Persuasion is Like a Game of Follow the Leader

Persuasion is like a game of follow the leader, Drew Stevens PhD writes in the Changing (persuasion).  Does he really mean it is as simple as that? All you need to do is take a good look around you and you will notice that anywhere or anything people are flocking to, has become a leader in it's niche. Persuasion is like a game of follow the leader and the one with the most followers...wins!

Persuasion is like a game of follow the leader

"When you were a kid did you ever play follow the leader? Do you ever wonder why there are things that attract us to certain people? Buyers today become attracted with those that are not only contrary but offer value, substance, something the community can benefit from."

"Think of this. When there is a new diet doesn’t most individuals tend to flock towards it? When there is a new television show, why is it that many need to view it? The reason there is some benefit statement, something of value that attracts us."

"For those entrepreneurs and practice professionals, gosh even selling professionals believe it or not – similar systems apply. Therefore it is important to build systems and support tools that allow you to create a universe that develops visibility and creates community."

"Why because when you create, share and dispense valuable content you become the thought leader in your universe. This makes you invincible and gets others attracted. When this occurs you create a community that flocks to you while telling others of your value. Don’t believe?"

"Great examples include the incredible community of Facebook that does not advertise, the incredible activity of Apple retail stores – the busiest store in any US retail shopping mall and yes-even celebrities. Joe Paterno’s termination created a storm of activists. This is the incredible value of creating community, they surround you, they talk about you, and they protect you."

So what are key methods for establishing visibility and community?

  1. Provide presentations to local community groups and present content congruent with your marketing message.
  2. Create a “meme” a marketing message that does not stereotype you but offers information based on your value. Email me and I will provide you a quick template to create a valuable meme.
  3. Get involved in local volunteer community programs so that your neighbors know you.
  4. Write tip sheets and articles in regional periodicals or those national periodicals for associations were you are a member or seek membership.
  5. Create alliances with others that allow you to build off of the others active network.
  6. Use a series of self-promotional integrated marketing messages that create shameless promotion on your services and value.
  7. Use the 4 to 1 referral system and achieve multiple referrals from every one person you meet.

"Just like the games when you were a child of follow the leader you must become the leader. You must build the connections, so that people follow you, believe in you and cannot move without you. When your community becomes your marketing department, you have a world you own and cannot achieve without your value."

The Most Persuasion

Persuasion is like a game of follow the leader and the strongest leader will usually have the most followers and followers means attention, traffic, opportunity, strength power and most importantly in this case; money.

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