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Self Hypnosis

I came across this article on Springfield Karate (self hypnosisand I liked it because the top 5 questions on self hypnosis and the answers that follow are not hyped up to make people think self hypnosis is some magic spell that can make you do things you don't want to.  Self hypnosis is easier and more powerful than you might think.

Self Hypnosis Top 5 Questions Answered

Is it true that you can learn more about yourself when you do self hypnosis?

Yes. Because you will be delving into the subconscious, you’ll discover some facts about yourself that you may not have known. This isn’t some mystical fact or some unconscious secret. For the main part, you’ll become enlightened on the things which you usually hide from yourself. You will even realize hidden motivations and repressed feelings that in a lot of ways can help you become a improved person.

Can self-hypnosis make somebody highly suggestible and easily influenced in real life?

Regular practice of self-hypnosis can improve someone’s reception to hypnosis.

Self hypnosis sessions will be simpler and faster and they’ll be able to make the most out of their self-hypnosis procedures. You should however be only highly suggestible during your own self-hypnosis sessions. This is due to the fact that your brain has become familiar to your hypnotic suggestions but if you hypnotise yourself for a very different thing, it will be back to square one. This is also not something that may spill over to your daily grind. You will not become easily influenced simply because you practice self-hypnosis. Besides the better that you know how “suggestions” work, the more you will know how to resist other people’s subtle attempts at manipulating you.

What are things you can use self hypnosis with?

Some of the commonest things that folks use self-hypnosis for is changing an existing mindset and character. A person as an example who easily gets mad can learn how to have patience thru self-hypnosis. The same applies to someone who cannot stop talking or gossiping. Scholars have also used self-hypnosis to boost their grades and reinforce learning. Hypnosis after all can improve one’s memory and level of concentration. There are some who’ve claimed that it also works miracles with relieving pain in the body. Hypnosis can make a person forget discomfort or not feel the discomfort in any way. Hypnosis can be useful for weight loss, smoking cessaction, and anxiety management. As more people are using hypnosis new data on it’s effectiveness is being gathered all of the time.

Self Hypnosis Can it improve sports performance?

Some people have also claimed to using self-hypnosis to boost their performance in sports. This however doesn’t make somebody’s muscles or physical attributes stronger. It cannot affect or change an individual’s physical make-up. However a change in the performance can be caused by an improved level of concentration as well as a more fearless attitude. Fear can sometimes make us hesitate even if we are already doing what comes naturally to us. Many athletes are adding an element of hypnosis to their pre-game routine. is working with Hypnotist Justin Tranz on a Hypnosis for Weight Loss program and other exciting Hypnotic Audios to enhance your overall health.

After reading the top 5 questions on self hypnosis you might have a few self hypnosis questions of your own. Feel free to add your comments and questions below. I want everyone to learn more about the benefits of self hypnosis and since self hypnosis can help a person focus and visualize success at the same time I think that self hypnosis is a natural match with martial arts.


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