1. How long does it take to be good enough at covert hypnosis to actually use it?
  2. How long does it take to read the materials and get results
  3. Does It Covert and conversational hypnosis only work on certain people or in certain places?
  4. Is there any place where it won’t work for me?
  5. Are there different techniques that you should use for different kinds of people
  6. The site mentions instructors and trainings, Is it possible to be instructed in this material?
  7. What kind of packaging does the product come in? I don’t want my family or friends, roomates, nosy neighbor etc to know what I am getting In the mail.
  8. What if I can’t afford it?
  9. Is this just for beginners? I’m Intermediate. Do I still need this?
  10. What If I’m already really good at hypnosis so I’m not sure I really need this?
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