Treating Depression with Hypnotherapy

Doctors are successfully treating depression with hypnotherapy. Studies show doctors are successfully treating depression with hypnotherapy. If you or a loved one suffer with chronic depression you understand how deeply it affects not only your life but everyone around you. Medications are helpful but not always completely efffective and there are often negative side effects with many of those pharmaceuticals. Hypnosis doesn't require any kind of medication and you can control how much or how little it is used. You have complete control over what you choose to happen. Having control is a very important aspect of recovery for every patient when treating depression with hypnotherapy.

Treating Depression with Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis has been shown by many studies to be helpful in relieving many of the symptoms of depression. The major symptoms of depression include:

  • Loss of pleasure from and interest in activities which used to provide pleasure and interest
  • Poor appetite and other eating disorders
  • Persistent tiredness
  • Low estimate of self-worth
  • Poor concentration
  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Insomnia

Many of these symptom areas have been successfully treated individually with hypnosis for depression. If you are experiencing symptoms of depression you should consult with a psychology professional, especially if you are having thoughts of suicide. You may also want to try hypnosis for depression symptoms as an adjunct treatment for your condition.

Hypnosis for Depression

Depression is considered to have a number of contributing factors or causes. These factors are typically classified as biological, psychological and social. Again, hypnotherapy is ideally suited to work with psychological and social problems in your life.

In spite of many popular medications for depression, like Abilify, Prozac, Zoloft, Lubox and others, depression still affects around 6.4% of the United States population in any single year. Approximately 17% of Americans will experience depression during their lifetimes. The age group experiencing the highest rates of depression are young people between the ages of 18 and 29.

See more of this article found on Hypnosis for Change. You really don't have to continue to face your depression alone, you can treat depression with hypnotherapy and become a more positve person who can function even when under pressure.

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