Study on “Change Blindness” and Hypnosis

This article from the New York Times explains the research and brain testing related to Change Blindness. The way I understand it, "change blindness" just means that sometimes the mind will fill in details that arent' really there. The results of this study supports the idea that through the use of hypnosis, awareness levels can be hightened or diminished and the brain is able to make instant adjustments to compensate. By accepting the concept of change blindness and hypnosis, behavior modification can occur more easily based on the awareness or lack of awareness one is working with.  

"Change Blindness" and Hypnosis

Beyond its entertainment value, symposium participants made clear, change blindness is a salient piece in the larger puzzle of visual attentiveness. What is the difference between seeing a scene casually and automatically, as in, you’re at the window and you glance outside at the same old streetscape and nothing registers, versus the focused seeing you’d do if you glanced outside and noticed a sign in the window of your favorite restaurant, and oh no, it’s going out of business because, let’s face it, you always have that Typhoid Mary effect on things. In both cases the same sensory information, the same photonic stream from the external world, is falling on the retinal tissue of your eyes, but the information is processed very differently from one eyeful to the next. What is that difference? At what stage in the complex circuitry of sight do attentiveness and awareness arise, and what happens to other objects in the visual field once a particular object has been designated worthy of a further despairing stare?

If through our eyes, the brain truly "fills in" missing details for us then of course it makes sense that under hypnosis the mind can be encouraged through language and awareness to fill in a new behavior or belief where change is wanted. Read more on this study on Change Blindness here in the New York Times. 



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