Get Her to Agree with Simple Persuasion Techniques

Make sure you hold all the aces when using persuasion techniques. Guys always say they don't understand women, but often they are just using the wrong approach. When you want to get your girl to agree with you on an issue or decision what better way than to practice a few simple persuasion techniques? Today I came across these easy to use tips for upping your persuasiveness with your partner and I wanted to share them with you. 

Get Her to Agree with Simple Persuasion Techniques

5pm: Swear by it

...Having successfully planted an idea and made it seem like a viable option – now is the time to capitalise, we swear. Or, rather, you do. Placing the word ‘damn’ into the opening or closing sentence of your

persuasive speech will make you appear more impassioned about the subject. Which is pretty damn obvious.

But a study at Northern Illinois University found this judicious use of swearing increases the positive psychological impact of your argument. It enhances your audience’s perception of your ‘emotional intensity’ – how much you believe in or want something – making her more receptive.

Just don’t ‘eff’ and ‘blind’. The study found ‘damn’ was the optimum expression of your ferocity, whether in person, by text or by email. Vulgarity and obscenity were judged to be counter-productive. So top and tail your ultimatum accordingly.

9pm: Question time

By the evening, there’s one last subliminal veil to brush aside. If her answer is still a ‘no’, just ask ‘why not?’ Prompting her to evaluate her own stance is proven to convert 60% of negative responses into a positive, as the contradiction of two thoughts increases her subconscious desire to conform.

According to research at Michigan State and Stanford Universities, her compliance is based on the urgency your enquiry conveys and the theory of ‘cognitive dissonance’ – the psychological urge to avoid inconsistencies of thought that will make her more likely to go with the flow.

So, if she can’t give you a genuine reason why she’s resisting, she’ll be more likely to change her mind. Better still, if she can explain her reticence, but you counter her arguments, then she has no psychological reason not to play along. To the victor, the spoils. See the Full Article on Mens Health...

You might be surprisesd to find that you can even utilize these tips with coworkers, friends and family. Each time you successfully persuade someone to agree with you, your confidence will soar. You'll feel respected and more at ease. Remember, these simple persuasion techniques are not going to work every single time, on every single person but don't let that stop you from trying. 


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