Overcoming Objections Using Simple NLP Techniques

Photo credit: ali110 from morguefile.comWhat do you do when you encounter objections from a customer during a sale? A common objection I often hear is "I don't really have the money for this"...or "I need to consult my {partner,wife,husband} before I buy". Your job is to overcome these obstacles and make the sale, but how? For many years I've been overcoming objections using simple NLP techniques and I can guarantee that someone has used these techniques on you a few times and you may not have even noticed. Study these three basic objections and responses and then try them out yourself. It's much easier than you think!

Overcoming Objections Using Simple NLP Techniques

In fact, as a salesperson, you should welcome these objections, as they give you a chance to sharpen your sales skills and increase your likelihood of converting more prospects to buyers in the future.  Don’t panic when you encounter these roadblocks – instead, welcome them as learning opportunities and be prepared to beat your buyers at their own games.

The following are three of the most common sales objections you’ll encounter, whether you’re selling low cost products, high value services or anything in between.  Practice your responses to each of these objections using popular NLP techniques so that you’ll be prepared to encounter them in the real world.

Objection #1 – “I need more time to decide…”

Especially when you’re selling big ticket items, one of the most common objections you’ll see is the classic “stall” maneuver.  If your prospect says that he needs more time to think about something, be aware that he’s usually subconsciously using this technique to cover up an even bigger concern.

For example, your prospect may be stalling because he doesn’t feel he can trust you, or because he doesn’t completely understand how your offering will help him specifically.  In either case, he’s attempting to exit the situation without hurting your feelings and addressing what’s really on his mind.

In this situation, your best bet is to keep him talking.  If you give the prospect time to think and promise to return later to follow up, the odds are there isn’t going to be a “later”.  To prevent this from occuring, get in the habit of asking more questions whenever objections are presented.  Consider the following example:

“What was it about my proposal that you wanted to think over?  Is there anything I can explain better to make the benefits of my product clearer right now?”

By keeping your prospect engaged in the conversation, you should be able to uncover his true objections and meet them head on in order to keep the sales process rolling.

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Photo credit: ali110 from morguefile.com

The only way you'll be able to overcome objections using simple NLP techniques is if you practice frequently. Selling can be such rewarding experience and when you feel more confident and in control you will make more sales. Ask your friends and family to help you practice, and to give you feedback on your persuasivness and overall performance. 

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