Effective Persuasion Techniques; Always Begin With Rapport

Many of you want to master effective persuasion techniques for personal and business situations. If I were to give you just one key to successful persuasion I would say always begin with building good rapport. If your going to convince someone to agree with your position or buy your product or invest in your company, rapport is going to play a vital part in making that happen.

It may seem unusual but I often tell a story when I want to connect with a group or an individual. Story telling has been used for centuries as a way of taking control of situation and presenting your ideas in a less formal way. Short simple stories take the listener to another place in their minds eye and makes them more receptive to new ideas.

Effective Persuasion Techniques; Always Begin With Rapport

Persuasion is usually defined as the ability to convince somebody to do something. So you can see just how powerful this ability would be if you could master it. Hypnosis for persuasion is a vast topic but I’ll present you with the basics so you can start practicing immediately after completing this article. First things first, you’ve got to build rapport with your subject.

This means that you have to be confident in yourself so that the subject trusts you and feels safe confiding in you. If you’re fumbling with your words and not getting your point across clearly then there’s just no way that you’ll be able to direct the conversation. So if you have a bit of social anxiety then that’s probably going to be your first task to overcome. The entire basis of hypnosis for persuasion rests on building rapport with the subject so you’ve got to be able to take control over the situation.

Once you feel you’ve made a connection with the subject and they seem to trust you, you’re ready to move onto the visualization. This part can be difficult when starting to use hypnosis for persuasion but once you get it you’ve basically mastered the art. What you do is paint a clear and desirable picture for the person you’re acting on. If for example you’re in sales, then you’ve got to paint a realistic picture of your client using the product and loving it.

The reason why the visualization works so well is because of the trust you built in step one. If the client doesn’t fully trust you and care about what you have to say then your visualization will be greatly hindered. But as long as the subject feels that you’re someone they can identify with, hypnosis for persuasion will work every time.

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Almost anything can be used as a rapport building experience. A simple story about feeding the cat can become a connection between two people. It will be up to you to begin to recognize and establish good rapport as an important element of effective persuasion techniques.  


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