Covert Hypnosis and Body Language: How To Become More Powerful, Commanding and Confident In Only 2 Minutes

For several years now I have been teaching people how to become instantly more charismatic, powerful and commanding through the use of highly specialized body language skills that create very powerful bio-chemical and psycho-emotional changes in your body. Check Out This Amazing Video Which PROVES What We Have Been Teaching in CPI and Killer Influence For Over 7 Years.

I teach these as an exclusive part of my STEALTH-CPI, Killer Influence and Real World Hypnosis Training Systems. I’ve known for many years the power of how to use body language to influence mental states and use them to influence others.

Body language is NOT just for reading people it is a powerful tool that once you fully understand how mind and body feedback loops occur, how to observe them and finally how to manage them.

You can quite literally cause anyone you want to feel anything you want. Without them knowing you are doing it. In STEALTH, CPI and Killer Influence We’ve mastered the art and science of accelerated state control and transfer to induce high states of compliance in our subjects.

In other words,

We know how to create charisma and presence on command; How to induce attraction in other people, trust, sincerity, certainty etc. You name it we can show you how to do it.

Why am I telling you this? Because for years many people thought we were just blowing smoke that it was just marketing hype.

Looks like Science has finally caught up.

Check out the video above let us know what you think.

And When You Get a Chance Check out Our Free Covert Hypnosis Training Library

Talk to you soon.

David V.

Study on “Change Blindness” and Hypnosis

This article from the New York Times explains the research and brain testing related to Change Blindness. The way I understand it, "change blindness" just means that sometimes the mind will fill in details that arent' really there. The results of this study supports the idea that through the use of hypnosis, awareness levels can be hightened or diminished and the brain is able to make instant adjustments to compensate. By accepting the concept of change blindness and hypnosis, behavior modification can occur more easily based on the awareness or lack of awareness one is working with.  

"Change Blindness" and Hypnosis

Beyond its entertainment value, symposium participants made clear, change blindness is a salient piece in the larger puzzle of visual attentiveness. What is the difference between seeing a scene casually and automatically, as in, you’re at the window and you glance outside at the same old streetscape and nothing registers, versus the focused seeing you’d do if you glanced outside and noticed a sign in the window of your favorite restaurant, and oh no, it’s going out of business because, let’s face it, you always have that Typhoid Mary effect on things. In both cases the same sensory information, the same photonic stream from the external world, is falling on the retinal tissue of your eyes, but the information is processed very differently from one eyeful to the next. What is that difference? At what stage in the complex circuitry of sight do attentiveness and awareness arise, and what happens to other objects in the visual field once a particular object has been designated worthy of a further despairing stare?

If through our eyes, the brain truly "fills in" missing details for us then of course it makes sense that under hypnosis the mind can be encouraged through language and awareness to fill in a new behavior or belief where change is wanted. Read more on this study on Change Blindness here in the New York Times. 



Why You Should Care About Propaganda Techniques


Propaganda is a powerful tool that has been used for many evil purposes. Which is why you should care about propaganda techniques. Not so much because you should use propaganda but so that propaganda or propaganda techniques are not used to persuade you to believe something.

Why You Should Care About Propaganda Techniques

Attack the person, showing them to be bad and unworthy. Any of the 'four Ds' below may be used (as well as additional methods):


  • Discredit them, showing their arguments and decisions are weak and they are incapable in their work.
  • Use defamation, damaging the good reputation and name of others.
  • Demonize them, turning them into bad people that everyone hates, such that anything they do will be considered bad.
  • Dehumanize them, treating them as a 'thing' and framing them as non-human with negligible values.

George W. Bush, former US President, was demonized over his cavalier attitude towards warfare.

Arthur Scargill, a trade union leader, was discredited by Margaret Thatcher's tactics during the 1980s miner's strikes, where the strikes failed to have any serious economic effect. She was then able to close most mines without further protest.

Immigrant populations are often dehumanized by right-wing nationalist groups who stereotype by talking about 'these people' and use other degrading terminology. If they have a leader, then this person's character will likely be attacked.


Character assassination techniques do not need to be true. 'Mud sticks' as they say and an accusation of wrong-doing is enough to sow the seeds of doubt in the minds of others. Witch-hunts, both ancient and modern use such methods.

Politicians are famed for their attacks on their political opponents, from sly innuendo to dragging skeletons from hidden closets. Their allies and enemies in the media do this too, and a libelous headline can cause damage that no retraction can erase.

Storytelling may be used in the assassination process, framing the person as a villain and weaving a story around them about their evil deeds. Stories seem more true than simple assertions and so have greater power.

Most of the population of a country depend on the media for the 'truth', which gives the media immense power and hence also a target for politicians who may try to influence or even infiltrate newspapers and other broadcasters.

With the advent of the web and blogging, the situation is more confused as both propagandists and anti-propagandists make bold assertions that are impossible to verify.

Smear campaigns can be used not only against individuals but also organizations, for example governments framing anti-war protestors as cowards or companies accusing trade unions of being influenced by foreign communists.

In fallacies of argumentation, attacking the person is also known as 'Ad Hominem'.

Religion and Propaganda

I believe that religions are the single biggest user of propaganda in history, closely tied with government propaganda for controlling the people with the clever use of propaganda. I personally don't recommend using propaganda to persuade others to agree with you. It seems wrong to put others down just to make yourself look better. This article found on Changing Minds (propaganda) explains the methods of using propaganda so you can recognize them.

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      Keep in mind mastering the four pillars also gives you insight into "how" people will choose to obey your influence. Its a pretty cool new approach. and it works out in the field like gangbusters, from treatment room, to boardroom to bedroom.

      enjoy the video, its short but it might give you some food for thought.

      Trance the world and take names.
      David V.

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