Covert Hypnosis and Body Language: How To Become More Powerful, Commanding and Confident In Only 2 Minutes

For several years now I have been teaching people how to become instantly more charismatic, powerful and commanding through the use of highly specialized body language skills that create very powerful bio-chemical and psycho-emotional changes in your body. Check Out This Amazing Video Which PROVES What We Have Been Teaching in CPI and Killer Influence For Over 7 Years.

I teach these as an exclusive part of my STEALTH-CPI, Killer Influence and Real World Hypnosis Training Systems. I’ve known for many years the power of how to use body language to influence mental states and use them to influence others.

Body language is NOT just for reading people it is a powerful tool that once you fully understand how mind and body feedback loops occur, how to observe them and finally how to manage them.

You can quite literally cause anyone you want to feel anything you want. Without them knowing you are doing it. In STEALTH, CPI and Killer Influence We’ve mastered the art and science of accelerated state control and transfer to induce high states of compliance in our subjects.

In other words,

We know how to create charisma and presence on command; How to induce attraction in other people, trust, sincerity, certainty etc. You name it we can show you how to do it.

Why am I telling you this? Because for years many people thought we were just blowing smoke that it was just marketing hype.

Looks like Science has finally caught up.

Check out the video above let us know what you think.

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Talk to you soon.

David V.

Effective Persuasion Techniques; Always Begin With Rapport

Many of you want to master effective persuasion techniques for personal and business situations. If I were to give you just one key to successful persuasion I would say always begin with building good rapport. If your going to convince someone to agree with your position or buy your product or invest in your company, rapport is going to play a vital part in making that happen.

It may seem unusual but I often tell a story when I want to connect with a group or an individual. Story telling has been used for centuries as a way of taking control of situation and presenting your ideas in a less formal way. Short simple stories take the listener to another place in their minds eye and makes them more receptive to new ideas.

Effective Persuasion Techniques; Always Begin With Rapport

Persuasion is usually defined as the ability to convince somebody to do something. So you can see just how powerful this ability would be if you could master it. Hypnosis for persuasion is a vast topic but I’ll present you with the basics so you can start practicing immediately after completing this article. First things first, you’ve got to build rapport with your subject.

This means that you have to be confident in yourself so that the subject trusts you and feels safe confiding in you. If you’re fumbling with your words and not getting your point across clearly then there’s just no way that you’ll be able to direct the conversation. So if you have a bit of social anxiety then that’s probably going to be your first task to overcome. The entire basis of hypnosis for persuasion rests on building rapport with the subject so you’ve got to be able to take control over the situation.

Once you feel you’ve made a connection with the subject and they seem to trust you, you’re ready to move onto the visualization. This part can be difficult when starting to use hypnosis for persuasion but once you get it you’ve basically mastered the art. What you do is paint a clear and desirable picture for the person you’re acting on. If for example you’re in sales, then you’ve got to paint a realistic picture of your client using the product and loving it.

The reason why the visualization works so well is because of the trust you built in step one. If the client doesn’t fully trust you and care about what you have to say then your visualization will be greatly hindered. But as long as the subject feels that you’re someone they can identify with, hypnosis for persuasion will work every time.

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Almost anything can be used as a rapport building experience. A simple story about feeding the cat can become a connection between two people. It will be up to you to begin to recognize and establish good rapport as an important element of effective persuasion techniques.  


Hypnotherapy for Relieving Arthritis Pain

Purchased from dreamstime.comMillions of people around the world suffer with arthritis pain on a daily basis. In addition to medications and injections patients can use hypnotherapy for relieving arthritis pain. There have been many studies on the effectiveness of hypnosis for pain relief and although it does not work for everyone, 75% of those who try it claim that it has helped them with their pain.

Hypnotherapy for Relieving Arthritis Pain

Joseph Barber, PhD, a clinical professor of anesthesiology and rehabilitation at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle, uses hypnosis for pain caused by arthritis. One patient, a 73-year-old grandmother with severe pain from knee osteoarthritis, couldn’t tolerate anti-inflammatory drugs. With just three hypnosis treatments – an unusually fast response – the pain in her knee decreased and she was able to return to normal daily activity. An analysis of 18 studies of hypnosis and pain with more than 900 people conducted by researchers at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York bears out this patient’s experience, showing substantial pain relief in 75 percent of participants.

So, just what is hypnosis? Hypnotherapists say it’s a way to focus one’s imagination and attention to help alleviate physical and emotional problems. Brain imaging has shown that some hypnotic suggestions reduce activity in brain areas associated with emotional responses to pain, while other suggestions reduce activity in an area of the brain more directly involved with the physical sensation of pain.

Most hypnotherapists have patients stare at a fixed object, sometimes just a colored thumbtack stuck in a wall. The hypnotherapist then describes relaxing images, such as a walk along a beach, and asks the patient to focus on those images. Next, he uses imagery and suggestions to block out or transform pain, such as, “Lock away the pain in the box in the basement of an abandoned house.”

To read more of this article go to Arthritis Today 

Lively Interview with Derren Brown

Simon Hattenstone's topsy-turvey interview with famous hypnotist and illusionist Derren Brown.

This lively interview with Derren Brown delves into topics like religion, art and mind control and of course magic tricks. Not much is mentioned about Brown's new show Apocalypse which has been attracting some media attention even though all that has been released so far is a few very brief trailers, one of which you can view below.

Lively Interview with Derren Brown

Has there ever been a performer so sure of himself on stage and so lacking in self-belief off? In front of a packed house, or presenting a TV show, Derren Brown is the commander, a man of barking certainty. But ask why he became a magician, and he ticks and twitches and starts to drown in his own diffidence. "You get into it because you don't feel impressive," he says. "It's the quickest, most fraudulent route to impressing people.

Derren Browns New Television Show "Apocalypse"

Over the years, Brown seems to have evolved from a slick trickster into a man with a genuine curiosity about what can be achieved, for good or bad, when people change the way they think. In his new television show, Apocalypse, he takes a man who admits he is complacent about life and teaches him how to appreciate the world… by convincing him it has been destroyed.

Interviewer Simon Hattenstone for The Guardian wants Brown to hypnotize him or show of his skills in some way. Derren is reluctant but eventually demonstrates a common hypnotic induction. How does he do it?...

As he talks, I'm watching closely for those little hand gestures he uses to put people to sleep on stage, or repeated word patterns that will put thoughts into my head. But he's too busy beating himself up to manipulate me. Finally, I just come out with it: "Is there no way you could make me do something stupid to show off your powers?"

But he doesn't bite. "Hypnosis is just suggestibility; you see it in certain people."

What about an imaginary punch in the stomach?

"As a journalist, you'd be a classically bad subject for it."

"Well, couldn't you just make me incapable of talking for a minute or two?"

"It won't work," he says decisively. And that seems to be final.

Only I tell him that I'm infinitely suggestible, and plead pathetically. "OK, rest your elbow on your knees. And look down at your left hand. Imagine a balloon, and the balloon is attached to the wrist of the hand. A helium balloon. And the balloon pulls at the string and the string pulls at the wrist of the hand. And as you watch the back of the hand, you can just imagine the hand getting lighter."

Some minutes later, I'm aware my arm is straight up in the air, my eyes are glued tight and I'm slumped. I feel sure I can open them easily, but something is stopping me. "And in a moment I'll count you awake backwards from 10 to zero and give you all the time you need to be fully awake and refreshed, and what you will notice when you wake up is a natural inquisitiveness to look inside your coffee cup, the sense that there might be something inside there...

That last suggestion keeps the interviewer unsettled all the way through till the end...

Read the Full Article in The Guardian

Derren has learned how to use a combination of techniques to wow and surprise his audience. Now he seems to want to apply what he knows to find out how and why all this really works. This fun filled interview with Derren Brown will certainly entertain you.


A Closer Look at Covert Hypnosis

A closer look at covert hypnosis reveals that we are often in a hypnotic state and are unaware of it.

The human mind continues to process information subconsciously and consciously twenty four hours a day seven days a week, even when we are asleep. Messages are collected from your surroundings, voices, images, facial expressions etc. and sent to the brain to be processed and interpreted and stored away for future use. With this in mind read more on covert hypnosis in this article by Geoffrey Knight and find out how covert hypnosis is being used on you.

A Closer Look at Covert Hypnosis

Without being aware of it, we slip in and out of hypnosis all day long. When we drive that car to work each day on auto-pilot without remembering the details of the journey, we do so in a light hypnotic state. We automatically stop at the traffic lights, and obey highway driving rules without having to think. When we day dream, or get absorbed in watching a movie, or reading an interesting book or in the act of sexual intercourse, we are in light hypnosis. It is similar to the light hypnotic state we experience every time we drift into or come out of sleep, or have one of those rare lucid dreams.

Not surprisingly, this fact of life is exploited by others in our daily lives. I doubt that the average American realizes just how much covert hypnosis he is subjected to daily, particularly through the medium of advertising – on Television, the newspapers, radio, and on the bill boards. Hypnotic language is used with great skill to induce us to buy all sorts of products and services at every twist and turn...

I bet you were not aware that the word BECAUSE is a power word. It's another Mom's word, and we have to obey Mom. It is a magic word, because it lends credibility to whatever goes before it, and it carries attention away from the embedded command before you consciously recognize it. "You can feel good seated in this car, because it is the only car in this price range with leather seats."

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