Lively Interview with Derren Brown

Simon Hattenstone's topsy-turvey interview with famous hypnotist and illusionist Derren Brown.

This lively interview with Derren Brown delves into topics like religion, art and mind control and of course magic tricks. Not much is mentioned about Brown's new show Apocalypse which has been attracting some media attention even though all that has been released so far is a few very brief trailers, one of which you can view below.

Lively Interview with Derren Brown

Has there ever been a performer so sure of himself on stage and so lacking in self-belief off? In front of a packed house, or presenting a TV show, Derren Brown is the commander, a man of barking certainty. But ask why he became a magician, and he ticks and twitches and starts to drown in his own diffidence. "You get into it because you don't feel impressive," he says. "It's the quickest, most fraudulent route to impressing people.

Derren Browns New Television Show "Apocalypse"

Over the years, Brown seems to have evolved from a slick trickster into a man with a genuine curiosity about what can be achieved, for good or bad, when people change the way they think. In his new television show, Apocalypse, he takes a man who admits he is complacent about life and teaches him how to appreciate the world… by convincing him it has been destroyed.

Interviewer Simon Hattenstone for The Guardian wants Brown to hypnotize him or show of his skills in some way. Derren is reluctant but eventually demonstrates a common hypnotic induction. How does he do it?...

As he talks, I'm watching closely for those little hand gestures he uses to put people to sleep on stage, or repeated word patterns that will put thoughts into my head. But he's too busy beating himself up to manipulate me. Finally, I just come out with it: "Is there no way you could make me do something stupid to show off your powers?"

But he doesn't bite. "Hypnosis is just suggestibility; you see it in certain people."

What about an imaginary punch in the stomach?

"As a journalist, you'd be a classically bad subject for it."

"Well, couldn't you just make me incapable of talking for a minute or two?"

"It won't work," he says decisively. And that seems to be final.

Only I tell him that I'm infinitely suggestible, and plead pathetically. "OK, rest your elbow on your knees. And look down at your left hand. Imagine a balloon, and the balloon is attached to the wrist of the hand. A helium balloon. And the balloon pulls at the string and the string pulls at the wrist of the hand. And as you watch the back of the hand, you can just imagine the hand getting lighter."

Some minutes later, I'm aware my arm is straight up in the air, my eyes are glued tight and I'm slumped. I feel sure I can open them easily, but something is stopping me. "And in a moment I'll count you awake backwards from 10 to zero and give you all the time you need to be fully awake and refreshed, and what you will notice when you wake up is a natural inquisitiveness to look inside your coffee cup, the sense that there might be something inside there...

That last suggestion keeps the interviewer unsettled all the way through till the end...

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Derren has learned how to use a combination of techniques to wow and surprise his audience. Now he seems to want to apply what he knows to find out how and why all this really works. This fun filled interview with Derren Brown will certainly entertain you.


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