A Closer Look at Covert Hypnosis

A closer look at covert hypnosis reveals that we are often in a hypnotic state and are unaware of it.

The human mind continues to process information subconsciously and consciously twenty four hours a day seven days a week, even when we are asleep. Messages are collected from your surroundings, voices, images, facial expressions etc. and sent to the brain to be processed and interpreted and stored away for future use. With this in mind read more on covert hypnosis in this article by Geoffrey Knight and find out how covert hypnosis is being used on you.

A Closer Look at Covert Hypnosis

Without being aware of it, we slip in and out of hypnosis all day long. When we drive that car to work each day on auto-pilot without remembering the details of the journey, we do so in a light hypnotic state. We automatically stop at the traffic lights, and obey highway driving rules without having to think. When we day dream, or get absorbed in watching a movie, or reading an interesting book or in the act of sexual intercourse, we are in light hypnosis. It is similar to the light hypnotic state we experience every time we drift into or come out of sleep, or have one of those rare lucid dreams.

Not surprisingly, this fact of life is exploited by others in our daily lives. I doubt that the average American realizes just how much covert hypnosis he is subjected to daily, particularly through the medium of advertising – on Television, the newspapers, radio, and on the bill boards. Hypnotic language is used with great skill to induce us to buy all sorts of products and services at every twist and turn...

I bet you were not aware that the word BECAUSE is a power word. It's another Mom's word, and we have to obey Mom. It is a magic word, because it lends credibility to whatever goes before it, and it carries attention away from the embedded command before you consciously recognize it. "You can feel good seated in this car, because it is the only car in this price range with leather seats."

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