Post Your Comments and By All Means Ask Questions and Like Us To AS Many of Your Amigos as you can.

Talk soon.

Trance The World and Take Names.

David V.

Destroying Your Doubts and Ordaining Your Destiny – The Power of Hypnosis

 Hypnosis To Control Your Doubts and Program Your Future

We all have tough times. We all want more from our lives than we are currently experiencing even if our lives by most standards are pretty good.

But there is a force within us. A drive for lack of a better word that compels us to perpetually seek to become more, do more and experience more than we are right now.

Some would call that "Intense Inner Drive"

  • Divine inspiration,
  •  Inspirational dissatisfaction,
  • or maybe even just "desire"

Regardless of the terms you use and regardless of the direction your own personal desires may take.

Be it more money, wealth and prosperity;

  • A better job or career,
  • To meet, attract and keep your ideal mate or lover
  • To become more powerful and effective in your chosen fields of endeavor...
  • or or simply to help as many people as you can.

There are several things that you will most likely experience on your way to becoming, doing or having  what you really say you want.

You will constantly be at war with your doubts.

No matter how confident we are of the outcomes we strive to valiantly achieve.

One thing is certain.

Doubts will arise unbiden, often from out of no where and even at the worst possible times.

In my classes I teach people about the power of certainty to practically guarantee success in hypnotizing people, even if those people do not believe they can be hypnotized.

Here's the key.

Certainty is the ability to move forward in spite of your doubts, filled with a deep inner knowing that some how some way you WILL figure out how to  make things happen, how to get your results
no matter what.

Every human being on the planet has doubts. Its built in to us. It's a fail-safe mechanism designed to keep us "safe" and/or the same because to the brain sameness or familiarity = safety.

But familiarity and safety doesn't help us to become more of who or what we want to be.  It only keeps us the same as we were yesterday and the day before.

So imprint this first principle of personal power indelibly into your mind if it isn't there already.

When ever you are close to breaking through to the next level...

You will be attacked.

Usually by your own self-generated defense mechanisms. They won't appear that way, but you can be rest assured, at some level you are generating them and that's great news.

Because it means you can also defeat the attack.

Especially if you know what the process is that you will be undergoing.

If you know that you will be attacked you can prepare, you can be ready. You can choose to do something different than you did in the past.

You can take different actions and make use of better tools. And that is power.

So for today and quite possibly the rest of your life keep striving to break through to the next level of  your own personal journey.

See the doubts and apparent setbacks, delays or obstacles for what they really are.

Your old self, your security seeking mechanism trying to keep you safe. Be grateful that you have it but understand it for what it really is.

A notification from your unconscious mind that you are about to become something or experience something different.

Something unfamiliar. And let that understanding cause you to get very excited.

Because it means you are about to grow in new ways, in new directions. To make one more great step towards becoming all that you are capable of being.

and you can use the power of hypnosis in so many ways to make your life so much easier.

  • You can minimize your doubts
  • Fill yourself with unstoppable courage and resolve
  • Program yourself to take instant action on demand.
  • Persuade others to believe what you say and follow your instructions.

You can do all of this and so much more very very quickly.

When you are finally ready to begin your study of exactly how to improve your life through the power of hypnosis.

I cordially invite you to first create your free Account in our Covert Hypnosis Public Video Library and of course jump into our Next STEALTH Hypnosis online Training.

Its a simple fast and easy way to learn the most powerful ways to hypnotize yourself and others for getting what you want.

And we guarantee it will work for you or you get a full refund.

David Van Arrick Reveals His Successful Approach to Life

David Van Arrick reveals his successful approach to life and hypnosis in this interview with Nathan Thomas from a few years ago. Nathan posted this on his blog (HypnoThoughts) and many people found this interview very helpful because he touches on some hot topics like sexual attraction and stealth hypnosis. Of course David's expertise in mind manipulation is in high demand so this kind of informal interview with him is very exciting and worth reviewing every so often. 

David Van Arrick Reveals his Successful Approach to Life

Way back when I first started learning hypnosis, I got hold of an audio lesson by a hypnotist who called himself David X, or David Van Arrick.

What I discovered totally blew my mind, because I realized that so much more was possible with ethical covert hypnosis than I had ever imagined.

I listened to that audio dozens of times, absorbing not just the content, but also the deeply hypnotic way the material was presented. From that one lesson I learned a lot!

I finally talked David into doing an interview for us here at Keys To The Mind, which was a challenge because he does not do this kind of thing often!

Prepare to learn powerful, practical ways to use your words and your body language to rapidly persuade and influence others.

You’ll learn how to use advanced covert hypnosis to make people feel great – and we also delve into some frankly ‘weird’ applications of non verbal hypnosis which are quite frighteningly powerful!

Check out the interview here:

In this interview, David also explains and demonstrates how to change your state of mind through body movement and body stance. Learn how to use these incredible tools to your advantage by signing up for one of David's hypnosis courses.


Overcoming Objections Using Simple NLP Techniques

Photo credit: ali110 from morguefile.comWhat do you do when you encounter objections from a customer during a sale? A common objection I often hear is "I don't really have the money for this"...or "I need to consult my {partner,wife,husband} before I buy". Your job is to overcome these obstacles and make the sale, but how? For many years I've been overcoming objections using simple NLP techniques and I can guarantee that someone has used these techniques on you a few times and you may not have even noticed. Study these three basic objections and responses and then try them out yourself. It's much easier than you think!

Overcoming Objections Using Simple NLP Techniques

In fact, as a salesperson, you should welcome these objections, as they give you a chance to sharpen your sales skills and increase your likelihood of converting more prospects to buyers in the future.  Don’t panic when you encounter these roadblocks – instead, welcome them as learning opportunities and be prepared to beat your buyers at their own games.

The following are three of the most common sales objections you’ll encounter, whether you’re selling low cost products, high value services or anything in between.  Practice your responses to each of these objections using popular NLP techniques so that you’ll be prepared to encounter them in the real world.

Objection #1 – “I need more time to decide…”

Especially when you’re selling big ticket items, one of the most common objections you’ll see is the classic “stall” maneuver.  If your prospect says that he needs more time to think about something, be aware that he’s usually subconsciously using this technique to cover up an even bigger concern.

For example, your prospect may be stalling because he doesn’t feel he can trust you, or because he doesn’t completely understand how your offering will help him specifically.  In either case, he’s attempting to exit the situation without hurting your feelings and addressing what’s really on his mind.

In this situation, your best bet is to keep him talking.  If you give the prospect time to think and promise to return later to follow up, the odds are there isn’t going to be a “later”.  To prevent this from occuring, get in the habit of asking more questions whenever objections are presented.  Consider the following example:

“What was it about my proposal that you wanted to think over?  Is there anything I can explain better to make the benefits of my product clearer right now?”

By keeping your prospect engaged in the conversation, you should be able to uncover his true objections and meet them head on in order to keep the sales process rolling.

Read the full article here on...

Photo credit: ali110 from

The only way you'll be able to overcome objections using simple NLP techniques is if you practice frequently. Selling can be such rewarding experience and when you feel more confident and in control you will make more sales. Ask your friends and family to help you practice, and to give you feedback on your persuasivness and overall performance. 

Get more information about using covert hypnosis and NLP for business on our home page. 

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Research Results For Hypnosis Studies

If you want to know how hypnosis really works, it is important to look at the research results for hypnosis studies that have been done in recent years.  Many times people will ask what kind of research has been done on hypnosis and they want to know what kinds of things it can be used for. I've found a short list of different studies that focused on several important uses for hypnotic suggestion. The Guide to Hypnosis put this information together. 

Research Results for Hypnosis Studies

Over the years there have been many research studies completed that show that hypnosis does indeed work. There have also been many that show how effective hypnosis is for a wide variety of specific treatments. Here are just a few examples of some of these studies.

Real Brain Effect

Recently (2009) Hull University researchers found that hypnosis has a ‘real brain effect’ when analysed doing certain activities on brain scans under hypnosis. One psychologist, Dr. Michael Heap concluded that the study backed the theory that hypnosis "primes" the brain to be open to suggestion. The study leader Dr. William McGeown reflected that "This shows that the changes were due to hypnosis and not just simple relaxation. Our study shows hypnosis is real."




Weight Loss

A study showed that, when comparing the results of adding hypnosis to other weight loss treatments across many different methods, adding hypnosis increased weight loss by an average of 97% during treatment. It also showed that hypnosis increased the effectiveness after the treatment by a whopping 146%. This shows that hypnosis works even better over a period of time.

Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1996

A study of 60 women divided into hypnosis and non hypnosis control groups, found that the groups using hypnosis lost an average of 17 pounds, while the non-hypnosis group lost an average of only 0.5 pounds.

Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1986


In a recent review of available controlled studies in the field of gastroenterology conducted at the University Hospital of South Manchester, scientists discovered that hypnotherapy is clearly beneficial for patients suffering from gastrointestinal disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome and peptic ulceration.

Whorwell PJ.Use of hypnotherapy in gastrointestinal disease. Br J Hosp Med (ENGLAND) Jan 1991, 45 (1) pg.27-9

Scientists at the Gastroenterology Unit, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol came up with similar results. 33 patients with irritable bowel syndrome were treated with four 40 minute sessions of hypnotherapy over 7 weeks. Twenty of the group improved, and eleven of these were shown to be completely free from all symptoms. The researchers concluded that hypnotherapy in groups of up to 8 patients was as effective as individual therapy in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome. Meaning that sessions did not need to be specifically tailored to each individual – giving more credibility to effectiveness of pre recorded sessions.

Harvey RF et al. Lancet (England) Feb 25 1989, 1 (8635) pg.424-5


I think it's important to do your own homework when you begin a new project such as learning how to use hypnosis. Take some time to look at these studies and when you decide to learn hypnosis techniques for yourself check out our home page for the best courses.

Another site Hypnosis also has an extensive list of hynosis studies to explore. 

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