Covert Persuasion and Behavioral Marketing Techniques

Covert Persuasion in Advertising?

Covert persuasion and behavioral marketing techniques can work together to provide powerful, effective results. Dr. John Schinnerer Ph.D guest writer on Changing explains the results of a study on marketing strategies and the link to the  subconscious.

Covert Persuasion and Behavioral Marketing Techniques

A scientific revolution is taking place. This revolution has to do with the exponentially increasing understanding of the human mind – the subtle yet profound influence of the subconscious mind on behavior.

Conscious awareness is merely the beginning of the journey into the mind. Neuroscientists agree the vast majority of cognitive processing takes place outside of conscious awareness. Most neuroscientists estimate between 90-95% of mental and emotional activity occur outside our conscious notice.

Much of this “underground” activity is automatic and emotional. Much of this commotion is bubbling just below the level of our awareness.

So what’s the fuss? Why care about mental activity that goes on behind the scenes?

The main reason is that subconscious activity has a massive impact on our perception of the world, behaviors, buying decisions, and satisfaction with life.

For example, the price of wine influences how people perceive the same bottle of wine. When people are told the price of wine is higher, they subconsciously create the perception of a better tasting wine. The higher priced wine is perceived to have new characteristics such as improved body, taste, and aroma once the price is revealed.

Another study showed that brand recognition plays a large role at the subconscious level in influencing how we perceive objects, such as soda. Blind taste tests may show that individuals like drink A over drink B by a large percentage. However, when those same individuals can see the product packaging and brand, they prefer B. No change in the two drinks, just an awareness of the brand which subtly yet powerfully kicks the subconscious mind into motion and changes the way the taste buds perceive the drink A and drink B.

These examples are just the beginning of a revolution in marketing, advertising, branding, and improved consumer experiences.

With the birth of new imaging tools and innovative methodologies such as Emotion Mining’s patented approach to get at subconscious thoughts and feelings, the mind is rapidly beginning to reveal its secrets. Similar to exploring the deepest depths of the ocean, we are on the verge of stunning new discoveries. And, among others, marketing and branding professionals stand poised to reap the benefits.

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Understanding Covert Persuasion and Behavior Marketing Techniques

Understanding the impact of brain studies on marketing strategies is an important scientific development. Covert persuasion and  behavioral marketing techniques both use the power of the subconscious to achieve desired results. Harnessing and directing the subconscious using cover persuasion can be very profitable.

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