Master Persuasion with Hypnotic Writing

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Persuasive writing is more than just an english class on steroids. If you can master persuasion with hypnoitic writing you will have a powerful tool that serves you well for a long, long time. "An ace in the hole" as the saying goes. Take a close look at the following example of hypnotic writing and you'll quickly see how covertly it's used. 

Master Persausion with Hypnotic Writing

Headline is what will make or break your article. It's the first thing that people read and upon it they decide whether to read on or not. It should be riveting. It's a very good thing if it contains a benefit that this article will bring to your readers. The headline should scream out to your audience.

For example, the headline I used for this article does just that. Since I know that people reading this are interested in covert hypnosis, I used hypnosis for the basis. I used the »How To« approach as it has proven to be extremely effective. Another effective way is to start with a number, for example: “5 Steps To Writing An Irresistibly Hypnotic Article”. Odd numbers seem to work better than even numbers.

OK… I started with »How To Write A Hypnotic Article«. Then I added some »spices« to it. I added the word “Easily”, which is an extremely powerful word that plays on one of the fundamentals of human nature. And besides that, I further added the word “Irresistibly”, making it even more, well irresistible. Some authors write up to 30 headlines before they are fully satisfied. But using one of the two simple formulas here you should be able to do it fairly quickly.

Now that we have our headline, its time to go to work on the article itself. What is hypnotic writing anyway? Joe Vitale, best selling author and the father of hypnotic writing defines “hypnotic” as being anything that grabs and holds attention. This is a good definition to go by. Let’s see how to do just that…

Read the full article here on hypnotic mind training...

Practice this technique to vastly improve your written communications and really master persuasion with hypnotic writing. Let us know if you have a strong interest in more written hypnosis techniques. 

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    Hypnotherapy: University of Maryland

    Today I'm sharing some very reliable information from an article on hypnotherapy which I found on The University of Maryland Medical Center website. Pay particular attention to the "stages of hypnosis' to get a better idea of what to expect in an actual session. 

    How does hypnotherapy work?

    When something happens to us, we remember it and learn a particular behavior in response to what happened. Each time something similar happens, our physical and emotional reactions attached to the memory are repeated. In some cases these reactions are unhealthy. In some forms of hypnotherapy, a trained therapist guides you to remember the event that led to the first reaction, separate the memory from the learned behavior, and replace unhealthy behaviors with new, healthier ones.

    During hypnosis, your body relaxes and your thoughts become more focused. Like other relaxation techniques, hypnosis lowers blood pressure and heart rate, and changes certain types of brain wave activity. In this relaxed state, you will feel at ease physically yet fully awake mentally and may be highly responsive to suggestion. Your conscious mind becomes less alert and your subconscious mind becomes more focused.Some people respond better to hypnotic suggestion than others.

    There are several stages of hypnosis:

    • Reframing the problem
    • Becoming relaxed, then absorbed (deeply engaged in the words or images presented by a hypnotherapist)
    • Dissociating (letting go of critical thoughts)
    • Responding (complying with a hypnotherapist's suggestions)
    • Returning to usual awareness
    • Reflecting on the experience

    What happens during a visit to the hypnotherapist?

    During your first visit, you will be asked about your medical history and what brought you in -- what condition you would like to address. The hypnotherapist may explain to you what hypnosis is and how it works. You will then be directed through relaxation techniques, using a series of mental images and suggestions intended to change behaviors and relieve symptoms. For example, people who have panic attacks may be given the suggestion that, in the future, they will be able to relax whenever they want. The hypnotherapist will also teach you the basics of self hypnosis and give you an audiotape to use at home so you can reinforce what you learn during the session.

    Read more:

    Becoming a hypnotherapist provides a unique opportunity to assist people who want to make changes in their lives. Hypnosis is often thought of as a stage act or party trick but I've developed a lot of respect for hypnotherapists who use  the power locked within a persons mind to heal old emotional wounds and to teach teachniques that help change negative thoughts and behaviors into positive ones. 




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      Using Hypnosis To Improve Performance in Sports

      The mind-body connection is so strong, why not use all the tools available to maximize your potential. There is a lot of research on using hypnosis to improve performance in sports. 

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        Couples who are experiencing high levels of anxiety due to involvement in fertility treatments may want to explore the benefits of hypnosis for coping and reducing stress. I've found a short article on Psychology Today that brings some insight on the subject that I think some people may find helpful. 

        Benefits of Using Hypnosis During Fertility Treatments

        Below are a dozen reasons for you to investigate this approach:

        1. Hypnosis at the time of embryo transfer yielded pregnancy rates that were double those of the controls. (Eliahu Levitas, et al., “Impact of Hypnosis during Embryo Transfer on the Outcome of In Vitro Fertilization—Embryo Transfer: A Case-control Study,” Fertility & Sterility, 85 – 5 (2006): 1404 – 1408.





        2. Hypnosis can be an ultimate mind/body awareness activity and can reaffirm your femininity.

        3. Hypnosis or self-hypnosis allows you to feel back in control because of your active participation.

        4. Post-hypnotic suggestions can enhance receptivity.

        5. Hypnosis can take you under the turbulence to an “infertility-free zone.”

        6. Hypnosis can support medical treatment, holistic care and even natural conception.

        7. Hypnosis is relaxing.

        8. Hypnosis can calm fears.

        9. Hypnosis can heal heart ache.

        10. Hypnosis can become a safe haven which is renewing and revitalizing.

        11. Hypnosis can help you remember who you really are.

        12. A hypnotic trance can convert stumbling blocks into building blocks for navigating the emotional rubble created during the journey.

        To see the full article click here...

        All of the above reasons for trying hypnosis during fertility treatments also apply to many other kinds of stressful situations. To learn more see our home page on Covert Hypnosis




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          Are you tired of giving assignment deadlines and constantly hearing that they are not finished on time? Are you frustrated when others fail to give 100% of their effort on important projects? Using covert persuasion and the law of expectation will change all of that. These four techniques can be used in various ways to help you get others to strive harder to please you, starting right now. 

          Covert Persuasion and the Law of Expectation

          In this eye-opening article, I’ll reveal some astonishing covert persuasion techniques to help you persuade and influence people to do what you want.

          Ever heard of the expression “You get what you expect?” It’s a fact supported by a persuasion law known as expectation, and written below are 4 covert persuasion techniques utilizing this principle.

          Covert Persuasion Technique # 1 - Use Parkinson’s Law

          Want to know how to use expectation to persuade others to accomplish tasks 2 times, 3 times, or even many times faster? If the task requires 3 months to finish, tell them it has to be done within 3 weeks. The magic in this is that the work will be completed in a span of time based on a person’s expectation of how much time is required to do it. Parkinson's Law states "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion."

          If they cannot absolutely do it in that span of time, use another covert persuasion technique – the principle of comparison. Tell them that if they can produce excellent results, they will be given, let’s say, a 2-week extension. They will compare the 2 time frames and may even thank you for giving them enough time! You gave them the impression that they are given a lot of time (because you’ve added 2 weeks to the original 3-week deadline), even when the task can take up to 3 months to finish.

          Covert Persuasion Technique # 2 – Be Specific.

          Another great tip to maximize the power of expectation is to be as specific as possible. If you can say, “I know you’re a fast writer who can turn out at least 7 quality articles within 5 hours” instead of “I know you to be a fast and efficient writer,” then the results will be better and more accurate.

          Read more on the Law of Expectation by Micheal Lee at Self Growth

          Covert persuasion and the law of expectation are techniques that are used by professionals in business all the time, however they can also be put to good use with your kids, spouse and friends. 



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