Improve Hypnosis Techniques and Negotiating Skills

Improve hypnosis techniques and negotiating skills for better results in business and personal matters. Learn more about how using hypnosis can get others to agree with you. It's all a matter of what language skills you use and how well you use them. Understanding he connection between hypnosis and negotiations will give you a definite edge in all your relationships. I found a few good articles on a blog called Ian Brown Lee and I wanted to share this one with you because it goes through an entire session with someone and I think you'll learn a lot from it. 

Improve Hypnosis Techniques and Negotiating Skills 

Having taken a range of negotiation courses over the years, it appears that most negotiation training & trainers focus on a range of techniques and skills that emphasise their own role in the negotiation and not that of the other side. This lack of attention to the other side often leads to outcomes that are “acceptable” but are not “Outstanding”. The difference between an “acceptable” outcome and and “Outstanding” one is that an “acceptable outcome always leaves you feeling frustrated; as if you could have done better; angry with yourself or the other party. An “outstanding” outcome is one where you know that you have gotten the best result possible; you have expanded the pie and divided it fairly and look forward to the next challenge.

One technique that is often “known”, but little used is that of “Role Reversal”. In this activity, a person involved in the problem and who also knows the principal person involved in the negotiation on the other side is asked to put himself into the shoes of this other person and “imagine / visualize” how he perceives the problem. While the underlying concept is undoubtedly valid, a detailed methodology has been missing. I would therefore like to propose the following system which I have used over many years with great success.

There is so much to learn about hypnosis and I feel strongly that everyone needs to be a good negotiator so I was pleased to find this little exercise for you to try which may improve hypnosis techniques and negotiating skills you never knew you had. 

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