Hyundai Hoping Hypnosis will Sell More Cars

Hyundai is hoping hypnosis will sell more cars and based on the fact that consumers are generally easy to influence, I think they might be on to something. What do you think?

Hyundai is Hoping Hypnosis Will Sell More Cars

These ads are for the Hyundai i30, or as we know it in America, the Elantra. They feature professional hypnotist Peter Powers, who does his best to hypnotize any consumers daring to watch the video. The video features a disclaimer that assures you ”Peter Powers has performed the hypnosis with suggestions of a positive and fun nature, a formal procedure for the removal of hypnosis and with no instructions to perform unlawful, negative or unseemly behavior.” Powers’ sow, calm voice tells us to fall in love with the i30 and that the headlights look like eagle eyes and the tail lights are just like the wind. It is clearly a little bit sensationalized for entertainment, but Hyundai is probably counting on some weak willed people to be enthralled by Peter Powers spell and run out and buy a new i30.

Hypnosis and NLP are currently used in all kinds of advertising and sales, learn more about how to use hypnosis to get others around you to agree with you more often by checking out our home page here...If Hyundai is hoping hypnosis will sell more cars, perhaps you can use it to help you in your business or personal life. 

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