Covert Hypnosis and Body Language: How To Become More Powerful, Commanding and Confident In Only 2 Minutes

For several years now I have been teaching people how to become instantly more charismatic, powerful and commanding through the use of highly specialized body language skills that create very powerful bio-chemical and psycho-emotional changes in your body. Check Out This Amazing Video Which PROVES What We Have Been Teaching in CPI and Killer Influence For Over 7 Years.

I teach these as an exclusive part of my STEALTH-CPI, Killer Influence and Real World Hypnosis Training Systems. I’ve known for many years the power of how to use body language to influence mental states and use them to influence others.

Body language is NOT just for reading people it is a powerful tool that once you fully understand how mind and body feedback loops occur, how to observe them and finally how to manage them.

You can quite literally cause anyone you want to feel anything you want. Without them knowing you are doing it. In STEALTH, CPI and Killer Influence We’ve mastered the art and science of accelerated state control and transfer to induce high states of compliance in our subjects.

In other words,

We know how to create charisma and presence on command; How to induce attraction in other people, trust, sincerity, certainty etc. You name it we can show you how to do it.

Why am I telling you this? Because for years many people thought we were just blowing smoke that it was just marketing hype.

Looks like Science has finally caught up.

Check out the video above let us know what you think.

And When You Get a Chance Check out Our Free Covert Hypnosis Training Library

Talk to you soon.

David V.

Tips For Understanding Workplace Relationships


Workplace relationships are rarely easy.  Getting along with co-workers is important but many times  poor communication and a lack of understanding about human behavior causes problems. Have a look at these excellent tips for understanding workplace relationships and human behavior

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Tips For Understanding Workplace Relationships

Organizational camaraderie and productivity involve relating to others across a chasm of significant behavioral differences. Improving your "people skills" helps you figure out how to bridge the gap between yourself and others thereby making the organizational climate more supportive and collaborative.

Now is a perfect time to assess the office atmosphere in your organization. (Why wait another second?) Is it often tense because individuals lack the people skills of communication, flexibility, and accommodation? Are individuals free to focus on the goals of the organization instead of climbing the walls thrown up by misunderstanding and opinions hardened in concrete?

Statistics say that you spend about 80% of your time communicating during any given day. If you are normal, you spend about 80% of that communicating time puzzled about the perceptions, views, and responses coming from co-workers, peers, and family members. You might even wonder what UFO dropped them off and forgot to pick them up.

These tips will help you depuzzle human behavior:

1. As-is. Accept the fact that there are four main styles of functioning and you represent only one of the styles. Therefore 75% of the world sees life differently than you do. To de-puzzle behavior, accept the other person "as is"–just the way they are. You will never change them to see your exact point of view.

2. Strengths. Focus on the strengths of the other person, not the liabilities. Contrary to the way some people believe and act, they do have weaknesses. No one is perfect in every way. So de-puzzle them by separating out strengths from weaknesses.

3. Activities. Take note of their activities. Where they invest their time tells you what they value. Do they volunteer for problem-solving or risky projects? Are they involved in associations or ad hoc committees for improvement? Do they take extra time for their children’s activities? Are they involved in a political party or a religious group? Make quiet observations. You will learn much.

4. Observe surroundings. Observe their desk and how they dress. Are their desks meticulous? Do they dress in a casual way or a flashy way? People who have super clean desks often like extreme detail in presentations and support materials presented to them. People who dress more casually usually have a more relaxed and "homey" way of relating. And people who are flashy dressers tend to like action and fun activities.

5. Their reasons, not yours. Understand people do things for their own reasons, not for yours. Find out what their reasons are and you can influence them in an individualized way.

Click Here to Read More about Workplace Relationships

Understanding Workplace Relationships and Behavior

Once you understand human behavior a little better, you'll find that you can incorporate conversational hypnosis techniques into your interactions and really promote a sense of trust and authority with your co-workers and staff. I hope these insightful tips for understanding workplace relationships from Karla Brandau the CEO of Workplace Power Institute are helpful to you in some way.

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      Well its about time.

      Covert Hypnosis Truths

      The truth is though that hypnotic technique has been part and parcel of most sales and marketing messages since the dawn of time. Principles of human influence are principles of human influence regardless of what label you put on them, hypnotic or otherwise.

      One thing is certain.

      If you are not schooled in the principles and techniques of covert hypnosis and conversational hypnosis. You WILL Be Influenced by them.

      To Get Started On Building Your Defenses Against The Dark Arts and Covert Hypnosis and to Finally have the power and ability to ethically influence others like you have always wanted to be able to do and feel good about yourself in the process, I invite you to check out my stealth hypnosis training program It’s on sale for a limited time right now. Check it out and ask me any questions that you might have.

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        Check out this free video, its a bit cheesy but the science is in fact very solid and very real. and after that be sure to check out The Top Secret STEALTH HYPNOSIS Program at the link below the video.

        Talk To You Soon.

        David V.

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